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How To Learn To Code Philippines Beginners

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    As someone who has studied the Philippines market for many years, I can tell you that learning to code in the Philippines is perhaps one of the smartest decisions in this ever-changing economy. But how can you learn to code in the Philippines as a beginner? More importantly, is it possible to learn code for free in the Philippines? Today’s guide will answer these questions and more as we look into learning to code in the Philippines.

    Learn To Code In The Philippines

    1. Philippines Coding

    Philippines Coding has been around for some time now and offers several courses for Filipino beginners who wish to code. Some of their programs are so detailed that some parents looking for coding schools for kids in the Philippines choose to go with Philippines Coding.

    Even though their coding boot camp in the Philippines is targeted at adults, there is a large selection of courses for kids, older adults, and complete beginners, which is incredibly valuable. In addition, Philippines Coding has several forms of local payment available for customers and works with some of the biggest brands in the Philippines, including Smart, PLDT, and Pru Life UK.

    2. Coding PH

    Coding PH Is an online coding school in the Philippines, perfect for beginners looking to code in the Philippines and overseas. I admire their services because they offer private classes and even summer coding camps for kids in the Philippines. Coding PH covers many different coding areas and other professions such as digital marketing,  graphic design, etc.

    Without a doubt, Coding PH is one of the best coding schools for children in the Philippines to learn some valuable skills for the future. However, they do not offer any coding courses for adults in the Philippines, so you may find other services more suitable if you are an adult beginner at coding.

    3. Up Lift Code Camp

    Up Lift Code Camp aims to be slightly more convenient for its customers as they focus on providing affordable web development courses for beginners. The courses aim to take someone with zero knowledge to a junior software developer position. They do this by teaching foundational coding skills.

    Unfortunately, this is not a free coding boot camp in the Philippines, and therefore, prices may fluctuate depending on what type of course you wish to take. However, from customer reviews, the essential skills taught have a good return on investment for beginner coders in the Philippines.

    4. Zuitt

    Zuitt is a coding boot camp in the Philippines, and they serve an international audience. One benefit of using their service is that they have made a large part of information publicly available, which is essential to know when choosing the best coding school in the Philippines!

    On their website, you will be able to find programs, schedules, payments, and a handy apply now section. One disadvantage is that as they operate internationally, you may find prices slightly higher than other Philippines coding boot camps. Nevertheless, they have over 300 employees and have been featured in media such as Forbes.

    5. Code Cademy

    If you are looking at how to code in the Philippines for free, then Code Cademy has some fantastic options. Their free coding courses are basic courses, but if you are looking for more advanced courses, one-to-one support, and additional features, it may be wise to upgrade to a pro account which is currently around $20 (P1050) per month.

    Additionally, for those looking for free coding boot camps in the Philippines, you may find great value in the free resources section, which includes the latest information, guides, and cheat sheets on how to code for beginners.

    6. Active Learning PH

    Active Learning Philippines has several courses on I.T and project management. Therefore if you are looking to code as you wish to go into a specific industry (such as cyber security), you may find the courses offered by active Learning extremely valuable.

    One important element when looking at learning to code in the Philippines for beginners is finding a  trustable training provider. Active Learning has been around since 2006 and has gathered many positive reviews over that time. Nevertheless, we always encourage independent research on coding schools in the Philippines.

    7. The Knowledge Academy

    The Knowledge Academy is one of the largest training providers and serves many countries worldwide, including the Philippines. They have over 24,000 reviews on Trustpilot, and their overall reviews from customers are 4.5.

    Their coding courses in the Philippines are incredibly transparent, and you will find the dates, the prices, and the additional information readily available. Unfortunately, they do not offer the cheapest coding courses in the Philippines, and it’s common for some courses to range between the price of $2000 – $4000.

    Are There Any Free Coding Bootcamps In The Philippines?

    Even though some companies offer free coding training (such as Code Cademy), most free material will be insufficient to build a coding career. Therefore to serve the public better most companies charge for their services. However, due to the current demand, the return on investment can be very profitable in the long run.

    In general, there are currently no free coding boot camps in the Philippines. However, there are online coding courses for free on platforms such as Youtube. Additionally, there are career, business, and financial support available in the Philippines for beginners looking to start a career in coding.

    What Is The Best Coding School In The Philippines?

    Philippines Coding, The Coding School, Uplift Code Camp, and Zuitt are the most highly reviewed and popular coding schools in the Philippines. However, each company offers slightly different coding services, and therefore, which service is best will depend on the consumer’s need.

    Nevertheless, Philippines Coding and The Coding School focus on the younger generation. Therefore, if you are looking at coding boot camps for kids in the Philippines, these two companies have many suitable courses. On the other hand, if you are looking at coding courses for adults in the Philippines, Uplift Code Camp and Zuitt offer flexible coding courses for beginners.

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