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7 Ways How To Build A Brand In The Philippines

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    How To Build A Brand In The Philippines: There is a big difference between a business and a brand in the Philippines. A business can be used to purchase a product or use a service. However, a brand has meaning. Branding is incredibly powerful, and this is why we will be diving into the psychology of branding shortly. But the ultimate question remains – How to build a brand in the Philippines?

    Today’s jam-packed article will discuss how entrepreneurs can build a successful brand in the Philippines using 7 killer strategies.

    How To Build A Brand In The Philippines

    1. Get Visual With Your Brand

    One of the foundational steps of building a successful brand in the Philippines is to create an image for your brand. We are visual creatures, and some are more visual than others. In today’s business world, image is everything, which is why companies worldwide reinvest billions of pesos in the visual aspects of a brand.

    So how do you get visual with your brand when you are looking at how to build a brand in the Philippines? The first step is creating a logo. Logos can be used on the product itself, promotional material, email marketing, packaging, and so much more. If I ask you to draw the Nike logo, you could likely do so without any problems; this is the effect of powerful branding.

    2. Use The Power Of Psychology

    Several psychological emotions and actions can be directly linked to the power of branding. When looking at how to build a brand in the Philippines, it’s important to remember that the brand is not just an image but also a feeling/emotion. Many customers purchase based on emotions. This perception results in positively impacting a brands’ sales.

    In recent years, research has been released to suggest that customers feel different emotions based on color and patterns. This topic is very important if you sell products in packaging; however, these studies also apply to logos. For example, simple designs are often more memorable, and blue logos give a sense of trustworthiness and security.

    Above are the latest psychological case studies and research papers released discussing consumer psychology and how branding affects decision-making with the general public.

    3. Create Your Customer Avatar

    So what is a customer avatar, and more importantly, why is this important when looking at how to build a brand in the Philippines? A customer avatar is essentially a character you design based on your ideal customer. This includes what country the person is from, how old they are, their likes and dislikes, and anything relevant.

    Customer avatars can be extremely powerful. For example, you may find some types of products/services are more popular with one type of avatar than another. This can help you make better decisions in your business. But, creating an avatar can also impact how you build brand awareness campaigns.

    If you find that your avatar (your customer) is between 18 to 24, you may decide that your branding will reflect a modern and simplistic approach. Your marketing and other areas of your business may also be changed. Therefore, creating your ideal customer profile will allow you to grow your business better and assist you with brand recognition.

    4. Highlight Your Business Uniqueness

    One of the main reasons for brand success is because brands have successfully differentiated themselves from the competition. For example, Jollibee has a lot of competition in the fast-food industry. Still, it is a local Filipino-based business tailored to Filipinos, and their uniqueness has been one of the leading reasons they have been extremely successful in recent years.

    Nike understood that there was a great deal of competition in the sports world. Furthermore, they knew that some brands would be future competition, so they worked with sports stars and athletes from all over the world. Because of this uniqueness, customers perceived this business positively, which led to an increase in sales.

    When you are looking at how to grow a successful brand in the Philippines, you most likely have many questions, and one of the first places to start is by looking at how you are different and unique. Perhaps this is an innovative product or a  convenient service? Once you have the answer, it’s time to highlight this uniqueness. This can be achieved by working with specific individuals or targeted marketing.

    5. Focus On Simplicity

    One comment I often make to entrepreneurs is that business is often simpler than people believe. We often like to overcomplicate situations as we are always trying to get the competitive edge. However, simplicity is often the best option when building a business brand in the Philippines.

    Brands such as Grab & FoodPanda do a good job at this. Their branding and marketing campaigns are simple and straight to the point. You will often see the branding campaigns on a 5-second nonskippable ad on YouTube. There’s no time for complexity within 5 seconds, yet they built a successful brand across Asia using this simple method.

    6. Build Brand Consistency

    Throughout today’s article looking at how to build a brand in the Philippines, we have spoken about several different well-known brands. But why are these brands so well known in the Philippines, and why do millions of customers use their products and services every day? Simply because they have been able to build brand consistency.

    In the last week, you will likely have seen several Food Panda / Grab motorbikes all around your area. This is a way that these brands are building consistent recognition and promotion of their business and is one of the leading reasons they have been able to grow successfully across South East Asia.

    7. Evolve Faster Than Anyone Else In Your Industry

    One thing that’s always consistent is change. In the Philippines business world, this is certainly true. So why should you evolve faster than anyone else in your industry, and how does this help you build a successful business brand in the Philippines?

    One of the most important areas of branding is recognition. Most brands aim to associate the business with a positive feeling. New trends and industrial changes offer new opportunities to increase a brand’s visibility and perception as the business world changes. Brands that are unable to adapt often start to decline, and the awareness of their brand decreases.

    Naturally, as a brand’s visibility decreases in time, it may find its sales and business growth starts to reduce. Blockbuster is a classic example of this. During the Netflix boom in the US, Blockbuster did not change with the times and saw a reduction of stores and services. As a result, the brand was weak, and finally, the business closed.  

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