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How To Be A Motivational Speaker Philippines

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    How To Be A Motivational Speaker In The Philippines: Are you wondering how to be a motivational speaker in the Philippines? If so, today’s article will answer some of the biggest questions you have about starting a speaking business in the Philippines.

    You will need to make several different decisions when you become a motivational speaker. However, one of the most important decisions is the first step: choosing your niche.

    How To Be A Motivational Speaker In The Philippines

    1. Decide On Your Motivation Niche

    When it comes to public speaking, aka motivational speaking in the Philippines, there are several different industries and niches to explore. Previously we looked into 9 profitable niches in the Philippines, and we explained why choosing a niche is so important. Still, to summarise that article, niches are important as it allows you to be the authority in that niche.

    In other words, you will find it much easier to become an authority in a certain area (such as money, relationships, business, etc.) than trying to become an authority in all industries. Once you have built your brand and become a successful motivational speaker in the Philippines, it is often wise to branch out into other niches. However, at the start choosing a specific niche is key.

    So the question is, what kind of niche could you choose when you are looking at how to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines? Below are the most common and popular motivational speaking niches.

    • Business
    • Confidence
    • General Happiness
    • Leadership
    • Life Purpose And Fulfilment
    • Money
    • Religion And Spirituality
    • Success

    Another consideration when looking at how to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines is what people want to achieve and the people themselves.

    For example, would you like to motivate the youth? Those who are going through difficult life challenges? or perhaps those who have been victims of unfortunate events.

    When we think about motivational speaking niches, we tend to think only about business success and money. These are the most common and popular industries; however, there are several categories to choose from.

    A great piece of advice for those looking to be a successful speaker in the Philippines is to spend time focusing on your ideal viewer. Do you have the passion and experience to help this person, and if so, what will you do to bring about positive results in their life? This is a difficult question but will help you when you first start to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines.

    2. Learn Essential Communicational Skills

    The fundamental steps of any professional speaking career are learning the basics of one’s craft, including effective communication.

    Effective communication in today’s modern world can take many different forms, and the industry and your audience will have a big part to play. For example, if your audience is elderly, using slang and modern jargon will be confusing. Even if you are correct in what you’re saying, the communication will not be effective.

    But aside from clear communication to your audience, it’s also important that you deliver the message in a way that leads to results. If you are looking to become a successful motivational speaker, you will need to build results with your audience, and to do this; you will need a structure.

    Motivational speeches come in many different forms, but there is an essential idea that the speaker wishes to deliver. The idea is often an answer or a solution to the problem. Therefore if we break down the speech, you will most often see that it has a beginning (problem), middle (action), and ending (solution).

    This is an example only, but if you look to become a successful motivational speaker in the Philippines, you will need to structure and deliver your message. Thousands of online courses, books, and information across the Internet, covering many different communication styles, are completely free!

    One of the reasons some motivational speakers become so popular and successful is because of their delivery. This is why learning the essential tools for effective communication is one of the most fundamental steps in how to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines.

    3. Become A Member Of Toastmasters And Other Speaking Communities

    Toastmasters is the world’s leading community for public speakers. The great news when looking at how to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines is that Toastmasters has several events and locations within the Philippines.

    Due to the current pandemic, there is now an opportunity to sign up to Toastmasters online which means that you can become a speaker for many different Toastmasters regions (including outside of the Philippines). So if you want to practice public speaking to an international audience, this is great news.

    Toastmasters In the Philippines is completely free! To get started, it is recommended to contact the local Facebook group for the latest information on events times and new information about the group.

    If you are in a city that does not provide Toastmasters and feel it would benefit the community, you could decide to open up your own event! This is a great way to meet the local community and like-minded people. (Networking is an important stage which we will discuss below)

    4. Offer Free Speaking Services To Build Credibility

    Once you have the training and skills, the next stage is to build your experience. For example, suppose you are a brand new motivational speaker in the Philippines. In that case, you may pick up paid gigs if you have the right connection but if you are very new to the industry offering free speaking gigs is the best way to build credibility as a public speaker in the Philippines.

    For those entrepreneurs in the business world, you will know that sometimes we have to give to get, and there is also a large amount of psychology about giving to receive. This is why initially offering your service for free can be a very worthwhile decision in the long term.

    5. Build An Online Profile And Website

    The fifth stage on how to be a motivational speaker in the Philippines takes the form of an online presence. You will likely have offered your services for free to groups and companies in your area, and this is a stage where you can add these to your portfolio by sharing stories and pictures of the event.

    This will help you build that credibility even further, which is always important when becoming a successful motivational speaker in the Philippines.

    We have spoken about how to start a blog and if you are looking to earn money online from your motivational speaking career, starting a blog is a great option. This will also result in organic traffic to your website if you can write successful blog posts.

    6. Network With The Right People In Your Niche

    One of the most important factors in any motivational speaking business is the people. Therefore, networking is one of the essential skills when public speaking in the Philippines.

    Networking in the Philippines is very similar to blogging or YouTubing. This is because they all take time and often pay off long term with the right strategy. Therefore do not feel disheartened if you do not get a tonne of invites as soon as you start networking.

    Many businesses have offered me opportunities years after I first networked with them. Sometimes that business is not in the right place to offer you an opportunity, but this does not mean they are not interested.

    It’s always best not to burn any bridges and always be optimistic and friendly. Remember, if they do not offer you any public speaking opportunities, they may know businesses or individuals who do. Networking is one of the most important skills to succeed in the Philippines, yet it is highly underrated.

    7. Focus On Building Paid Gigs

    Once you have built your network, chosen public speaking topics in the Philippines, attended public speaking courses in the Philippines, and so on, the next stage is to turn public speaking into a profitable business.

    Some motivational speakers fear asking for money as they feel it takes away from helping others. In other words, they feel bad for taking money from people in desperate need of help, but this is not the correct reality, and it’s the wrong way of looking at the business.

    Reframing this thought process into something more in line with reality is key. For example, if you feel uncomfortable accepting money, remember that money can help you scale your business (more on this below). Scaling can help you reach and help more people.

    I wish I didn’t have advertising on this blog! As you want to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines, you are a good person because most kind people want to help people. So I feel bad about placing the advertisement on this page, but I need to so that I can grow the business and help others with earning money and starting a business in the Philippines. The same is true for public speaking.

    8. Create A YouTube Channel And A Podcast

    YouTube and podcasting are two of the most important platforms when public speaking in the Philippines, as they allow you to reach a much larger audience with minimal effort.

    YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the Philippines, and it’s also a great way Filipino public speakers can earn money! Additionally, podcasting is also a growing trend that some experts believe will increase over the upcoming years.

    One of the best things about this stage is that you can upload your podcast directly to YouTube, or your YouTube video can be converted into an audio file and uploaded to your podcast on the platform.

    For those of you looking to become a Filipino motivational speaker and start a podcast, it’s recommended to visit our full guide on podcasting in the Philippines, which includes some essential tips and tricks for effective communication.

    9. Scale And Grow Your Motivational Speaking Business

    As we discovered earlier, if you are looking to be a successful Filipino public speaker, you will need to earn money from public speaking to reinvest into growing your services, which will result in you serving more people.

    Scaling and growing are very different things, but both are very important. Scaling usually means doing more with less. For example, scaling a public speaking business could mean reaching a larger audience by starting a YouTube business. In other words, you are reaching more people without any extra cost.

    On the other hand, growth tends to focus on expanding a business or service. So, for example, as a public speaker in the Philippines, you can offer courses, create books, online guides, and so on.

    There is no set amount a motivational speaker or public speaker in the Philippines earns. However, if you create courses, sell guides, or publish books, the yearly salary can easily be well into the millions for successful motivational speakers. In other words, your income for public speaking in the Philippines depends on your monetization strategies and several other factors.

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