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The Lucky Colour For 2024 In The Philippines

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    Lucky Colour For 2022 In The Philippines: What is the lucky colour for 2022 in the Philippines? In general, in the year of the tiger, colors such as grey white blue, purple, orange, and green are considered very lucky in the Philippines during 2022. Therefore, if you are starting a new business or thinking about purchasing some new clothes, you may consider these colors.

    Previously we covered the best lucky colors for 2022 in the Philippines for businesses and entrepreneurs. This guide explored the in-depth analysis of lucky colors and why certain colors are considered luckier in the Philippines in 2022. Thus, head over to our full guide if you are an entrepreneur looking for the best lucky colors for business in the Philippines.

    2022 Year Of The Tiger Luck Colour Philippines

    Years of the Tiger include 1986, 1998, 2010, and now 2022. This unique Zodiac sign is symbolized by bravery, strength, and courage. Chinese tradition believes what you do at the beginning of the year will affect the rest of your year. Therefore, in the 2022 year of the tiger, lucky colors in the Philippines are recommended.

    If you are looking to attract luck in the year of the tiger in the Philippines, colors such as orange, black, blue, white, and grey are considered the luckiest in the Philippines in 2022.  

    Nevertheless, this is a general reading. Depending on your goal, it may surprise you that some colors are considered luckier than others. For example, we recently looked at the best colors for business in the Philippines, which are slightly different from the ones mentioned above.

    With this being said, if you are looking for lucky colors for 2022 with Feng Shui or perhaps the ultimate lucky colors for 2022 for your family in the Philippines… then fear not, as we will be discovering the best colors for the Philippines in 2022 next.

    Lucky Colour For 2022 Feng Shui

    In the year 2022, the lucky color for Feng Shui is light blue and mint green. However, fiery red has been known to bring luck for those seeking wealth, power, and business success in Feng Shui. Additionally, fiery red also has associations with a birth and romantic relationships. Thus if you are looking for lucky colors for 2022 in Feng shui, light blue, mint green, and fiery red are the best of the best.

    Additionally, when looking for lucky colors in the Philippines 2022 on Feng Shui, yellow is also considered a lucky color this year if you are thinking about purchasing real estate or selling an asset.

    Lucky Colour For 2022 Family

    In Feng shui and the year of the tiger, the lucky color for 2022 family in the Philippines is green. Green often symbolizes relationships and is a positive color for success, happiness, and family achievements.

    Suppose you are entering into a new relationship, expecting a birth, or looking to increase romantic interest. In that case, the color red will be the luckiest for you and your family in 2022 with the color green.

    2022 Lucky Colour To Wear

    According to an ancient tradition, in the Philippines 2022, lucky colors to wear include fiery red, imperial yellow, mint green, light blue, grey, and white.

    If you are looking for business success, fiery red is a lucky color to wear in 2022. However, if you are looking to attract positivity and growth, mint green and light blue are the luckiest colors. The year of the tiger brings strength, courage, positivity, and success.

    Lucky Food For 2022 Philippines

    The luckiest foods for 2022 in the Philippines are mangoes, bananas, watermelons, and oranges. These select fruits are thought to possess wealth, strength, and luck in the Philippines during 2022. Additionally, Soya milk and yoga-based drinks are also thought to hold luck for 2022.

    But what about unlucky foods for 2022 in the Philippines? Some speak of grains and seeds as being unlucky in 2022. Over the last few years, the agricultural industry has taken several hits due to the coronavirus impact and several other components. Therefore, some believe grains and seeds continue to be unlucky for 2022 in the Philippines.  

    Lucky color 2022 Philippines

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