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Best Affiliate Programs Philippines 2024

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    Welcome to the world of the best affiliate programs in the Philippines. Have you ever thought of earning just by promoting products online? Joining one of the best affiliate programs in the Philippines could be one of the best ways to do it.

    With virtually everyone utilizing the internet in the Philippines, affiliate programs are worth checking out. There are a lot of affiliate programs available in the Philippines. You might wonder, How do I start affiliate marketing in the Philippines?

    Each program has different requirements to get started and its own commission rates. We have explored the best affiliate programs in the Philippines to help you get started. But Before We Talk About These, Let Us Answer A Few Quick Questions about affiliate programs in the Philippines.

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    The Best Affiliate Programs In The Philippines

    1. Involve Asia Affiliate Program Philippines

    Involve Asia came into existence in 2014 and has continuously expanded throughout the years. It can be described as a performance-based marketing body.  It connects merchants and affiliates exceptionally well. Some of the well-known merchants under them are Shopee and Lazada. 

    Involve Asia Affiliate Possible Earnings

    Because Involve Asia collaborates with over 400 different advertisers worldwide, publishers could earn up to 34% from the platform. 

    Involve Asia Affiliate Requirements:

    • The affiliate needs a website or a social media account such as Facebook or a YouTube channel.
    • The affiliate’s website or channel’s niche would have to be included in the categories on Involve Asia, such as; electronics, beauty, finance, food, fashion, health, electronics, travel, insurance, and shopping.
    • The website or channel must have web traffic. Therefore, Involve Asia could reject the application if it was a new website, account, or channel. 

    How To Signup To Involve Asia Affiliate Program Philippines?

    1. The applicants go to the signup page of Involve Asia. There are no fees to pay for registration.
    2. After filling out the form in the Publisher Type, you can choose the content (YouTuber,  blogger, etc.) For Instagram and Facebook, you can choose Influencer.
    3. Then, you will need to wait for the confirmation email from Involve Asia.
    4. Once confirmed, you can log in to your account. However, it might not be fully accessible since the registration approval could take at least a day or two.
    5. An email is sent once the registration is a success.
    6. The next thing to do is to set up the account since you may not be able to promote just yet. It would, therefore, be best not to leave anything blank to increase the likelihood of success.
    7. For your website/platform, you will need to put your web page or channel. (Involved Asia frequently checks the affiliate site or channel provided).
    8. Next, Involve Asia decides on the approval. This typically takes around 3 to 5 working days. 

    How Involve Asia Affiliates Works

    • Affiliates can choose the brands to promote that work best for their market. 
    • They can generate links quickly and post them on their chosen platform for promotion. 
    • Visits from the links are tracked and recorded from the dashboard.
    • The publishers will be paid a commission for the referrals. You can access relevant information from their dashboard, such as the value of the commission.

    2. Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines

    Shopee is a giant online marketplace that benefits both the customers and sellers with secure and safe transactions. Therefore, Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines Is another affiliate program for those looking to earn extra money online in the Philippines.  

    Shopee Affiliate Program Possible Earnings

    There is no fixed rate for the commission rate since this depends on the product to be promoted. Nevertheless, a Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines affiliate can earn up to 7% commission for each successful transaction.

    To give you a better idea of the commission rates in the Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines, please look at the table below. 

    Electronic Products3.5%1.75%
    Non-Electronic Products7%3.5%
    Digital Products0.7%0.35%

    Shopee Affiliate Program Requirements:

    • You will need to agree with the guidelines and policies stated in the Shopee affiliate program in the Philippines.
    • You must have a following to promote the products. (However, this is often not checked from data gathered)
    • You must have a YouTube channel, a blog, or a Facebook page with followers

    If you fit the requirements, the next question you may have is: How do I start affiliate marketing in the Philippines through Shopee?

    How To Signup To Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines (Involved Asia)

    Presently, Applicants need to have an account with Involve Asia to become an affiliate for the Shoppee affiliation program in the Philippines.

    1. Log into your Involved Asia account. (Set up introduction are above) Once signed in, head over to the Dashboard, you can click ‘Partner’ and choose ‘advertiser directory.’
    1. Next, there are two search bars: ‘Advertisers’ and ‘Countries.’ For the country, it can be removed so that there will be more search results.
    1. From the advertiser’s search bar, you can type Shopee and choose the Philippines from the options to promote. Then, they click Apply to send a request.
    1. A Request Approval message will pop up and instructs applicants to answer questionnaires then hit Save.
    1. After successfully applying, applicants need to wait for the approval of their application.

    How Shopee Affiliate Program works

    Through the platform of Involve Asia, you can promote products sold on Shoppe Philippines. In addition, through deep linking (hyperlink), you can list products for sale on Shopee Philippines and receive a commission for each product sold.

    3. ClickBank Affiliate Program Philippines

    Being a massive affiliate marketing program, ClickBank could be one of the best affiliate programs in the Philippines in terms of digital products. In addition, the company has a lot of success in internet marketing, so many can earn a lot in promoting these products. 

    Promotion can be done by making a blog, advertising on social media sites, writing articles, and email marketing, among many others. Billions of pesos have been made through this platform, the latest research suggests.

    ClickBank Affiliate Program Possible Earnings

    An advantage of promoting digital products could be commissioned going as high as 75%. In some cases, product owners may decide to sell their product with a commission of 95%-100%. This is because even though this won’t make them any money, it will be a part of their sales funnel for a more significant product in the future. In other words, they are attempting to build leads.

    Every two weeks, affiliates could get their payments through checks. If they are eligible for direct deposits, they could get paid every week. Some marketing experts have suggested not to choose commissions not lower than 40% since ClickBank could deduct transaction fees from a sale or add extra fees in the future.

    However, low commission may be better for those wishing to earn money online in the Philippines, depending on the selling price.

    Product – P5,000, Your Commission = 60% – Total: 3,000 Pesos / Product – P25,000, Your Commission = 25% – Total: 6,250 Pesos

    ClickBank Affiliate Program Requirements:

    Clickbank in the Philippines has very few requirements. Aside from having no registration fees, mostly anyone could be an affiliate at ClickBank.

    How To Signup To ClickBank Philippines?

    1. You will need to register on the official ClickBank website.
    1. You will be directed to the signup form for completion. (To create an account, applicants have to create a nickname that would serve as the user ID. Since all customers can view this, it would be wise not to make it too personal.)
    1. When you see the customer survey page, it means that the account is active and you can sell with Clickbank.

    How ClickBank Affiliate Program Works

    There are a few ways how to make money from Clickbank in the Philippines, and the first way is through promotion. You could become an affiliate program manager and recruit other affiliates to promote a product. Secondly, You could do the promotion yourself. This is great if you have a specific niche.

    After you log in on ClickBank, you can choose from several products to promote. A quick tip for us would be to check Gravity. Gravity indicates the number of affiliates who sold a product within the last four months. A product gravity score of 50+ is recommended. 

    4. Commission Junction Affiliate Program Philippines

    Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate programs in the Philippines for beginners. Established in 1998 in California, it is a trusted and reliable affiliate program. You can join anytime and become affiliates or publishers with commission junction.

    A lot of publishers and advertisers come to this famous marketplace. Therefore, affiliates could find a great opportunity from the numerous online brands available. 

    Commission Junction Affiliates Possible Earnings

    Every merchant at Commission Junction has a different EPC (earnings per click) and commission rate. EPC means the average money earned for every 100 clicks to the affiliate link. 

    If a merchant has a high EPC, the site does well in converting web traffic into purchases. Therefore, to earn money faster, affiliates could check merchants with high EPC.

    To illustrate an example of the commission rate in Commission Junction, we will use TANBooks. Affiliates can get a 15% commission from the total amount purchased from this merchant’s site. 

    Commission Junction Affiliates Requirements:

    • At least 18 years old
    • Have an optimized website or personal platform with quality content to promote
    • You must be committed to generating results. (one challenge with Commission Junction is to produce results within six months. If not, they could close the affiliates’ account and sometimes charge.) 
    • Basic knowledge of HTML to insert the tracking code in the website or channel

    How To Signup To Commission Junction Philippines?

    1. Applicants log in to the website and click Free Publisher Signup.
    1. Next, you have to choose the preferred language and fill out the application form. After choosing the payment method, you will need to type a verification code to ensure that you are not a bot, finally, after reading the T&C, click accept.
    1. Success. (You may need to confirm your email address upon registration)

    How Commission Junction Affiliate Works

    • After getting your accounts approved, you can log in to your account and access the dashboard. 
    • You can browse the products and promote them. It is wise to remember that the greatest way to earn money from the best affiliate programs in the Philippines will require choosing the right product for your audience.  
    • Next, copy your specific HTML code and insert it into your page, blog, channel, etc.
    • Clicks from the link are tracked by Commission Junction and immediately credited to the affiliate’s account. Most often, merchants pay on a pay-per-sale model rather than a pay-per-click model.
    • Commission Junction systems will then handle the transaction, collection, and processes. Commission with CJ is frequently very reliable.

    5. Lazada Affiliate Program Philippines

    Lazada is a well-known online shopping hub in Southeast Asia. Therefore, it offers opportunities for those who have their websites and channels to earn through their affiliate program.

    There can be a commission of up to 10% for every order generated. It is one of the best affiliate programs in the Philippines due to procedures such as the quick validation process, hassle-free payment schemes, and excellent customer support. 

    A quick tip from us is that if a product is purchased through the Lazada app, it is slightly higher than through the standard web browser.

    You maybe wonder, how do I start affiliate marketing in the Philippines with Lazada? The process is straightforward. Before we dive into this, it is essential to quickly analyze how much commission you could make with the Lazada affiliate programs in the Philippines.   

    Lazada Affiliate Program Possible Earnings

    The commission that can be possibly earned is 6% to 10%, depending on the product. Here is a table of the commission rates depending on the category and the traffic.

    Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Bags, Travel, Home decor, 7.5 %9%
    Music, Books, Home, Babies, Kids6%8%
    Beauty, Kitchen, Groceries, Pets supplies, Crafts, Writing5%7%
    Entertainment, Mobile, Tablet, Computer, Motor, Sports, Camera, Tools, House appliances, Cameras4%5%
    Digital products1%1.5%

    Lazada Affiliate Program Requirements:

    The critical requirement to be a Lazada Philippines affiliate is a social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, or/and Instagram. A bonus would be having a blog, website, or YouTube channel. 

    How To Signup To Lazada Affiliate Program Philippines?

    1. You will need to visit the webpage of Lazada Philippines affiliate and click Sign Up. HOWEVER, you can also sign up via Involve Asia (see picture below for more details).
    1. If continuing via Lazada website directly, you will then need to accurately fill out the signup page divided into three sections- Log-in credentials, profile, and information about the affiliate website or channel.
    1. In the section about the information asking for the URL of the affiliate website, it is acceptable to input a social media URL account if the applicant does not have their website.
    1. Lazada will send a confirmation email. The message will provide the next steps. This includes setting up your details and confirming your email address. The Lazada affiliation Philippines team will then send information in a separation email to generate your commission links

    How Lazada Affiliate Program Works

    After affiliates successfully sign up and get approved with Lazada’s Affiliate Program, they will have access to advertising and marketing tools that they can use to insert links and ads on their social media pages, channels, or websites.

    Through these displayed links and ads, visitors can access Lazada’s website. When these visitors become customers, affiliates earn commissions. 

    Payment is available directly with the leading banks across the Philippines, including BDO, Security Bank, Metro Bank, China bank, etc. In addition, international payments are possible, although the Lazada Affiliation Program Philippines has a threshold of $200 for international transfers.

    6. Zalora Affiliate Program Philippines

    Zalora Philippines is part of the local operations of Zalora. Zalora is one of the major fashion online platforms throughout Asia. Also, it is the largest fashion online website in Southeast Asia. Therefore, it is an excellent way for Filipino affiliates to earn some extra commission.

    In particular niches, Zalora is hands down the best affiliation program in the Philippines as it has a wide range of products suitable for many customers. So, let us take a look at possible earnings and requirements in more detail.  

    Zalora Affiliate Program Possible Earnings

    For new customers, there is a commission of 6% for each sale and 4% for returning customers. After receiving the order, there is a 60-day sale validation. After this has been completed, payment will be released.

    Zalora Affiliate Program Requirements:

    • Have an interest in fashion.
    • Own a social media account, websites, or channels with a following interested in fashion.
    • Have purchased from Zalora or used the website or app previously.
    • Be able and comfortable advertising discount codes from Zalora

    How to signup For Zalora Affiliation Program Philippines? (Involve Asia)

    Applicants need to have an account on Involve Asia. Then, they need to submit a Zalora Affiliate Program application.

    1. Log into your Involved Asia account. (Set up introduction are above) Once signed in, head over to the Dashboard, you can click ‘Partner’ and choose ‘advertiser directory.’
    1. Next, there are two search bars: ‘Advertisers’ and ‘Countries.’ For the country, it can be removed so that there will be more search results.
    1. From the advertiser’s search bar, you can type Zalora and choose the Philippines from the options to promote. Then, they click Apply to send a request.
    1. A Request Approval message will pop up and instructs applicants to answer questionnaires then hit Save.
    1. After successfully applying, applicants need to wait for the approval of their application.

    How Zalora Affiliate Program Works

    • Customers click on the advertisement and are redirected to Zalora’s website where the commission can be obtained. (Please note as mentioned, there will be a 60-day sale validation process with Zalora
    • If the customer purchases within seven days of the link being clicked then you will receive a commission.  (After validation.)

    7. What Are Affiliate Programs In The Philippines?

    Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, are agreements between an online merchant and an affiliate. The affiliate can be paid a commission for sending traffic / generating leads to the merchant website. Affiliates send traffic by posting links directing to the merchant’s site. The payments are based on the agreement made. 

    For example, If I have a business selling coconut oil. I could agree with you that if you send any traffic to my website (from your youtube channel, Instagram, blog, etc.) and the customer you sent purchases a bottle of coconut oil, I will give you 20% of the sale price.

    The payment could depend on the number of visitors or the number of visitors who purchased or completed action. It could also be the number of visitors who clicked the merchant’s advertisement from the affiliate’s platform. Therefore, recruiting people for the best affiliate programs in the Philippines could be a tremendous marketing strategy to advertise and generate more sales.

    How Much Money Could Affiliates Earn In The Philippines?

    There is no limit as to how much affiliates earn. Many factors, such as the niche, influence, and effort, determine their success. Many could earn as much as 6 to 7 figures in one month. 

    Still thinking of the answer to this question, How do I start affiliate marketing in the Philippines? You can check these affiliate programs available in the Philippines to see their rates and the success of the average affiliate marketer.

    If you have a large audience, you can make millions of pesos per year from this business; however, most affiliate markets aim only to quit their day job. Therefore, it entirely depends on the niche you are in, how much you can grow, and of course, the price of the product/service you are marketing.

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    Affiliate Programs In The Philippines: TakeAway

    We can see that it is getting much easier to start an affiliation business, whether you are a full blogger or just a part-time Youtuber. We hope that the question of how do I start affiliate marketing in the Philippines has been answered from the information above.

    Often, the ‘Best’ affiliation program in the Philippines is the one that suits your audience. For example, if your audience is wealthy, then selling an expensive real estate investment course, for example, could be a great way to earn money online in the Philippines for you.  But if they can not afford the course, you will not see a high return on your time.

    When looking at the affiliation programs in the Philippines, we can see that this is getting much bigger and stronger, and there seem to be a lot of new doors opening. So it is indeed a very exciting time for those wishing to earn money online.

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