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9 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas Philippines 2024

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    Starting an online blog in the Philippines is a very unique and passive stream of income. But what are the most profitable blog niche ideas in the Philippines?

    The most important thing when looking at the most profitable blogging ideas in the Philippines is the different ways of how a blog can earn money. Some niches have multiple ways you can earn money, and some have very little.

    Profitable Blog Niche Ideas In The Philippines

    1. Financial Niche

    The most obvious profitable blogging niche in the Philippines is the financial niche. However, as this is one of the most profitable, it is also one of the most highly competitive. Often in the finance niche, you are going against a team of talented writers who sometimes publish 20 or 30 articles every day!

    It has always been a long-held secret that teaching people how to become wealthy is a great way to become wealthy yourself. But where most people have seen success is through narrowing their niche. So, for example, it is unwise to start a general financial niche. Instead, building a smaller, targeted sub-niche would be much better.

    Suppose you are deciding to open up your financial niche blog in the Philippines. In that case, it’s recommended to think about your audience… For example, is there a product or service that your audience would purchase, or can you start to earn income through affiliate marketing to your audience?

    2. Tech Niche

    The tech niche is massive and only getting bigger. Because of the Philippines’ increase in technology, a tech blog is one of the most profitable blog niches in the Philippines.

    Tech blogs earn an income by selling physical products or affiliate marketing, which is also very hot with many tech bloggers. However, a great way to build a blog in this industry is to become a tech reviewer. Many bloggers have seen great success in reviewing products and talking about them on platforms such as YouTube.

    3. Fashion Niche

    Fashion is a huge industry across the Philippines. Like tech, it is an industry that is forever changing. Because of this, there are great opportunities to earn profit from a fashion blog in the Philippines.

    Many fashion bloggers earn money through traditional methods such as affiliate marketing and advertisement. Still, where many of them see more profit by selling their products, one of the most important things is building a loyal audience when selling products online.

    I would also strongly recommend recycling your blog content into the YouTube or podcast format. This is an increasing platform where you can visually show (youtube only) your fashion items to your audience.

    Remember, YouTube is not just a way to earn money through advertisements. If you are to become a successful blogger, you need to use YouTube as a marketing platform.

    4. Self Improve Niche

    Self-improvement is one of the most profitable niches across the world. The great thing about the self-improvement niche is that many of the income roots can be developed without startup capital!

    For example, I also run a blog about loneliness. I help individuals suffering from loneliness through podcasts, YouTube videos, and blog posts, but I receive a lot of my income is from producing books and online courses. Both of these costs me nothing but my time.

    As a self-improvement niche blogger, you also can market other people’s products, which is an excellent call to action after speaking about a topic.

    5. Travel Niche

    As we know, the travel industry slowed down during 2019, 2020, and 2021 but this industry is soon recovering.

    There are a lot of different options when starting a travel blog in the Philippines. For example, your audience may be Filipinos traveling worldwide, or you may target foreigners looking to travel inside the Philippines. Whatever your audience, there are many different income streams from this profitable blog niche.

    If you are not a travel agent, a great way to increase your income is to work with local and national travel agencies. Many are willing to offer a commission. However, networking and negotiation may be an important part of the process.

    6. Fitness Niche

    Who doesn’t wanna have a stunning body? Health and fitness-related questions are among the most popular types of queries that have been asked on search engines such as Google.

    Thanks to the easy distribution of protein shake supplements and fitness clothing, making money from a fitness blog in the Philippines is now easier than ever.

    It’s very easy to pick up a nutritional course online. You can buy an interesting course for less than 1000 pesos! As a nutritionist, you can offer tailored nutritional plans to your audience. This profitable blog niche also works very well when tailored to YouTube.

    7. Food Niches

    The food industry is very similar to the financial industry. Both of these bogging niches are very popular, very profitable, but also very competitive. Therefore, if you are to be successful in a food niche in the Philippines, it is recommended to choose a subcategory of food such as vegan food.

    8. Mom Niche

    We recently spoke about starting a mom blog in the Philippines because it is a unique opportunity for the Philippines! So many moms have seen great success starting their mom blog in the Philippines, often many income streams that you can add to this blog!

    With a mom blog, you often talk about certain types of topics. Still, suppose you can build an audience. In that case, there may be one type of topic your audience is very interested in. it’s always important to focus on what your audience wants! When it comes to business, always remember the 80/20 rule 😉

    9. Love & Relationships Niche

    Relationships are very important to us, and so is love, so it’s no surprise that the relationship niche is one of the most profitable blog niches in the Philippines!

    The Philippines’ culture is different from everywhere globally, so if you are targeting Filipinos rather than a global audience, you stand a much higher chance of growing your blog. Additionally, many large dating websites offer a very high commission for membership signups.

    3 Rising Blogging Ideas In The Philipines

    Language Blogs

    Language blogs are rising all across the world. There are thousands of English blogs online, many of which have been around for many years, but other languages are starting to circulate and become increasingly popular.

    As a Filipino, there are many different languages in the Philippines. Some locals wish to learn other languages, and many foreigners also want to learn languages such as Tagalog or Bisaya. Therefore, providing online courses or one-on-one support is a great income stream for this type of blog.

    Reviewing Blogs

    It was once suggested that over 73% of online purchases were made because of social proofing. In other words, people care about reviews.

    This fact is so true that many new companies give away their products for free or even pay people to review their products.

    A reviewing blog is especially effective if you can earn a commission through each sale, take your content, and recycle it on YouTube or Facebook.

    Animals Specific Niche Blogs

    A trend that has seen an increase over the last ten years is purchasing rare and unique animals. It’s very common to own a cat or a dog in many countries worldwide, but animals that are not so common such as snakes or certain types of reptiles, are becoming more popular.

    As a result animal, specific blogs are starting to pop up. Blogging about animals can be one of the most profitable blogging ideas in the Philippines because your audience will often be people who love animals. Because of this, they may be willing to spend a little bit extra on the care of their pet.

    Profitable Blog Niche Ideas In The Philippines: Take Away

    • The most popular type of blog niche may not be the most profitable.
    • In some niches, you may need to network and negotiate with businesses to increase your income.
    • Many successful bloggers are finding significant growth in recycling their content onto YouTube or social media.
    • Blogging is not dead. Even now, new bloggers are starting a blog and earning a full-time income from this business model.

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