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How to Be a Life Coach Philippines

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    Becoming a life coach in the Philippines is an extremely exciting and rewarding job, but in addition, it also opens up the doors to a whole new career path. To get started on this journey, you will most likely be wondering what are the steps on how to become a life coach in the Philippines?

    In today’s article, we will be covering the steps,  what the life coaching certificate is in the Philippines and exploring how much money you can make, and finally, how to earn more money as a life coach in the Philippines.

    Steps on How to Be a Life Coach In The Philippines

    1. Determining Your Life Coaching Niche

    It will be helpful to determine one’s niche and develop a reputation from a chosen niche before becoming a life coach. You can complete this first step on being a life coach in the Philippines by focusing on personal, romantic, or professional aspects.

    You could also help them have better health or discover their spiritual side.

    Nevertheless, whatever you concentrate on, there is no doubt that you can affect one or more characteristics of a client when you become a life coach. That is because it is hard to discuss one life characteristic without discussing the other life characteristics. 

    It’s often a good idea to think about the subject you are comfortable talking about and subjects you have experience with.

    This will allow you to become an expert in your sub-niche and can be very beneficial when you wish to grow your life coaching business in the near future.

    Many markets in the business world of the Philippines are saturated, which means that many entrepreneurs are doing very similar things to others, which makes growing a business challenging for everybody. Therefore, the only way to stand out is to have a niche and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

    2. Obtaining a Life Coach Certification

    A life coach certification is not a requirement in becoming a life coach. It is not the same way as becoming a medical doctor, where intense training and examination are needed. However, there are minimum requirements, such as legal age, proficiency in English, and compassion towards others.

    A study by the International Coach Federation learned that 89% of life coaches had received training approved or accredited by a professional coaching organization. 

    It doesn’t matter if life coach candidates get their certification from a referral or online. What is important is that the program is accredited by a professional organization such as ICF. This is an example of ICF-approved coaching certification available in the Philippines.

    You will learn all the basics, such as how to make your clients trust you and improve your active listening skills during the training. In addition, you will also learn the business side of this industry and the ethical responsibilities needed in your practice.

    The process can be intense before earning a life coaching certification in the Philippines and entails many training hours.

    Those who complete a life coach training certification program will obtain a credential. You can choose your certification based on your chosen niche and gear yourself to a special training program. 

    Question: How to Pick a Life Coaching Certification Program In The Philippines?

    Ensure that the certification is …

    • Recognized By The ICF
    • Has Credible And Expert Mentors Or Coaches
    • Allows You To Choose Online Or Face-To-Face Classes
    • Provides Guidance For At Least 3 Months Once You Start Having Paying Clients
    • Has Mentor Coaching And Support As You Complete Your Training Hours

    3. Preparing Your Life Coaching Business In The Philippines

    Aside from becoming a life coach, you will also become a business owner. Therefore, aspiring life coaches also need to prepare just like other small business owners.

    This step on how to be a life coach in the Philippines is crucial because one cannot practice life coaching without clients. Therefore, the candidates need to have a thorough business plan that outlines all the life coaching efforts.

    Those who are uncomfortable promoting themselves can have a hard time earning from this profession. With these kinds of businesses in the Philippines, if you do not actively find clients in the early days, many potential customers may not know you offer life coaching services.

    Because a life coaching business is all about providing service, the ideal referrals may come from other people’s recommendations.

    You can start by giving free or short sessions to your family and friends. Then, if they are satisfied with your service, you can request them to refer you to their network. You can also ask for a testimonial that you can post on your social media accounts or website.

    Other techniques to get clients are making your presence known by joining conferences, hosting webinars for free, establishing connections with other life coaches, and advertising your services online.

    Presence on social media is very important. You can also make a professional email for your business for all life-coaching-related concerns. 

    In today’s modern world, for those who wish to become a life coach in the Philippines, it is recommended to consider becoming a content creator. Content creating often comes in the form of YouTube videos or blog posts.

    There are two reasons why this is recommended. The first reason is that content creating could earn a full-time income. Secondly, content is a great way to advertise for free in the Philippines!

    Becoming a content creator also opens up additional income streams such as selling a course or book online or even becoming an affiliate marketer!

    4. Branding Yourself As A Life Coach In The Philippines Or Online

    For candidates who want to have a digital business, their Internet presence is important in the process of how to be a life coach in the Philippines.

    As mentioned… thinking about the content creating option is a wise decision. But to do this successfully, you will need to build an online business plan, strategy and purchase equipment needed such as a professional camera and microphone.

    Some life coaches ask clients if they can record the session for promotional material, and in return, they often offer discounted sessions to that client. Again, this does not have to be something you do for your life coaching business but is an option.

    If you are working for yourself, then you become the brand. Having a personal brand has many pros and cons in today’s modern world.

    Taking branding courses is not a must, but helpful to present yourself effectively online. For instance, you can learn how to style your social media accounts and what content works best for your niche.

    There are many strategies when building your online presence and branding yourself in the Philippines. However, before building your strategy, you first need to decide what kind of business you want to have and where you will promote your services.

    For example, if you wish to help people online as a life coach in the Philippines, you will need to decide where your target market is and, most importantly, what you will do to help them. This leads us on to step 5, which is …

    5. Deciding How You Want to Provide Your Services

    As you discover how to be a life coach in the Philippines, you can improve how you work with clients and what services you want to offer. Other life coaches provide various packages, service levels, and the life problems they specialize in. 

    When working with a client, candidates need to prioritize having a clear and set goal. You can start by working with your clients in an increment of 3 months. For the packages, you can offer 30-, 60-, or 90-minute sessions.

    As mentioned in the previous step, you may also become a life coach in the Philippines online. This does open up the doors to many potential customers across the country, and also startup costs can be minimal.

    The good thing about starting a life coaching business in the Philippines is that you don’t need to decide on one type of income stream. Many successful life coaches have multiple income streams and help clients through many different ways, including online courses, videos, books, seminars, etc.

    6. Pricing Your Life Coaching Services

    It is natural to think what a life coach Philippines salary is when you consider being one. Putting a price on how you help people change their lives is challenging. Nevertheless, this is a business, and with value comes cost.

    There are many factors in pricing life coaching services, such as completing a project, requiring travel, charging every hour, or holding a single session or continuous working relationship.

    Calculating how much you will need to charge for your new life coaching business in the Philippines is not the easiest task, so we will cover this step in more detail below as we look into the life coaching salary Philippines

    7. Continuing Education And Grow Your Business

    Life coaches need to take opportunities to develop their skills further so that they are always at their peak. Moreover, they can provide the best service for their clients. The amount of continuing education depends on your niche.

    You can be informed, attend related seminars and workshops, and be active in the community. Ask other coaches how they acquire their skills to know opportunities to further your education. You could also join life coaching communities such as Life Coach Philippines.

    You can better help your future clients when you have better coaching tools and services. That is why investing in continuing education is a way to level up this business. Investing in oneself happens naturally for life coaches.

    Growing your business is a slightly complex action… A business that can grow must be scalable. Redistributing or recycling your content is a form of business growth.

    In addition, you could open up a physical location and hire coaches or start a life coaching website. But, of course, the ideal scenario is a business that can be run without you.

    Take this website, for example. I currently write all blog posts, but to grow the business and help more people, I will need to hire writers and teach them how to start growing a business. Then, these writers will be able to write accurate and valuable information for the Filipino Wealth community.

    When you start and grow your own life coaching business in the Philippines, you will need to plan a similar strategy around scalability and growth.

    Life Coaching Certification Philippines 

    An accredited program ensures students that the life coaching program has had its contents assessed based on the ethical standards accepted by many life coaching organizations worldwide and the core competencies, which you can see here.

    Although attending an accredited program is not a requirement to become a life coach, this is an ideal program to choose in general since the program’s quality has been reviewed thoroughly. In addition, attending a life coaching certification program does a lot on their credentials for those who plan to work in a corporation or business setting.

    One example of a life coaching certification Philippines is the Certified Professional Coach Program by the International Coach Academy. This ICF-accredited coach training program has a duration of 125 hours. The tuition fee is around $7,000+  (Php 300,000 +)

    Life Coach Philippines Salary

    According to PayScale, the rate of a life coach in the Philippines is PHP 800/hour. Compared to other careers, this salary can be considered competitive. Many life coaches in the country charge around Php 2,400 to Php 3,600 each month. This rate can be adjusted depending on their area, niche, type of client, and hours per client. 

    For performing life coaching to executives in multi-national companies, the payment can be higher.

    You can also adjust your rate if you have an online consultation with a client outside the country. There is no educational attainment needed. However, employers such as government agencies and businesses look for training and other credentials to life coach candidates. 

    How To Earn Extra & Job Opportunities For Life Coaches In The Philippines

    One-on-One Sessions

    You can provide coaching services to clients, such as helping them attain their goals or find solutions to their problems once or thrice a week every month. 

    Being a Motivational Speaker

    You can do hosting and get paid to deliver speeches at events. The rate depends on how recognized the speaker is and their experience. 

    Hosting Webinars

    You can also earn from providing training about achieving success, personality development, and making money. In addition, Webinars are less expensive since it is done online.

    Writing Personality Development Books

    Personality development has become a huge industry. Therefore, writing books like this is great since people can get advice from your expertise. You can start by thinking of a theme for the book you want to publish and ask experts and other life coaches to contribute a chapter.

    Providing Corporate Training

    Many employees deal with feeling burnt-out and lacking productivity because of their workload and fast-paced environment. As a life coach, you can conduct training and workshops for corporations to help their employees deal with these.

    These are usually done in person. However, because of the pandemic, now, it can be conducted online. In this training, you can focus on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership, health and wellness, time management, and stress management, among many others. 

    Is Life Coaching In The Philippines Right For Me?

    When it comes to deciding if life coaching in the Philippines is right for you, you may need to analyze the entire situation to make a more informed decision.

    If you wish to help those in need around you, that is fantastic as you already have one of the most important elements needed, but there will also be other areas you will need to examine.

    This includes the potential market and opportunities for life coaching in your area. In addition, you will need to gain any skills, qualifications, and experience before becoming a life coach in the Philippines and, finally, the future of life coaching in the Philippines.

    After conducting comprehensive research on the steps to becoming a life coach in the Philippines, you will be in a much better place to decide whether this career path is right for you.

    If you wish to grow as a life coach and help more people, you must scale your business carefully. Then, as you grow, not only will you be earning more money, but you will also have the opportunity to help more people. Therefore, it’s always best to look at business growth when becoming a life coach in the Philippines.

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