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How To Start An Egg Business Philippines

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    Have you always wanted to know how to start an egg business in the Philippines?  Lots of people do not understand that there is a massive business opportunity in connecting egg buyers and egg sellers. If you’re thinking of something to invest your money in, an egg business is one of the best businesses in the Philippines and is a great opportunity to delve into.

    As an egg supplier business, you may want to buy eggs in bulk so you can also sell the same in bulk to retailers or wholesalers directly. In this guide, you will learn more about how to succeed in this venture.

    How to Start an Egg Business in the Philippines

    Research the market

    Do thorough market research about the demand for eggs in your local market and find out the requirements that are essential to start the business.

    The demand of the egg business may vary according to the location. To do this, you may survey your local market and list down the leading buyers of eggs in the nearest city or town. Some examples would be a hotel, restaurant, carinderia, school, bakery, sari-sari stores, grocery stores, cafeteria, or a church.

    Understand the Supply and Demand

    According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, our country’s chicken production and egg situation should expand in 2022.

    As an egg dealer, there should be a healthy exchange of supply and demand, and understanding the dynamics between these two is crucial. One thing to keep in mind is to have a good source of egg supply. But the fact is, not every poultry business produces such quality eggs.

    The quality of eggs is essential to how quickly they are sold or disposed of. Thankfully, there are certain reputable poultry farms in the Philippines that produce quality eggs and these should be on top of your prioritized list for suppliers.

    On the other hand, the demand is as important as the supply since there has to be a ready market for your eggs. You may choose to serve or work with retailers or you may prefer to supply to end-users (consumers).

    Having multiple distribution chains will impact your business positively simply because these channels are through which your egg supply business grows. The more demand for eggs, the bigger are your profits and capacity. The same applies to supply.

    Know your Competitors

    It is crucial to find out about the different competitors in your barangay or city and know about their operational strategies and techniques. If there is massive market competition in your chosen area, then it is advised to look for any other appropriate location to start your business.

    When finding a good area to sell, you may find a place in a range that has some decent population and human movement as well as markets where you can offer a genuine supply of eggs. As long as you find a few decent client connections backed up with a good location that has exposure to the crowd, you may have an endless list of opportunities to choose from.

    Likewise, if you are mobile, you can supply eggs to shops more distant than yours and have potential markets targeting bakers who come in to buy huge quantities, as well as retailers and semi-wholesalers.

    Find a large and dependable farm

    Emphasis on the words LARGE and DEPENDABLE. This is because larger farms usually offer lower prices and having a track record of being dependable means they already have a good foundation in this business.

    When sourcing for farms, look out for those that offer eggs at reasonable costs.

    Other factors to consider would be the quality of eggs based on color and size, offered price, distance from the market, and also the method of transportation of the eggs.

    Check out different poultry farms and make a comparison of their selling prices and the quality of products. You may want to keep the distance in consideration as a higher transportation cost can affect the profitability of the business.

    Gather Your Capital

    Although some farms may offer a certain amount of credit after you have been tested over time, nonetheless, you will still need to raise money and have your capital ready when starting an egg business in the Philippines.

    Keep in mind that it is your capital that draws the farmer’s attention regardless of your abilities and it is your capital that helps determine the quantity and price of the trays of eggs.

    Quantity is vital in an egg business and the more you purchase, the better the prices. You may decide on how many trays of eggs you want to start supplying based on how much funds you have accumulated and how large your potential market is.

    Another thing worth noting is that farmers tend to give tests based on sales limit over a particular timeframe and your consistency. Ultimately, passing this test ensures that you will always have a reliable supply from that farm.

    Look For Dependable Buyers/Retailers

    One of the key successes on how to start an egg business in the Philippines is to create a list of reliable egg buyers, whether retailers or end-users (consumers). The number of eggs you can sell should influence how many eggs you buy from the farm. 

    To ensure the smooth operations of your egg business, you have to get to know who your potential clients are first before putting up a shop as your retailers must be closer to your shop and not the supplier from where you get your eggs.

    Means Of Transporting Eggs

    Most egg businesses in the Philippines move their eggs from farms to the market or their warehouses/storehouses with the use of vans or trucks. If you do not own one, hired commercial vehicles can be used.

    Aside from driving carefully and padding the vehicle, a proper and compact arrangement of egg trays is needed to limit the egg breakage.

    Get A Warehouse/Outlet

    In some cases, the demand for eggs fluctuates and you may end up buying more eggs than what is eventually sold. This is where the need for an egg storage facility arises. 

    Site your egg business strategically as this will give your business the needed exposure. In addition, to ensure the smooth operations, understanding the principles of egg storage is a must in the construction of your outlet as well as the location that’s relative to the other shops and egg farms.

    How much does it cost to start an egg business Philippines?

    The Department of Agriculture has set a new suggested retail price (SRP) for basic commodities in Metro Manila. As of August 11, 2020, chicken eggs are set to be priced at Php 6.5 per piece

    In the Philippines: 

    • 1 case has 12 egg trays
    • 1 tray has 30 pcs of eggs
    • Buying 10 trays falls under the category of a semi-wholesaler
    • Some farms offer free delivery for a minimum purchase of 10 trays
    • Eggs are weighed through a standard egg machine to ensure the right sizing of the eggs
    • Small trays range from Php131/tray to Php145/tray
    • Medium trays range from Php160/tray to Php165/tray 
    • Large Trays range from Php180/tray to Php190/tray

    Your capital will be based on the capacity of how much you want to sell. The more bulks of an order you purchase, the bigger the discounts you get thus, the cheaper is the price per egg.

    Wholesale Egg Suppliers Philippines

    Whether you wish to be a retailer and sell eggs in your sari-sari store, or simply a buyer for your every day consumption, here are some verified egg suppliers to choose from:

    Is an Egg Business Profitable in the Philippines?

    Egg business is a highly profitable idea but most people have not realized the immense investment benefits it brings.

    Here are several reasons why starting an egg business in the Philippines can provide good profits:

    • Selling eggs come with lots of investment benefits simply because eggs are consumed daily.
    • Most farmers producing eggs on their farms do not have the time to market and reach out to retailers and consumers because of the demands of managing the farm. This burden is taken off by egg wholesalers and resellers who come into the farms to buy trays of eggs at a reduced price and sell to the market at a profit.
    • Several industries such as baking and confectionery, and cosmetics have a high usage of eggs since it is an important part of their raw materials. 
    • Eggs are well-known as one of the healthiest foods in the world. These are great sources of protein, rich in cholesterol, and can help reduce many health risks. These are also rich in vitamin A for good eyesight and chlorine for the production of molecules in the brain.
    • Moreover, some advantages of egg distribution are the affordability for customers and the absence of any power supply or specialized tools for business continuity.

    How To Promote Your Egg Business in the philippines

    • Create an attractive logo and find killer ways to build your brand name and identity
    • Offer home deliveries for free as this can be the best marketing strategy to attract more customers.
    • Hire various skillful marketers and young talents to expand your egg business
    • Find other ways to market your business without money needed
    • Participate in food fairs and tiangges then introduce free samples.
    • Be a wholesaler of hotels, restaurants, or bakeries and aim to get bulk orders.
    • Provide free coupons to your suki or regular customers. 
    • During lean times, you may want to consider doing a sales push and some advertising online or try putting up a sign near your warehouse.
    • When sales are high, you have an option to stop accepting new customers for the timebeing and consider raising your prices.

    Looking for a business plan? Filipino Wealth has created free downloadable business plan templates which you can use when starting an egg business in the Philippines.

    Now that you know the essential steps on how to start an egg business in the Philippines, it is imperative to make decisions instantly, lightly, or with reckless abandon. After all, you are shaping the entire identity of your business as well as your future. 

     Like for any business venture, you can see it as a fun game but of course, you have to become savvy, do lots of research, and provide the best quality product and service you possibly can. Eventually, customers will come running to you and your business will boom.

    How To Start An Egg Business In The Philippines