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15 Powerful Filipino Podcasting Tips And Tricks

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    Podcasting in the Philippines is an enjoyable and financially rewarding income stream if you can produce engaging and unique content. However, are there any Filipino podcasting tips and tricks or unique Filipino podcasting tips for beginners to help you grow?

    Luckily, there are many Filipino podcast tips, which we have narrowed down to the top 15! These tips are directly from our experience and success. Let’s look at some unique Filipino podcasting tips and tricks and some special Filipino podcasting tips for beginners.

    15 Filipino Podcasting Tips And Tricks

    Focus On Engaging Content In Every Episode

    We recently released a unique article about how to start a podcast in the Philippines with no audience. This article spoke about the importance of producing engaging content and why it directly links to your podcast growth.

    This has made our list of Filipino podcasting tips and tricks because the more engaging your content, the more success you will likely experience.

    From the point of view of Apple, Google, Spotify, and all the other podcasting channels, they want their audience to be tuned in as long as possible. They want this because they can make more money.

    The reason why people stay longer on these platforms is because of engaging content. Therefore, content that receives likes, shares, comments, reviews, subscribers, etc., will likely receive a ranking boost and be seen by more people. In other words… Engaging content = Filipino podcast growth.

    This is the same strategy used on other platforms such as YouTube. This is why so many videos or channels have gained massive success by engaging content in one form or another.

    Jeff Bullas spoke about 10 unique methods on how to build engaging content. He states….

    “Quality content is content that manages to be error-free and engaging. While having error-free content is only a matter of having a good command over the English language, and ensuring that your content gets proofread by qualified editors (if necessary), creating “engaging” content opens up a whole new chapter.”

    Reach Your Audience Via Buzzsprout

    Buzzsprout is a service that I use. I would always recommend Filipino podcasters to use Buzzsprout or a similar service.

    Buzzsprout takes your episode and distributes it on many different platforms worldwide, which increases your organic reach.

    There are many Filipino podcasting tips for beginners that we are speaking about today but reaching your audience is perhaps one of the most important things. Alternatively, you can post your episodes on each platform; however, that can be a very time-consuming process.

    Be Different, But In The Right Way

    When looking at tips for Filipino podcasting, one thing you may notice when looking at other successful podcasts is that they are different in one way or another. As a result, they can engage their audience uniquely.

    When starting a podcast in the Philippines for the first time, you may conduct many experiments to see what kind of episodes work well. Some podcasts work well when there is a group of people. Some podcasts do even better when only one person; it depends on the podcasting niche and the audience.

    If you are the same as everybody else, then you will not attract any new listeners.

    There is also a downside to looking at this Filipino podcast tip for beginners. Being different can also backfire if done incorrectly. Although, of course, it’s a great idea to be different. Still, a golden rule in podcasting is never to do something that may divide an audience.

    Dividing an audience can be achieved by doing things such as being rude, nasty, or malicious about a specific person or a group of people. Unfortunately, many podcasters and YouTubers have made this mistake and become different in the wrong way.

    Forbes recently spoke about 5 ways of how successful people are different from anyone else. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

    Choose Your Content Strategy

    The 4th Filipino podcast tip revolves around choosing content, but this is not the content itself; it’s the content strategy.

    More specifically, when are you going to be uploading, and how long will each episode be? Finally, how does this tie into your podcast goal?

    Some Filipino podcasters decide to make long episodes that can sometimes be one or two hours long. They post this episode once a week or once every couple of weeks. Again some Filipino podcasters post every day, but the episodes are only 10 minutes in length.

    Why do they do this?

    It depends on their overall goal, audience, and niche. Here at blog school, we speak about many topics such as blogging, YouTubing, Podcasting, etc. Still, we also talk about 15 powerful Filipino podcasting tips and tricks ….

    …. if I were to turn this post into a podcast, then my goal would be to deliver chunks of information over some time. It would be more appropriate for my audience to deliver short podcasts for 10 minutes each than doing one or two big episodes every month.

    If you are not a beginner podcaster, you will likely have a lot of data to see what episodes work and what doesn’t. If your longer episodes are more successful, it is best to focus on longer content and vice versa.

    Learn The Art Of Speech Volume, Speech Timing, And Speech Pitch.

    Believe it or not, you do not need to know all of Tagalog or English vocabulary to be a successful podcaster in the Philippines. However, it would be best if you learned the art of speaking.

    Pauses are important in podcasting, mainly if you have just spoken about Something very heavy such as a large piece of education or something deeply emotional. A few seconds pause ……………… can ……………… work ………………  wonders.

    Additionally, tips for Filipino podcasting include speaking at an appropriate rate for your audience. we have just started a YouTube channel here at blog school. Unfortunately, I have a very strong English accent, so I need to slow down my voice slightly. But one thing you may experience as a beginner podcaster is nerves and anxiety.

    Because of these feelings, beginner podcasters can sometimes speed up their voice. But, unfortunately, this does not sound natural, making it harder for an audience to engage and harder for a podcaster to get their point across.

    Talk To One Audience Member At All Times

    As previously mentioned, when speaking on a podcast for the first time, you can experience feelings of nervousness and anxiety; therefore, a powerful Filipino podcasting tip for beginners is to focus on talking to one listener at a time.

    This is also a very powerful tip for anyone looking to public speak. This is so powerful because you sound more personal and more professional when you speak to one person. In addition, this tends to work better with your audience as podcasts often listen to the solo.

    Have you ever listened to a podcast or a YouTube video and thought to yourself, wow, it is almost like they are talking directly to me?

    This is the effect that can happen when a podcaster is focused on talking to one person. Then, of course, your podcast could get 100,000 downloads. But, of course, in reality, your voice is being heard by 100,000 people; however, those 100,000 people will all feel like you are speaking directly to them, which is a rare but very powerful skill in Filipino podcasting.  

    Become A Visual Storyteller

    Another Filipino podcasting tip revolves around becoming a great storyteller, which can be achieved in many ways. Still, one of the most important is to become visual with your audience.

    As we know, podcasts are limited. The only sense your listeners have is the sense of hearing, so a Filipino podcasting tip for beginners is to become more visual in your speech.

    Sentence 1 – Not visual = I walked past the temple on my way to the library. It was a lovely day.

    Sentence 2 – Visual = I was already 45 minutes late to the library, but I saw some light as I walked down the cold dark alleyway. The light came from a tall white temple surrounded by the most beautiful golden oak trees…. as I walked past the temple, I felt a sense of warmth hitting my body.

    This works well when you are trying to build a picture for your audience. If you are producing small 5 or 10 minutes podcast episodes, then it may not be as appropriate; however, becoming a storyteller can be a very powerful thing, especially if you are looking to sell items on your podcast or you are looking to increase your financial income from your podcast.

    Find Fabulous And Unique Guests

    Podcasting works very well with other people, and this is why so many podcasters have seen success through interviews.

    Unique people always have a story to tell. As we learned earlier, an essential Filipino podcasting tip is to become different; therefore, you may attract a new audience if you have somebody unique on your podcast (unique in the right way).

    There’s also a big part to play in your interviewing skills. If you have found someone who is an expert in their field, it is wise to let them speak. You may have some new subscribers and followers after listening to your podcast with this person; however, they originally came to your podcast to listen to this other person, which is important to remember when looking to grow.

    Additionally, many people who listen to podcasts do so because they want to have some value in their own life. So something very powerful is talking to the special VIP about how this will benefit other people.

    Takeflyte states the following –

    Getting your first few guests for your podcast can seem daunting. But if you focus on what they’ll get out of the interview—links, visibility, association with influencers, and traffic—you can greatly increase your chances of landing those prized guests.-

    Recycle Your Content On YouTube And Increase Your Income

    YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, so it’s no surprise that many successful bloggers and podcasters are turning to YouTube to recycle their content. This is why it’s a very powerful Filipino podcasting tip, as you can also increase your revenue through recycling content.

    Additionally, one thing to note when looking at Filipino podcasting tips and tricks is that even if you have the best podcasts in the Philippines, some people will not go on your Apple podcasts, google podcast, etc.; therefore, bringing the content to them is a great way to reach a larger audience.

    Furthermore, YouTube is owned by Google, and Google AdSense runs on YouTube, meaning that you can increase your income via advertisement.

    In some cases, static images and pictures do not always work well. Again this depends on your audience, but some podcasters had stated that their YouTube channel only grew when they could add video format. Therefore many podcasters have set up a camera and continue recording a podcast as normal but have a video to keep their audience engaged.  

    Focus On The Long Term Goal Of Your Podcast

    Podcasting can take time to build. Therefore, you may not receive many downloads, but this is normal practice in the first few weeks, but you should start to see your downloads increase as you grow.

    If you have a podcast and it is a few months old, you are not seeing the downloads you were expecting. Perhaps there need to be some changes. Here are a few different changes that you can investigate.

    • The Total Length Of Each Episode
    • The Language That Is Being Spoken
    • The Guests Or Lack Of Guests On The Episodes
    • The Recording Environment
    • The Equipment
    • The Topics And Content Being Discussed
    • The Overall Feel Of The Podcast
    • The Personalities Of The Podcasters
    • The Places Where The Podcast Is Available

    One other method is to speak to listeners or friends and family who can give you honest feedback. If, for instance, your podcast is helpful and valuable, it may just mean that you need to be seen by more people; therefore, podcast marketing might be a suitable option, or signing up to Buzzsprout may be more appropriate.

    Invest In The Right Equipment & Software

    Filipino podcasting tips and tricks would sooner or later mention equipment and software. It is of such great importance in the podcasting world.

    We have spoken about the right equipment and software you need to run a successful podcast in the Philippines.

    If you are on a budget, do not worry. There have been many successful podcasts that have been recorded on a cell phone and an external microphone. Additionally, there is also free online editing software such as audacity. (If you are interested in this, please reach out to us on our YouTube channel and let us know in the comments, and we will do a special blog post and video for you!)

    Once you have built a budget, investing in a podcast via a microphone and premium editing software is often a wise decision. It can help you sound 1000% better.  

    When You Feel Like Talking, Record.

    When starting a podcast in the Philippines, you will naturally feel excited and ready to go. Still, unfortunately, there are some times where we are not excited and ready to go, but we have a schedule to keep to. So what do we do?

    If you feel happy and want to talk, grab your microphone and start recording. The best thing about using a system such as Buzzspourt is that you can schedule your posting. They are distributed on several podcasting platforms on your chosen day or night. This is a similar schedule process for YouTube.

    For example, I feel very motivated in the evening, so I record many of my podcasts at night. In total, I will record around 5 or 6 episodes. Then, the next day, I will edit those 5 or 6 episodes and schedule them to have a week’s worth of content ready to be released.

    Some individuals prefer to podcast at a certain place at a certain time on a certain day, which is also fine. Still, scheduling podcasts for the future may be beneficial for those who have been podcasting in the Philippines for a while.

    Become Part Of A Podcasting Community

    Podcasts communities are great!

    There are a few different organizations around the world that have special podcasting communities. However, For the Philippines, the best podcast in communities is on Facebook.

    There is also another source of information, and this tends to be through meet-up groups. There is an application called meet up, which is very popular around the world. Many people use this to meet up and exchange languages or to hang out. Via Meet-up, there is a tonne of podcasting communities in the Philippines.

    Invest In Your Speaking Skills

    It’s not uncommon for podcasters and YouTubers to learn certain skills needed to produce high-quality content. One of these skills is investing in the art of communication.

    There are many different youtube videos and free E-books that can be downloaded to help you learn the art of communication.

    One book I found very useful when starting a podcast was the “Podcasting for Dummies” book. This book spoke about the do’s and don’t of podcasting to grow a successful podcast. The book also includes many other sections that are great for Filipino podcast tips and tricks.

    Edit Or Not To Edit?

    The last tip for Filipino podcasts is to choose whether to edit your content or not.

    There are many pros and cons to editing, and many podcasting websites will tell you that you have to edit; however, this is not always true.

    Many podcasts have become successful because they are incredibly raw, meaning they are not edited, but instead, they are natural. The downside is that any imperfections will be shown. This includes any words such as ummmmmmmm or errrmmmmm, and this could have an impact on your credibility as you may not sound like you understand the topic you are discussing.

    If you are choosing short episodes, then it is likely that your listeners will want the information as soon as possible and as clearly as possible, and editing may be needed to provide that; however, if your audience wants long-form content that is over an hour-long then you may benefit not editing your podcast.

    Filipino Podcasting Tip For Beginners & Filipino Podcasting Tips And Tricks –  Takeaway

    • Podcasting is often a long term goal. It is excellent to add on as part of your sales funnel and great at providing your audience engaging content.
    • It’s always a wise idea to provide visual indicators and storytelling. This is the only sense your listeners have when listening to your podcast.
    • Podcasting can be started with very little money; however, it is wise to invest in a microphone and editing software once the funds are available.
    • Buzzsprout distributes your podcast on the majority of podcast networks around the world and thus increasing your reach.
    • A great Filipino podcasting tip for beginners is to be different than others.
    • Recycling content from a podcast to YouTube is a great way to increase your engagement and reach. This is why it is a very important podcasting tip for the Philippines.

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