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How to Start a Baking Supply Business Philippines

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    Have you ever thought about starting your own bakery supply business in the Philippines? If so, then today’s handy guide on how to start a baking business will guide you in the right direction to accomplish your business goal.

    We will cover some important areas to start a baking supply business in the Philippines, including the market and the finances, but for those interested in a business plan, head over our free business plan PDF template, which can be downloaded a the top of this page.

    Steps On Starting A Baking Supply Business Philippines

    1. Analyze The Baking Market

    Before starting any business, surveying the market is important. It can help you determine the challenges in your target market. The same goes on ways on how to sell baking supplies online. To start, future baking supply business owners need to talk to the bakeries located in their target location. 

    A baking supply business can be profitable if the business satisfies the clients’ needs and diligently serves them. Performing a market survey can help you figure out how to help these bakeries do their jobs more easily.

    2. Create A Baking Supply Business Plan

    It does not matter if you plan to be an online home-based baking business owner or have a store when making a bakery business plan. Future business owners can think of this as their map. Therefore, a bakery business plan should be meticulously made by placing all the details in various categories. 

    Here are some of the elements you can include in your business plan.

    • Business Overview 
    • Finances
    • How Will You Reach Your Customers
    • Market Analysis 
    • Marketing Plan 
    • Operations 
    • Products To Sell
    • Summary
    • SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, And Threat) Analysis 
    • What Will The Market Be Like In 10 Years
    • Who To Sell The Products To
    • Why Are Your Products Different

    3. Registration Of A Baking Supply Business In The Philippines

    One of the crucial steps in the process of how to start a baking supply business Philippines is obtaining the needed documents to operate legally. Owning a bakery supply store or being a baking supply distributor in the Philippines requires the same legal requirements. If you are not a Filipino passport holder, find out more about registering a business in the Philippines here.

    Since bakery supply business owners will store edible ingredients such as chocolate compounds, cake mixes, essence, and chocolate compounds, among many others, baking supply business owners have to be registered. 

    Here are some of the required certifications and permits to complete this step on how to start a baking supply business Philippines:

    • Registration of your business’ name 
    • Business owners operating the business on their own will go to the DTI
    • Business owners operating the business with a partnership or corporation business structure will go to SEC
    • Mayor’s Permit
    • BFAD Certificate
    • A TIN from the BIR

    Please note that depending on the city where you will operate your business, there can be more or different requirements.

    4. Pick Your Location For Your New Baking Business

    Many baking supplies & wholesale suppliers in the Philippines are available online. However, It important when opening a brick-and-mortar store to choose a location that is accessible and suitable for your customers and location.

    A good parking space may also be needed since this will come in handy when there is a high demand for baking goods. Looking for ways on how to sell baking supplies online, business owners need a warehouse that is easily accessible to potential clients.

    Suppose you are opening a home-based baking business in the Philippines. In that case, you may wish to investigate the delivery part of the business and see how it will affect your business location.

    5. Order Baking Supplies In Bulk

    A great way to order from baking wholesale suppliers in the Philippines is to list the primary baking supply categories, such as the ingredients and equipment. Then, you can choose the products you want to stock on for every category.

    It is best to choose products in different shapes and sizes (depending on your market and business vision). Moreover, getting wholesale orders from your baking supplies distributor in the Philippines may lead you to get discounts and increase your profits. 

    Another helpful tip at this stage when looking at how to start a baking supply business in the Philippines is to determine how you want to start….

    … What this means is that you can launch your business with a type of product such as customized cake toppers or different kinds of chocolate. Of course, this will all depend on the initial capital, business plan, market, and other factors. Baking business owners could also boost their business through customization & branding.

    6. Build Your New Baking Business Team

    It is best to get employees who offer great customer service and have knowledge about baking supplies and tools. You can also ask for help if you know someone who has a home-based baking business in the Philippines, as they will likely know culinary school students or people who have worked in kitchens. 

    If possible, baking supply business owners can provide matching uniforms for all the employees as the business grows.

    7. Market Your New Business

    You can carry out the final step on how to start a baking supply business in the Philippines by thinking the same way as your target customers. Where will your customers be, and what would spark their interest?

    If you have a store, you could have a dessert open house. You could work with your team to create sweet treats using the baking supplies available in your store. You could also offer introductory prices. Moreover, you could compare the prices offered for retail and commercial consumers.

    How To Sell Baking Supplies Online Philippines

    1. Purchasing Ingredients, Equipment, And Supplies

    When baking supply business owners purchase products and equipment in big quantities, they can get a better deal from baking suppliers – wholesale suppliers in the Philippines. 

    Nevertheless, people in the home-based baking business in the Philippines often have to look for ways to store, pack, and ship their products to their customers. Aside from searching for an accessible storage area or warehouse, business owners need to have ways to ship and handle the items. This is an important stage to explore in the original bakery business plan. 

    Some baking ingredients need to be refrigerated. Therefore, one way on how to sell baking supplies online is to consider temperature and delivery when deciding on what baking products to get. 

    2. Aim To Make Your Online Products Too Good To Refuse

    After understanding what your products can offer, you can use the information to create engaging product captions. Quality descriptions are important in the ways on how to sell baking supplies online in the Philippines.

    Potential customers will refer to these when checking out your listing. It is best to avoid using the exact product descriptions provided by a baking supplies distributor Philippines; instead, create your own detailed description. The reason is that you need your baking supply store to stand out from the crowd. 

    The ideal product description highlights the benefit of the products and their features. Moreover, addressing the needs and concerns of your target audience can help, such as trying to determine how your product can make their lives easier or better.

    Product descriptions with good conversion have a CTA or call-to-action. You can use CTAs such as “On sale for a limited time only, Purchase today!” ….  it’s essential to carry out keyword research to have improved rankings on search engines and selling sites such as Shopee and Lazada.

    3.  Using Stories And Recipes

    According to studies, humans are 22 times more likely to remember information with a story.

    To perform marketing using storytelling, you could create a narrative to tell your message. Your aim is to make potential customers reading your story feel inspired to purchase your product. This will also help them better understand your baking supply products and create trust with your business. 

    When planning your baking supply business, you might have thought about how your ingredients can make customers bake something wonderful in the comfort of their own homes?…  You could include something special and extra to improve your stories, such as recipes and baking tips.

    Baking Supplies Wholesale Suppliers Philippines

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    • Sweetcraft Baking and Confectionery Supplies
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    How Much Does A Bakery Supply Business Cost In The Philippines?

    The total amount you need to start a bakery supply business in the Philippines will depend on the scale of your business and how aggressively you wish to grow in the upcoming years.

    There are many important factors when starting a bakery supply business in the Philippines, such as the products, the marketing, the location, online fees, and several categories.

    Nonetheless, to start a small bakery supply business in the Philippines at home, you need to have at least 50,000 Pesos. On the other hand, if you are looking to start a small bakery business in a warehouse or storefront, then the scale of the business will be much larger, and as a result, 200,000 Pesos or more will be needed.

    Please note that the above estimates are valuations when calculating how much it cost to start a bakery supply business in the Philippines, which means that the prices can be higher or lower depending on your location and scale of business. For example, if you are an entrepreneur starting this business at home, the cost will be much lower compared to a new corporation with a team of 25.

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