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Business Mentor In The Philippines Guide

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    Building a successful business in the Philippines takes time, effort, and energy. However, there is one way to grow your business quicker and make the right decisions, and that is with the help of business mentors in the Philippines. But where to find business mentors, and what do business mentors in the Philippines do? Today we will explore the full process of business mentorship in the Philippines.

    How To Find A Business Mentor In The Philippines

    1. Kapatid Mentor Me Project

    The Kapatid Programme is delivered by the Philippine center for entrepreneurship and DTI. The main aim of this mentorship program in the Philippines is to help smaller businesses grow and succeed. They do this by focusing on 3 distinct areas. These areas include business mentoring, sharing facilities, and links with larger corporations.

    There are some criteria that applicants will need to adhere to when looking for a business mentor in the Philippines with DTI; however, if you can meet these requirements, you can apply. You can find out more information via – [email protected] / [email protected] or call (+632) 7791.3291 / (+632) 7791.3292.

    DTI, in general, is the home for business in the Philippines. Similar to Filipino Wealth, they have processes on how to grow a successful business in the Philippines. However, other options are also available when looking for a business mentor in the Philippines.

    2. DTI Negosyo Center Online Mentorship

    DTI also offers a different platform filled with talented entrepreneurs from all across the country that is available for consultation. Some of these mentors have specific training in certain areas, which can be valuable when looking for a business mentor in the Philippines.

    You can head over to the online status and select which mentor you wish to book to get started. Then, you can check the availability online or email them to book a consultation.

    3. Independent Business Mentors

    Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path, so entrepreneurs often have mutual respect. You may find that business owners will be willing to mentor you and give advice on your business for free. In addition, you can find independent business mentors by speaking to friends and family members or on social media.

    Alternatively, you can opt to use business mentors from afar. For example, if you enjoy reading a certain financial blog or take value from a YouTube channel, you can use that free information to gain a deep insight into their logical and entrepreneurial thought processes.

    Over the years, I’ve had several mentors from afar (YouTubers, Bloggers, Writers) that I’ve used to grow and shape my business. The great thing about information is that it is available online. So whatever type of business you are creating, you will be able to find the information somewhere on the Internet.

    What Do Business Mentors Do In The Philippines

    Business mentors in the Philippines have several skills, qualifications, and experiences that are used to help support entrepreneurs. In other words, mentors help businesses overcome difficult challenges, offer alternative viewpoints, and provide general business advice. Therefore, business mentors in the Philippines can benefit new entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized businesses.

    In general, the tasks and duties of a business mentor in the Philippines will come down to what type of business they are dealing with. For example, with a traditional business, mentors may focus on ways to reduce suppliers’ costs. On the other hand, with an online business, mentors may help investigate options to grow your traffic for free.  

    What Is The Price Of A Business Mentor In The Philippines

    Local government facilities offer free mentor services to those who meet the requirements. However, if you want to seek the services of an independent business mentor, then prices may vary from person to person, as this type of agreement is often on a freelance basis. Some mentors offer their support completely free, while others will charge a few hundred pesos (or more) per hour.

    How To Become A Business Mentor In The Philippines

    If you are interested in becoming a business mentor in the Philippines, you may be wondering how to start?

    Most successful business mentors have a foundational level of experience, skill, or qualifications in the industry. Therefore one of the first steps to becoming a business mentor in the Philippines is to gain relevant experience. Qualifications are very important, but at the same time, previous proven history of success can be very valuable.

    Once you have the foundations, you may wish to create a small business plan if you are looking to turn this into a side income or a small part-time business. This includes your prices, when you will find clients, how you will conduct your business mentoring sessions, and much more.

    Social media is a fantastic tool that can be used when becoming a full-time business mentor. Nevertheless, several other platforms can be used to build awareness and promote your services. For example, when your business starts to build regular clients, you can grow this business by offering courses, additional services, etc.  

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