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Best Place To Live In Laos As A Foreigner

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    Laos is a wonderful and unique country in Southeast Asia. However, over the years, many foreigners who wished to live in Laos find themselves asking the ultimate question of where is the best place to live in Laos as a foreigner. Thus, we will cover this question by exploring the six most popular and best options for foreigners who wish to live in Laos.

    In addition to today’s article, we have also included a brief section of what it is like living in Laos as a foreigner. For those looking For more information such as Laos visas or any other question about living or retiring in Laos as a foreigner, feel free to head over to our official YouTube channel for the latest.

    Where is the Best place to live in Laos?

    1. Vientiane

    Vientiane is the capital of Laos and is home to some of the most beautiful sights, such as Pha That Luang, Patuxay Monument, and the Buddha Park (Wat Xieng Khouane Luang). But is perhaps most well known as a popular visa-run location for foreigners and expats living in Thailand. There is also a large Thailand embassy situated in the capital.

    As this is the capital, you will often find many unique experiences such as hobbies and activities and many local language schools for those who wish to learn the Lao language. Additionally, there are overall good levels of English from citizens in this area which is good to know when looking at the best place to live in Laos.

    2. Luang Prabang

    The city of Luang Prabang is situated north of the capital and is within a few hour’s reach of the Thai/Lao border. The city itself is a stunning and distinct area in Laos. It is home to many traditional buildings and temples that are often used by locals and foreigners alike.

    When looking at the best places to live in Laos, Luang Prabang is most definitely in the top three options for many foreigners as the locals and life in this area are very welcoming. If you are looking for the best places to live in Laos, this area has an added benefit as it’s home to some fantastic apartments.

    3. Thakhek

    Thakhek is situated very close to the border of Laos and Thailand and used to be the home of trading but now serves as a great place to live for foreigners and locals alike. Thakhek is home to many activities, but some reports suggest that the Internet can be pretty slow in this area (this can be typical for Laos). However, some reports still indicate that the Internet is slower in this area than in other cities in Laos.

    If you are not looking for the best places to live in Laos but instead are looking for a short term visit, you will find a good selection of hotels; however, even though there are some quality hotels in the area, the quantity of hotels is minimal as it is not a very tourist city compared to others on today’s list.

    4. Vang Vieng

    Vang Vieng is perhaps one of the top tourist towns that you will find living in Laos as a foreigner. The geographical location is close to the capital and is often visited by non-locals who visit the capital. This has made the town more tourist-friendly than others. For example, tourists’ income is the mainstream of income for many locals, and you may find many foreign items to purchase in this area.

    The downside is that as it is a small town north of the capital, you may not find all the requirements you are looking for if you are looking to live full time in Laos; nonetheless, you will find a great community of people with unforgettable landscapes.

    5. Pakse

    Pakse is a growing city that is situated in the South of Laos. The Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand borders are within reach of this city, with Thailand being the closest. This is sometimes a destination for visa runs due to the closeness of the immigration borders.

    Pakse has had some reports of high pollution, but this is often common in Laos in general. Due to its location, you may find much fewer English speakers in this area; however, Pakse reports being a fantastic place to stay and potentially be the best place to live in Laos for specific individuals.

    6. Savannakhet

    Savannakhet is in between the capital of Vientiane and Pakse. Like many other regions in Laos, Savannakhet was known as a port area for many years. Due to its location, there are many bus services and other transport options to and from the capital, making it an excellent destination if you are looking for an untouristed best place to live in Laos.

    You will also find a relatively small airport in this city, but it has some fantastic routes, and it’s barely crowded even during peak periods. Even though there have been international flights, most flights tend to be local domestic departures.

    What is it like living in Laos as a foreigner?

    Now that we have looked at the best place to live in Laos, what about the living experience? Previously we have spoken about what life is like living in Laos and covered some essential details. Still, to summarise a few points, it’s important to note that Laos has its uniqueness, which may be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on what type of lifestyle you are looking for.

    Laos is a landlocked country meaning that there are no beaches, and you may find that the Internet in Laos is extremely slow, which does discourage some digital nomads from thinking about living in Laos. Additionally, Laos also has a very “interesting” intimacy law regarding locals and foreign nationals. In addition, if you are a retiree looking for the best place to retire in Laos, it’s important to note that Laos does not have a retirement visa, and thus you will need to obtain another permit to live full time in Laos

    Having said this, there are some distinct advantages to living in Laos, and if you are looking for the best place to live in Laos, you will find a host of options. The price is meager, the people are often super friendly, and the scenery is unforgettable. As mentioned above, please feel free to find more information about Laos on our official YouTube channel.

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