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How To Start A Car Wash Business Philippines

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    How To Start A Car Wash Business In The Philippines: Have you ever wondered how to start a car wash business in the Philippines? You don’t have to feel intimidated about how you can set up a car washing business in the Philippines, as today, we will explore how to transform your business into a car-cleaning empire!

    As of December 2020, the Local Transportation Office released a consolidated report about the country’s total numbers of motor vehicles. Registered cars already peaked at 1.1 million at the end of 2020! That is a lot of potential customers! (plus other motor vehicles that you can cater to if you expand your business!)

    How To Start A Car Washing Business In The Philippines

    1. Create A Concrete Business Plan

    Without a good business plan, your business can fail. A good business plan will help you identify, describe and analyze business opportunities in your target location while examining its technical, economic, and financial feasibility.

    Doing so will also provide you with a good layout of how to maximize your profits in the long run. It may seem scary at first, but don’t worry. This plan can be changed at any time.

    Filipino wealth has a free downloadable template that can be applied to any business, including a car washing business in the Philippines, for those of you who are new to business plans. This plan and financial template can be downloaded by clicking on the business plan tab on the main menu or clicking on this link.

    2. Find The Best Location For Your Car Cleaning Business

    Apart from knowing your business plan, the next area to focus on is your new business location. First, familiarize yourself with the potential neighborhoods you find appropriate. Then, talk casually to people and target customers to see which area would work best for them.

    This is not essential, but it may help you when starting a new car cleaning business. All locations are different, and the overall scope of your business will also impact your chosen location.

    3. Prepare Necessary Documents

    The third step is to prepare the required documents set by your respective local government units and other national agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry. First, get to know every requirement that needs to be submitted for your new business venture. Then, it’s best to submit it on time to ensure that your papers are right on track.

    • Department of Trade and Industry Registration (if sole proprietorship)
    • Securities and Exchange Commission (if multiple individuals own the company)
    • Barangay Clearance
    • Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit
    • Tax Registration Number
    • Other documents for your employees i.e. SSS, PhilHealth, DOLE, etc.

    4. Invest In High-Quality Tools And Equipment

    After conducting your site assessment, it is best to determine what equipment and tools you need for your car wash industry. A common concept is updated lists of materials that competitive car wash entrepreneurs use in their businesses. This will make sure that you can competitively adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

    Luckily, we’ve gathered below the estimated cost of equipment and materials you need for your business. The full list of equipment needed to start a car cleaning business in the Philippines is below in the “How much does it cost to start a car wash business in the Philippines” section

    5. Hire Reliable Employees

    It is challenging for owners to operate their business without having a good team. This stage is when you can hire employees that you can trust and equip them with the essential skills and preparation they need for your future customers.

    When starting a car washing business in the Philippines, you will quickly discover just how labor-intensive the work can be. Therefore when hiring staff, it’s best to ensure your staff can physically carry out the workday in and day out.

    Additionally, to ensure that your staff are safe and happy, it’s always a good idea to provide them with safe and effective personal protective equipment. For example, if you wish to open a large car wash business in the Philippines, you may look into countries such as China, as equipment can be very cost-effective when ordering in bulk.

    6. Build Up Your Marketing And Promotions

    It’s always best to establish a good product and service branding for your business to increase the odds that your customers will return. But the question is, how do you find those first few customers in your brand new car cleaning business?

    Marketing is often used, but it is not always as expensive or as difficult as it appears. Taking your time to analyze your current situation (business and financially) will allow you to think of an effective strategy. Here are some common marketing options.

    When looking through the list, you may come across some marketing options that are more appropriate than others. For example, you may find that paid ads are too expensive for the return of investment. However, you find that local social media posts gain more attention from the local community, and therefore, this will be a better option. In addition, they do not cost your business any money.

    Is A Car Wash Business Profitable In The Philippines

    Although the start-up capital can be intimidating, Starting a car wash business anywhere in the Philippines could work well. Still, there are several categories to focus on, including the start-up equipment and maintenance costs.

    A car washing business in the Philippines can be profitable if staff, utility, and maintenance costs remain low. However, as car washing is not the most expensive service in the Philippines, you may find that your car washing business becomes unprofitable quickly if your expenses increase significantly.

    Moreover, because of the consistent upward trend in the number of motor vehicles in the Philippines, your car wash business can certainly pave the way for more business ventures. Therefore, it is recommended to explore potential upselling and cross-selling products and services to grow your car cleaning business in the Philippines.

    How Much Does It Cost To Start A Car Wash Business In The Philippines

    In an article published by Carmudi, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist for the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BSMED)  Mr. Edwin Pasahol provided a fantastic estimated rundown of materials and equipment and how much they cost.

    However,  these are estimated costs for the business. The exact costs can be difficult to determine as they vary depending on the current market and your location. In addition, your demographic can also affect your pricing.

    To summarise, the capital you will need to start a small car washing business in the Philippines is a minimum of  150,000 + Pesos. However, the business location, the current market, the scale of your business, and whether you franchise or not all affect how much you will need to start a car cleaning business in the Philippines.

    If you choose to rent the equipment and commercial property, then prices can be very low. But many moving compounds affect the overall price.

    Car Wash Business Franchise Philippines

    Nice Day! Carwash

    • Quick-Start Franchise Package Php 395,000 Inclusions:
    • Complete Set Of Niceday! Carwash Equipment
    • Use Of Trade Name And Proprietary Marks
    • One-Week Intense Training For Franchisee And Staff
    • Niceday! Carwash Operations Manual
    • Marketing Assistance
    • Procurement Program
    • Complete Set Of Official Supervisor And Washer Uniforms
    • One-Week Intense Training For Franchisee And Staff
    • Niceday! Carwash Operations Manual
    • Opening Assistance
    • Continuous Research / Development
    • 2-Month Supply Of Chemicals

    Speedy1 Carwash

    • Speedy1 Carwash Franchise Details:
    • Marketing Fee: 2 %                                
    • Franchise Fee: Php 400,000
    • Investment Capital: Php 400k – 4.1m     
    • Franchise Terms: 7 Years
    • Origin: Cebu                                           
    • Since: 2017

    Wash N ‘Drive

    • State-Of-The-Art Delivery Of High-Quality And High-Performance Car Wash Equipment And Components;
    • Presentations (To Include Literature, Videos, Pricing Quotations);
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    How To Start A Car Wash Business In The Philippines