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How To Start A Tattoo Business Philippines

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    How To Start A Tattoo Business In The Philippines: Starting a tattoo business in the Philippines is a unique business opportunity. As we have seen over the years, starting a tattoo business in the Philippines can be profitable. Still, the success will depend on several factors, including the local demand and reputation of the tattoo store. So with this being said, let’s look at how to start a tattoo business in the Philippines.

    How To Start A Tattoo Business In The Philippines

    1. Gain The Relevant Skills And Qualifications

    One of the most important first stages of becoming successful in any industry in the Philippines (including the tattoo industry) is to ensure that you have the relevant skills and qualifications needed to operate a successful tattoo business in the Philippines.

    Even though some tattoo business owners are not tattoo artists themselves, it would be very beneficial for the business owner to have experience in the field of tattooing.

    The great news is that there are several online courses available on the art of tattooing, including design, procedures, and several other important areas.

    Starting a business in the Philippines as a beginner can be challenging. Therefore, you may wish to investigate the management procedures and how to grow a successful business as this will help you at the next stage of business.

    2. Build A Tattoo Business Plan Philippines

    There are several types of tattoo business plans for the Philippines that can be downloaded for free. Alternatively, if you are looking for a business and financial template, download our free business plan by clicking on the tools tab at the top of this page.

    The plan is also an important stage for market research. Market research is where you find out exactly what the market is saying and if this business has the opportunity to be profitable or not.

    For instance, you may discover that there is a great deal of competition from your market research, and the demand is low. Therefore you may decide that starting a tattoo business in your location is not the best option, but another location has more opportunities.

    Previously we explored the process of market research in the Philippines. Therefore, if you are looking at how to start a tattoo business in the Philippines as a beginner, it is recommended to visit our full guide for more information. Nevertheless, here are some important areas you may wish to consider when creating a business plan for a tattoo business in the Philippines….

    • How Many Tattoo Businesses Are There In My Location?
    • Is The Tattoo Industry Growing In The Philippines?
    • What Are The Current Opportunities And Risks In The Market?
    • What Is Different About My Tattoo Shop And Why Will Customers Choose Me?
    • What Is My Expected Profit With This Business Opportunity?
    • What Is The Current Demand For Tattooing In My Location?
    • Would A Tattoo Removal Business Be A Better Option?

    Here are a few common questions asked when starting a tattoo business in the Philippines. However, you may wish to add a few of your own and spend time investigating your options, as this can save you a great deal of money and time in the long term.

    3. Raise Business Capital

    What is the best way to raise business capital? This is a great question. Of course, the cheapest and easiest way is to raise business capital through support from a friend or family member. However, there are also several other options, including bank loans and teaming up with an investor.

    Another consideration at this stage is how much will your business cost. In other words, how much does it cost to start a tattoo business in the Philippines?

    The cost to start a tattoo business in the Philippines varies. However, it is recommended to budget at least 250,000 Pesos for a small studio and equipment.

    Please note that this estimate is based on the raw materials (renting a studio, purchasing a tattoo gun and chair, and so on) but does not include added extras such as an emergency budget, survival budget, marketing, etc.

    The total prices can be lower depending on the size of your business and, in some cases, can be much higher if you’re planning to open a large studio.

    As we know, business location costs vary depending on where you live in the Philippines. For example, if you live in metropolitan Manila, the total business costs can be much higher compared to other areas such as one of the provinces of Davao. Therefore it’s best to calculate the total cost of your specific location.

    4. Find The Perfect Tattoo Shop Location

    As we know, the cost can vary depending on the tattoo location, but what considerations need to be made when deciding on the perfect tattoo location? Of course, one consideration is accessibility.

    In other words, is the location you are choosing for your tattoo business in an accessible location? How does this accessibility affect your overall price if the answer is yes? Are there other locations that offer similar accessibility but add a much lower price?

    When looking at how to start a tattoo business in the Philippines, you will find several costs at the beginning stages. Therefore, it is best if entrepreneurs can save on unnecessary expenses.

    5. Investigate Regulation And Register Your Business

    Registering a business in the Philippines is fairly straightforward. There is a fantastic article written by SecurityBank that explores the process of setting up a business in the Philippines. Nevertheless, one area you need to consider is laws and regulations in this industry.

    The tattooed laws and regulations are fairly relaxed in the Philippines compared to other countries; however, some tattoo businesses in the Philippines have ethical laws they enforce. This includes not tattooing certain body parts or certain images. This will be a decision you will need to make as a tattoo business owner.

    Additionally, there are safety regulations set by the Department of Health. If you wish to gain credibility and trustworthiness, becoming DOH-accredited is recommended.

    6. Contact Suppliers And Purchase Equipment

    The final stage is to purchase your equipment and speak to local suppliers. This step can be brought forward or postponed to a later date if necessary.

    There are many different types of suppliers locally and internationally. The benefit of finding a local tattoo supplier in the Philippines is that delivery times are much shorter. On the other hand, the benefit of contacting supplies from overseas is that prices can be much lower, but there may be longer delivery times.

    Alibaba is a great place where you can find tattoo suppliers overseas. You will find several tattoo suppliers worldwide that deliver straight to the Philippines on the platform.

    How To Start A Tattoo Business In The Philippines