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7 Business & Work Motivation Tips Philippines

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    Motivation Business Philippines: Starting a business in the Philippines can be difficult. At times, we need motivation for business. As we are the home of business, we are proud to be covering some essential motivational business tips for the Philippines in today’s article.

    7 Motivation Business Tips Philippines

    Focus Long Term As Businesses Could Take At Least 2 Years To Be Profitable

    On average, it can take anywhere from two to three years for a business to become profitable. This is seen as the industry standard but is essential when looking at motivation for business in the Philippines, as in some cases, businesses can take longer.

    When you’re building your business in the Philippines, and you are looking for extra motivation, remember that some of the biggest and most powerful companies across the Philippines went through periods of negative cash flow and, in some cases, became very close to bankruptcy.

    The other reason why this is an essential motivational business tip for the Philippines’s because many startups require a large amount of capital. When looking at the short term, entrepreneurs can see that the business is unprofitable, but this is because they are looking at the beginning of the time frame and not the bigger goal.

    Don’t Confuse Business Consistency With Frequency

    Let’s say you have a business selling sweets and chocolates. Consistency would always be selling sweets and chocolates and nothing else.  As you’re trying to sell your sweets and chocolates, you walk to the town every day to sell your product to the townspeople – This is the frequency.

    Many businesses focus on consistency and forget about the frequency. However, depending on the type of business, you may find both elements are essential. Another example could be starting a YouTube business in the Philippines.

    If this YouTube business of yours is consistent, it means that you are consistently talking about a particular topic. Frequency, however, is when you are posting.

    Looking at motivation business tips for the Philippines brings us frequency. Many businesses are consistent, but they lack frequency. If a business improves its frequency in whatever manner is appropriate for that business, they stand a much higher chance of success.

    Many Filipinos won’t Buy An Item The First Time They See It

    In marketing, there is an unspoken rule named the rule of seven. This means that a potential buyer may need to hear, see, or be told about your product at least seven times before purchasing it.

    This is why companies’ advertisements are posted to the same individuals multiple times throughout their marketing campaigns. For example, suppose you have scrolled through Facebook or watched a video on YouTube. In that case, you will most likely have seen an advertisement that you have seen previously and psychology says that the more we see something, the more we believe it to be trustworthy and are more likely to engage with it.

    Many Filipinos will not buy an item they see for the first time, especially if they have unanswered questions. Therefore, as a business owner, one of the essential motivation business tips for the Philippines is to become an expert seller by answering all potential buyers’ questions.

    Think about a purchase you have made previously, and it’s highly likely that when you have purchased the item, you knew what it was and what it did. Think about a time that you did not purchase something; there may be many reasons why you did not purchase the item, but one of the reasons maybe you had questions that you didn’t have the answers to, and as a result, this created a purchasing barrier.

    In other words, it may not mean that your product is useless or your service is not appreciated … it may mean that you are simply not getting your message in the eyes of the right people at the right time. So marketing is important, but specifically, targeted marketing is essential.

    Focus On Building The System Instead Of The Goal

    The next motivational business tip for the Philippines is to focus on building the system instead of the goal.

    This quote from the great James Clear clarifies how entrepreneurs and business owners should forget about setting goals in our modern times and instead focus on a system that delivers the results.

    For example, let’s say you are looking at motivational tips for the Philippines because you have just started selling shoes online. In this business, you may have a goal to reach 20,000 pesos a week or 80,000 pesos each month. But instead of focusing on the goal of 80,000 pesos each month instead, focus on building the system that would generate 80,000 pesos in shoe revenue.

    Perhaps your system involves networking with online influencers across the Philippines, or perhaps it means signing up with Lazada. Whatever the goal is, focusing on the system will allow you to hone in on the essential areas that pop the business.

    Only Focus On Work You Love

    Starting a business in the Philippines is very difficult, and at times it can be challenging to continue working and building your empire without any traffic or customers whatsoever. So why do so many entrepreneurs continue without seeing any progress… it’s because they have passion, and they love what they do.

    When looking at different business tips for the Philippines, you will come across many pieces of advice specifically covering many different business areas. Still, one of the most important and neglected areas in business is a love and a passion for the business itself.

    This brings us to the following motivational tip for businesses in the Philippines: they are closely linked.

    The Most Successful Businesses Have A Bigger Mission, Not Just Money

    The most successful businesses in the world always have a mission that is bigger than money itself. Perhaps they wish to change something in the world or see a different way of doing something. Whatever the answer is, they have a vision that is much bigger than money itself.

    One of the best motivational tips and tricks for businesses in the Philippines is asking yourself why you are doing this business? Are you trying to make people’s lives easier? Are you trying to offer something that you believe to benefit humankind and change the world? As crazy as these may seem, these visions are what changed the world. Businesses big and small across the Philippines have changed how we interact with each other and live our lives, all thanks to their vision.

    When times are challenging, it may be very motivational to look at your business and say, why did you start this business in the Philippines… are you trying to help Filipinos live better lives… and can you imagine how the Philippines or how the world would look if you are successful… never forget the why.

    If Fear Weren’t Here, You Would Be Unstoppable

    Suppose your business is not successful and you are not in the position you want to be in life. In that case, it may not mean that your business sucks or you have a wrong product or a poor service … no no, no, it may mean that there is some fear or some barriers in your life that is stopping you from reaching the next level whether that be in business or your personal life.

    One of the most simple motivation business tips for the Philippines is that you could be anywhere you wanted to be without the presence of fear. Fear is a dream killer, stopping entrepreneurs from doing the things they want to achieve in life.

    On the other side of the coin, some individuals start a business out of fear; they want to have money because they fear what life is like if they fail. This may work for some but is not a good foundation for a business long term.

    I know this may sound unusual for some to read, but where I have seen success in my life, whether business or personal life, is giving more to the world instead of taking. In other words, try not to look at what you can gain but look at what skills, talents, advice, or anything else you can give. Naturally, as this grows, you can turn this into a profitable business as you should be rewarded for your efforts. Still, in business, sometimes entrepreneurs need to give before they get.

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