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How To Start A Business Teaching Tagalog

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    Have you ever thought about starting your own teaching business? If so, you may be wondering how to start a business teaching Tagalog in the Philippines. In today’s article, we will cover the process of starting a business teaching foreigners the language of the locals.

    How To Start A Business Teaching Tagalog

    1. Create A Teaching Plan And Strategy

    The first stage of any teaching business is the most important: Creating a teaching plan and strategy. As you are most likely aware, when an entrepreneur is looking at how to start a business teaching Tagalog, there are several opportunities and options that the entrepreneur will need to choose.

    For example, who will you be teaching, and how will you teach them? Are you teaching a small group or private one-to-one lessons? Will you be teaching them online or face to face? What will be the prices of your service and how much profit will you make?

    These are some basic questions that you may find yourself asking when starting a teaching business in the Philippines. The great news is, when starting a Tagalog business in the Philippines, you do not necessarily need to stick with the plan 100%. You can always change details later down the line.

    Nevertheless, having a plan of action will allow you to decide what steps you will need to follow carefully. But, more importantly, it will allow you to create a strategy to turn this idea into a profitable teaching business in the Philippines.

    We have a free downloadable template that can be found by clicking on the tools tab at the top of this page. Nevertheless, several teaching business plans can be downloaded for free.

    Additionally, it’s recommended to fully research this industry’s market, demand, and supply in your area. Below we have discussed the importance of location. Nevertheless, local and nationwide market research in any industry is important when starting a new business in the Philippines.

    2. Gain The Relevant Skills, Experience, And Qualifications

    As we know, being a teacher in the Philippines requires qualifications, but technically, if you are teaching Tagalog in a private business, these qualifications are relaxed. As you are a native speaker, you already have all the relevant qualifications and experience you need.

    Nevertheless, gaining qualifications is highly recommended. This will allow you to stand out, but it will also give your business credibility, which is very important in the early stages. Therefore, one of the next areas you may wish to consider is gaining experience.

    The good news is there are several courses online for new teachers. This includes teaching children as well as adults. Some courses are free, and others are paid. But, if you are looking for free courses, head over to YouTube as there are many full courses for free on the platform.

    Experience is sometimes a factor that holds people back as it can be difficult to obtain. However, when looking at how to start a business teaching Tagalog, gaining experience can be effortless. One option is to offer your services for free in exchange for a testimony for your portfolio.

    Suppose you are directing your customers back to your website. In that case, Google E.A.T policy focuses on expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Therefore, these reviews and testimonies will help your page perform better in search engine optimization regarding Google’s update policy.

    3. Purchase Essential Tools And Equipment’s

    Once you have created your plan, the next essential step in starting a teaching business in the Philippines is to purchase the tools and equipment you need to perform your job. This will heavily depend on your original business plan. For example, if you want to teach online, you will need the services of an online platform such as Zoom or Skype.  

    Additionally, equipment and tools can also cover workbooks and educational material. Are you going to create your own Tagalog teaching workbook? If so, are you sending this to a printing company to print out a finished copy… if the answer is yes, how much will this cost your new Tagalog teaching business?

    Additionally, you may work with clients at all different levels. Some are beginners, and others are more experienced, so online workbooks or physical Tagalog books will need to be tailored to the customers’ needs.

    It’s a great idea to create a list of all the teaching equipment you will need to open a teaching business in the Philippines.

    4. Register Your Business And Choose Your Location

    Registering your business is a simple process that has been heavily documented previously; however, another stage is deciding on the location of your business. This may be at home or in an office. Nevertheless, a location will be needed to register a business in the Philippines.

    If you decide to teach Tagalog face-to-face, it’s best to choose a small commercial property. The area you live in will influence the potential customers and opportunities. For example, if you are in Manila or Cebu, there will be more potential clients than in other cities such as Iloilo or Davao.

    One important consideration when choosing the location is to ensure that the location is accessible to your clients. Many retirees and full-time expats living in the Philippines choose to live within the city, and therefore finding a location that is accessible to your clients is essential.

    5. Market Your Business And Grow

    The 5th and final stage on how to start a business teaching Tagalog is to market your business and grow your company.

    Growth can take many forms. Growth can include increasing your team, serving more customers, or earning more income. The great news is there are many ways to do all three of these when starting a Tagalog teaching business in the Philippines.

    For example, extra teachers can be hired when you increase your customer base; you can increase your customer base through marketing and earn more income by selling additional products or services.

    We have mentioned marketing several times today as it is important for growing a teaching business in the Philippines. Clients will need to know that you exist and have available services. Facebook targeted marketing is often the most specific form of marketing if you are starting a Tagalog teaching business.

    How To Start A Business Teaching Tagalog