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How To Start An Egg Drop Business Philippines

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    One of the latest business opportunities in the Philippines is starting an egg drop business. The product itself has exploded in popularity recently and is currently a trending food product. So with the high demand from customers, you may be wondering how to start an egg drop business in the Philippines?

    Today’s full guide will explore everything you need to know about starting an egg drop business. This includes the steps you need to follow, egg drop business franchising opportunities in the Philippines, and how much an egg drop business will cost in the Philippines. So with this in mind, let’s start with the first step.

    Start An Egg Drop Business In The Philippines

    1. Build An Egg Drop Business Plan For The Philippines

    Every successful business starts with a business plan, and an egg drop business is no different. We recently spoke about how you can create your own business plan, and we also have several business / financial templates available for free.

    However, with an egg drop business plan in the Philippines, you may wish to include a few additional categories. For example, will your egg drop business be a small kiosk? Will you be located in a mall? Do you plan to have a reselling program shortly? The answers to these questions can change in the future, but having a rough timeline can serve an entrepreneur very well in the early days.

    2. Research The Food Market In The Philippines

    We have created a guide on how to start an egg drop business in the Philippines because we have seen explosive growth in search terms and phrases on this subject. Market research takes researching further by looking at the big questions such as why, how, and when. Feel free to take a look at our full guide on market research for a full breakdown.

    In any type of food business in the Philippines, it is important to investigate whether this trend will continue in the near future or fizzle out. Additionally, location plays a big part in egg drop businesses as some areas, such as Manila, have a much higher demand than other areas of the Philippines.

    3. Raise The Capital Needed

    One of the biggest questions you may be wondering is how much it costs to start an egg drop business in the Philippines. Towards the end of this article, we have documented the costs involved, but at this stage of the business, the aim is to raise the capital needed. Fortunately, there are many ways to start an egg drop business to raise business capital.

    Naturally, starting a kiosk will be the cheapest form of a location, but the equipment and supplies also have an impact, and this will also come down to your business goal. The more items you wish to sell, the higher the price may be. Using leverage is a great option when starting a business in the Philippines, but naturally, it comes with risk, which entrepreneurs will need to consider.

    4. Register Your New Eggdrop Business

    One of the most important parts of starting a business is officially registering your business. However, this may be delayed until later, depending on your situation. For example, you may decide first to find a location and purchase your equipment before physically registering the business. This decision will come down to the entrepreneur and the overall business situation.

    There are some fantastic articles across the Internet about registering a business in the Philippines and the process you need to consider. Luckily the process is fairly straightforward when broken down into stages. Security Bank has a fantastic article about business registration in the Philippines, which I have linked for reference.

    5. Choose Your Location Or Find An Eggdrop Kiosk

    Choosing the right location for an egg drop business in the Philippines can be difficult as entrepreneurs will need to balance opportunity with cost. Starting an egg drop business in the mall is a fantastic option. This is accessible to customers; however, naturally, this will be more expensive than other locations outside the mall.

    Additionally, the area in the country you wish to set the business can also impact sales and future growth. For example, from the research looking at the last 12 months of data – the term ‘egg drop’ has been increasing in popularity in Metro Manila, Calabarzon, and Central Luzon, which suggests a growth of demand in these areas.

    6. Purchase Your Equipment And Supplies

    The next essential step when looking at how to start an egg drop business in the Philippines is to create a checklist of equipment and supplies that you will need. Equipment can include the kiosk, toasting machines, refrigerators, utensils, etc. Supplies can include ingredients, packaging, and even marketing material.

    The equipment and supplies you will need will depend on the size of your business and what you plan to sell. Fortunately, you do not have to do this stage independently, as there are franchising egg drop businesses in the Philippines. Towards the end of this article, we have covered your options when finding an egg drop franchise in the Philippines.

    7. Open Your Business

    You will now be ready to start to open your egg drop business in the Philippines at this stage of the business. Some business owners do not have an official open date; however, when starting a new business is often a good idea to choose a date so that you have something to aim for when setting up this type of business.

    Additionally, you may face hurdles in the very early stages of business. Hence, some entrepreneurs often begin a soft launch where they open up a few days before in secret to test the market and their business. This gives them time to analyze their operations and make changes before they are officially open.

    8. Market Your Egg Drop Business And Grow

    One of the most crucial stages often forgotten about when starting a business is the marketing side of the business. For example, there may be a great demand for your egg drop business in the Philippines, but if your customers are not aware you exist, it won’t be easy to grow your business and reach more customers.

    The great news is marketing doesn’t have to cost the world, and there are even ways to market in the Philippines for free! Focusing on growth in the early stages is often a great decision, but how do you grow this type of business? The answer lies in reinvestment, and this is what we will cover next.

    9. Reinvestment Back Into Your Egg Drop Business

    At the final stage of your egg drop startup business comes a time when entrepreneurs can decide to reinvest back into the business. This is a big stage as this means that you are earning enough to pay your expenses and profit. The percentage you choose to reinvest is down to you, but the key is to find a balance.

    Reinvesting can include marketing, starting your own egg drop franchising business, offering new products and services, expanding your team, investing in other businesses, and so on. When investing in a food business, it’s best to look at the bigger picture and see how this reinvestment will affect your business operations as a whole.

    Are There Any Egg Drop Franchises In The Philippines

    Unlike other food businesses, there are currently not many egg drop franchising opportunities in the Philippines. However, one company that is providing this service is Egg Stop.

    Egg Stop has a franchising guide covering everything you need to know about their franchising opportunity. They claim that an average store sells between 100 to 150 sandwiches per day. Additionally, they mentioned that a return on investment could be made in as little as a few months.

    So how much does an egg drop franchising opportunity cost?

    • Small Outdoor Kiosk – P149,000
    • Mall Kiosk – P250,000 – P500,000
    • Food Court – P350,000 – P500,000
    • Food Truck – P350,000 – P500,000
    • In-Line Store – P500,000 – P1,000,000

    If you are interested in starting an egg-drop franchising business, you can contact their consultant – Hazel Salinas- 09692050688 / Denzel Galang 09158147939. Or visit their official website – EggStop.PH

    How Much Does An Egg Drop Business Cost In The Philippines

    Based on the equipment, supplies, and survival budget, the cost to start an egg drop business in the Philippines can range between P150,000 – P350,000. However, if using a franchising company, starting the business in the mall, or opening a large-scale egg drop business, the total cost will be at least P450,000.

    There will be several considerations that entrepreneurs will need to make when starting an egg drop business in the Philippines, and these decisions will impact the total cost the entrepreneur will need. It’s often recommended to start a small egg drop business in the Philippines and later grow this.

    Here are some considerations to investigate when starting an egg drop business in the Philippines

    • Credit Card Payment System
    • Insurances
    • Kiosk Costs
    • Marketing Costs
    • Membership And Promotions
    • Packaging And Supply Costs
    • Receipts
    • Repairs And Maintenance
    • Staff Costs
    • Survival Budget

    These costs will impact the total cost you will need to start an egg drop business in the Philippines; however, not all categories are central for all types of business. Nevertheless, this list gives you an idea of potential expenses you will encounter when starting an egg drop business.

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