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How To Earn Money Online In Vietnam For Foreigners

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    One of the most significant advantages in our modern world is that it’s possible to live in a different country while still earning money. Thus in today’s article, we will be exploring how to earn money online in Vietnam.

    Throughout this guide on how to earn money online in Vietnam, we will be discussing 4 online income streams and exploring a few other strategies to earn money in Vietnam as a foreigner.

    As you can imagine, to work legally in Vietnam as a foreigner, you will need to ensure you have the correct visa. Still, from speaking to expats, here are the most common ways how to earn money online in Vietnam.

    How To Earn Money Online In Vietnam

    1.  Become An Online English Teacher

    One of the great things about becoming an online English teacher is that you can work from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, due to the recent pandemic staying at home for educational lessons is the norm, and thus there is still a significant demand for online English teachers around the world.

    There are many different companies to choose from, and some have basic and more advanced qualifications. For example, a popular company where you can earn money online in Vietnam is called Itutor. They have teachers from all over the world, including teachers whose native language is not English. There are also companies such as Calmby that hire native English speakers on a freelance basis.

    The amount of money you can earn by becoming an online English teacher can differ depending on your qualifications and the number of hours. However, it seems teachers can earn anywhere from $10 – $30 an hour which may be very useful when living in Vietnam.

    2.  Start Affiliate Marketing With Involve Asia

    Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the best methods on how to earn money online in Vietnam, as there are many different options to affiliate marketing.

    Involve Asia is the most extensive affiliation program in Asia. So if you have a channel or an audience from an Asian country, you could earn money by recommending products and getting clicks.

    Involve Asia not only targets the Asian market but also has some engaging international campaigns. For example, many affiliate marketers use YouTube, social media, podcasting, and blogging to earn money online in Vietnam as a foreigner.

    3. Opening Up An Amazon Or Esty Store

    Another common option on how to earn money online in Vietnam is by setting up a business or store on Amazon or Esty. Some expats have found success by purchasing local items and selling them online. Often products across South East Asia can be purchased for a fraction of the price as they are sold back home, and thus there is profit to be had.

    The benefit is that it may be possible to set up a business in Vietnam or any other South East Asian country, which will help you gain the relevant visa type needed to earn money online in Vietnam as a foreigner.

    4. Become A Blogger

    Blogging is an exciting and unique career path. Many years ago, bloggers could earn money from advertising alone, but as the world has changed, bloggers are moving to other methods to monetize their content.

    There are many different ways to earn money online in Vietnam as a foreigner from blogging. Still, one of the essential pieces of advice for bloggers looking to earn enough money to live in Vietnam is to build a system that takes your blog into an automated business. There is a big difference between a blog that earns money from advertising and a blogging business.

    Other Ways To Earn Money In Vietnam

    So now we have looked at how to earn money online in Vietnam as a foreigner; let’s take a look at some other methods to earn money in Vietnam as a foreigner.

    5. Working With Your Local Embassy

    Over the years, I’ve been looking into different embassies to see what positions are available because earning money online in Vietnam is a common question we get asked here at Owl of Asia. And in most cases, there are many different positions available at any one time, but this does depend on what country you are from.

    One benefit of working for the local embassy is that the available roles often carry a high salary. Still, on many occasions, specific requirements will need to be met, but this depends on the position open.

    6.  Become A Teacher In A Local School

    As you are most likely aware, if you have previously searched for how to earn money online in Vietnam, you will be aware of just how in-demand English teachers are. This is the same for local and private schools in Vietnam.

    In more rural areas, you will find opportunities with minor requirements but with demand for your service, although the salary may be lower. Nonetheless, this is an excellent opportunity for many foreigners living in Vietnam who wish to earn money.

    7. Start Your Own Business In Vietnam

    One of the great things about Vietnam is that there are so many opportunities for business and investment. One advantage to starting your own business in Vietnam is that you can legally work in Vietnam while earning an income.

    Business visas in Vietnam carry specific requirements. For example, you may be required to have a sponsor or an invitation letter from a Vietnamese business partner. Business visas in Vietnam have different time scales. At this current moment, the shortest business visa is one month. You can also obtain business visas with multiple entries.

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