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5 Ways To Earn Money On Instagram Philippines

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    How To Earn Money On Instagram In The Philippines: You may use Instagram every day and wonder, can I earn money on Instagram in the Philippines? The answer is yes! It’s 100% achievable to earn money on Instagram. Many people are earning good money from Instagram. Once they hit a certain level, they can leave their full-time jobs if they wish because the income from Instagram is enough to support their lifestyle.

    The question is, how can you use the same process to build your wealth and start to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines? Let’s look at how we can earn some extra pesos today.

    Before we continue, I want to mention this is part 2 of 2 quickly. We initially launched how to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines, where we spoke about Instagram’s influence. Still, today we focus on the tasks involved and how people can earn money whether they are influencers or not. First, let’s take a look at method 1!

    Earn Money On Instagram In The Philippines

    1. Earn Money From A Story Posts

    Story shoutouts tend to be a little bit cheaper than sponsored posts. This means companies will pay theme pages and individuals with many followers to do a shoutout targeting their brand or their business than a full sponsor post.

    This is one of the easiest ways to make money through Instagram. The most challenging part is negotiating with the brand and ensuring that you have received payment before selling a story post. The question then arises, how much do you sell your story shoutouts for?

    If you’re looking to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines, then you need to make sure that you, as an entrepreneur, are pricing your services correctly. The price you can charge depends on a few factors. For instance, the company you are negotiating with and their industry.

    You may be approached by other Instagram accounts to ask you if you would like a shoutout for a shoutout. This is where no money is exchanged. But you are being shown to a new audience. This potentially means your account can grow, and your shoutouts in the future can, in theory, be priced higher because you have a higher target audience than previously. When considering your strategy to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines, this is important.

    2. Income From Sponsored Posts

    Sponsored posts are the following method to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines. Similar to paid story posts, sponsored posts are an excellent way for businesses to promote their brand or service to their audience. These posts are generally on a time basis. You may be wondering why theme pages and popular Instagram pages are based on their price on time?

    It is simply because data has shown that engagement on posts dramatically decreases as time progresses. The first 48 to 72 hours are the most visible time for a post, so brands do not want to pay a large amount of money when the engagement drops. In other words, the first few days are critical. But if we break this down even more… the first 24,12 and even 6 hours are typically the most engagement times for posts.

    Your entrepreneurial side is beneficial when looking to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines, especially when it comes to sponsored posts. It’s important not to overprice your services, especially when you are new. Even $5 to $10 (255-510 PHP) is good when you start. When you start to gain 20,000 or 50,000 or more followers, your price will skyrocket. The most engagement your post and account get, the more valuable you are to brands!

    The brand approaching you is looking at your page because your followers are their target market. They are who they want to be shown to be. This may help you build your Instagram page (so you can aim to attract the right audience).

    For example, a few well-known accounts of people I know personally have a passion for fitness. Their Instagram page is dedicated to fitness. They have gathered a large following across Asia of young enthusiastic fitness individuals. This has allowed them to make much money from Instagram and sponsored posts.

    3. Flipping Instagram Pages 

    The third way to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines is flipping. If you have never come across this term, it’s very simple in explanation; you open an Instagram account, build a following, and then at a later date, sell your account.

    Options available to you could be through the site This is where you can sell and buy accounts.  Some entrepreneurs looking to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines decide to buy a page that has 5000 followers with the aim to increase this to 50,000 + followers in the next 12 months, for instance.

    Then the entrepreneur could sell this for a much higher price than they purchased it. Other entrepreneurs start from scratch and sell as soon as they have a few thousand followers.

    These methods are great for earning money on Instagram in the Philippines. However, they are not always the quickest. This is often very time-consuming, but it can soon pay off if you can hit the Instagram algorithm correctly.

    In late 2019 Instagram has enforced several heavy penalties on pages using 3rd party apps and other unorthodox methods to increase their page followers/reach.  Some accounts have been banned, others have been shown a warning, and others are just not showing up as much in the searches. Any of this will affect the page’s performance, and sometimes sadly, it can ruin an investment.

    4. Selling Your Product Or Services On Instagram

    Selling a product or service has become one of the most popular ways people earn money from Instagram. Instagram, over the years, has integrated itself with many businesses, such as the e-commerce business model. This allows online businesses to sell on social media as well.

    The great thing about Instagram is that you have the potential to hit the explore page. This opens you up to potentially thousands and thousands of new customers without spending any money on advertisement. So, not only can you earn a lot of money from selling products and services, but you can also save a bunch of advertisement costs.

    Most brands go to influencer accounts when building and promoting their service, asking them for a sponsored post (as discussed in method 1). Typically, if you are not selling an item, I would not recommend paying someone else to sponsor your post unless there is a specific reason to generate income in the future.  

    Are you interested in becoming an Instagram influencer? Or are you a business wondering how influences work?  We recently spoke about how to become an Instagram influencer in the Philippines, where we had a breakdown of all the steps to earn money from Instagram in the Philippines further.

    5. Reviewing Products For Money

    The last method on how to add money on Instagram in the Philippines revolves around reviewing products. Reviewing products is similar to sponsored posts but is used for real reviews (At least that’s the aim anyway). There are Instagram pages and businesses that review products honestly and openly. This helps consumers buy the products and helps brands with honest feedback to improve their products.

    If you start a reviewing page or regularly review products, you can approach businesses for a free sample of their product. If you have a large enough following, the company may also pay you for your time in reviewing their product.

    q1: What Is An Influencer, And What Different Types Are There?

    If you are searching for how to earn money using Instagram in the Philippines, you may not be fully aware of what an influencer is and what they do, so allow me to take this opportunity to explain.

    An Instagram influencer is a person who acts as a promoter for a business. These can either be long-term on one-time deals. For example, an influencer will share a brand or company service/product to their followers to either build awareness for that company or make a sale. Often at times, influencers earn a commission and free products of payment.

    Micro Blogger: Followers: 1000 – 100K

    Micro bloggers are the first type of Instagram influencer we come across. Typically, these entry-level influencers have a following between 1000 – 100K. However, more and more brands are using microbloggers because they give a personal reach to their followers and often have a higher engagement rate than high-end profiles and celebrities. The people at this level tend to be normal, bloggers or just people with over 1000 followers.

    Middle influences: Followers 350K – 650K

    Middles’ influences are normally small brands themselves or rising social media stars. However, the brands that work with middle influencers tend to be well-established brands and often pay a higher rate than what a microblogger would get.

    Macro Influencers: Followers 650K- 1Million

    Macro Influencers tend to be low-profile celebrities, social media stars, television actors and actresses, and so on. These people have often been influencing for a while and have a fixed or steady income from influencing. Therefore, these people are likely recognized across the Philippines by most people.

    Celebrities Influencers: Followers 1Million +

    Celebrates don’t need much explaining as most of us have heard about them. They are at the top of influencing and often get paid huge sums of money to advertise on their social media. Take Kylie Jenner, for example. She is paid between $1.2 – $1.4 MILLION for her posts!

    q2: How Can I Get More Followers?

    It all starts with building a following if you want to know how to earn money on Instagram Philippines and become an influencer. I suggest you first build your following and then research how Instagram works. Let’s visit the latter one first. First, understand Instagram and its goal.

    Knowing Instagram’s main goal will help you achieve yours. Hence, the question remains, what is their main goal at Instagram HQ? First, keeping users on their platform as long as possible will allow them to show users more advertisements, resulting in more growth and cash for the corporation.


    When you put a location in your Instagram posts, you give your post extra power to be seen. Many people looking to follow people search locations are sometimes cities or a specific location, so is this something you should do most of the time. Try to mix up the location. This will make your profile seem more adventurous and increase your potential visibility on Instagram.

    Paid Advertisement:

    If you don’t have the time to build an Instagram organically, you can decide to pay for an advertisement to find your target followers. Of course, this can only be done through a business account, so you will need to change your account type, but this is very simple to do on your profile settings.


    If you are trying to become an influencer in the Philippines, you need to start thinking like one or a business owner! Many business owners know that it’s better to sometimes team up with other people to achieve more; this is the principle behind collaborations. For example, let’s say you are an attractive model and want to promote makeup and other beauty brands. You would approach people in your niche and other models and negotiate a collaboration, perhaps a video together, or even a ‘shout out’ on your Instagram story.

    Collaborating with people cannot be easy, and the advice above is easier said than done as most people would like something in return. This is where you use your business mind or human psychology degree! However, there are methods you could use in your favor to win the collaborating deal either by payment (if you feel it’s a worthwhile investment) or proving something for them, so maybe you can write an article on their website or do a video on their YouTube channel this would provide a win-win situation which is what we are all aiming for.

    If you are getting nowhere with this approach, don’t give up as it can often take many weeks or months to find the right collaboration partner(s); however, what I would suggest is to approach people with low followers or similar followers to your profile as they are more likely to accept a deal. TIP: When looking for a potential collaboration partner, check out their engagement rate are be on the lookout for spam/bots, as this is a red flag (More on that later).

    Follow strategy:

    A follow strategy is used a lot on Instagram as this is quick, easy, and free. The idea is you follow someone who may be interested in what you are posting in the hopes they see your profile and follow you back. If this happens, you can unfollow that person a few hours later. This will make your profile seem more popular and appealing to new followers as you have more followers than following.

    There are some pros and cons to the follow and unfollow strategy. Some people dislike this idea, while others say it’s the only way to get free followers who are real in the early days. I shall leave the judgment and decision to you.

    Comment strategy:

    Deliver content that causes a reaction (a good one) that will result in a comment from your followers. One of the main things we aim for here is to be seen on Instagram to explore the feature. If you provide the right type of content at the right time, then this will likely increase your comments. Then, the Instagram algorithm will pick this up and show it to more users, and before you know it, your post has gone viral, and you have 1000+ followers.

    q3: How To Be Successful As An Influencer?

    When we approach influencers or influencers approach us, we tend to get a good feel of their intentions in the first few messages, so I would suggest you be as transparent and fair on your journey to earn money as an influencer in the Philippines because often at times networking happens and if you are passionate, open and willing to and go the extra mile then your name will be used by brand and companies to other companies and brands looking for an influencer, and you won’t go far wrong.

    q4: What Do Businesses Want From An Influencer?

    Most businesses will look at many different things when choosing an influencer, but what we use is what a lot of other brands use, which is the red/green flag method. Here is a small list of examples in each category.

    • Good Level Of Followers
    • High Engagement Rate From Followers
    • High Level Of Posts
    • Quality Posts
    • Frequent Stories
    • Instagram TV
    • Well Known In The Industry
    • Has A Blog, YouTube Channel, Or Other High Performing Platforms

    • Few Followers
    • Low Engagement Rate
    • Engagement (Likes And Comments) From Bots And Spammers
    • Hard To Find On Instagram (Not Unique Name Or Long Username)
    • Few Posts
    • Posts At Bad Time – Example 4 am, 11 am Etc.
    • Has A Spammy / Rob Feel About Their Profile
    • Posts Have No Niche Or Style Just Seem To Be Random

    So from the list, we can see they are areas you may need to improve on to be more successful at being an influencer, but if you want to earn money using Instagram in the Philippines, it’s one of the hoops you need to flip through.I hope we have answered your question about ‘how to earn money on Instagram Philippines,’ what ‘Micro and macro-influencers are on Instagram, ’ and ‘how you can be an influencer on Instagram.’ What a mouthful!

    There are tons of tricks and tips out there to gain more followers and start influencing quicker… but most of Instagram’s algorisms are secret, so we don’t know for sure, but what we do know is those people who gain mass followers either have popularity outside of Instagram or give valuable/shareable content to their followers.

    We here at Filipino wealth are looking for influencers! All you need is over 500 followers and a passion for wealth or investment in the Philippines. Get in touch on our Instagram page.

    Q5: How Much Can You Expect To Make From Instagram?

    This ultimately depends on your niche, level, and audience. Say, for example, you are a well-known YouTube star with 500,000 followers on Instagram. Your niche is real estate. A developer may enquire about a sponsored post and pay you a higher amount than the standard influencer. This is because you are well-known in the industry and have a big audience.

    It’s a difficult question because there are no set rules. For example, sometimes businesses will offer free products or content instead of payment, and sometimes influencers will negotiate a higher price, depending on your skills as a negotiator.

    Ways To Earn Money On Instagram In The Philippines: TakeAway

    Nowadays, it’s now incredibly easy to earn money on Instagram in the Philippines. Due to their recent updates, Instagram has now made its platform compatible with many 3rd party platforms, allowing you as an entrepreneur to earn more money.

    It’s not always the easiest to start a page, but you can decide to sell your page or your contact for a good price, so it is always a good idea to keep this information in the back of your mind.

    Many YouTubers and online business gurus have documented times when they could make thousands and thousands from Instagram in a matter of days and sometimes hours. Of course, when I see these claims, I always take them with a pinch of salt. However, I have seen first-hand that earning money on Instagram is possible.

    The hardest part for anyone is indeed building your followers. The content is key to this kind of investment because what you share with the public will ultimately start you on your money-making journey.

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