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What To Sell On Lazada Philippines For Profit

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    Previously we have spoken about how to sell on Lazada in the Philippines and covered some handy tips and tricks to increase your income and earn more on Lazada. Still, today we are specifically going to be looking at what products to sell on Lazada Philippines.

    What Products To Sell On Lazada Philippines

    When it comes to selling on Lazada in the Philippines, you have many different options to choose from. In recent years digital products have become very popular on platforms, and many Filipino entrepreneurs are earning money by selling digital products on Lazada, Philippines.

    Nonetheless, most products sold on the platform are physical items. So, what kind of items could you sell on the Lazada platform? Below is a list of 122 examples of potential products to sell.

    1. Accessories
    2. Action/Video Cameras
    3. Adult Diapers & Incontinence
    4. Audio
    5. Automobile Sales & Reservation
    6. Automotive
    7. Automotive Oils & Fluids
    8. Baby & Toddler Toys
    9. Baby Fashion & Accessories
    10. Baby Gear
    11. Baby Personal Care
    12. Bakery
    13. Bath
    14. Bath & Body
    15. Beauty Tools
    16. Bedding
    17. Beer, Wine & Spirits
    18. Books
    19. Boys’ Clothing
    20. Boys’ Shoes
    21. Breakfast Cereals & Spreads
    22. Camera Accessories
    23. Chocolate, Snacks & Sweets
    24. Computer Accessories
    25. Computer Components
    26. Console Accessories
    27. Contact Lenses
    28. Cooling & Air Treatment
    29. Desktops
    30. Diapering & Potty
    31. Digital Cameras
    32. Drinks
    33. Electronic & Remote Control Toys
    34. Exercise & Fitness Equipment
    35. Eyeglasses
    36. Feeding Essentials
    37. Food Staples & Cooking Essentials
    38. Food Supplements
    39. Fragrances
    40. Fruit & Vegetables
    41. Furniture
    42. Gadgets
    43. Gaming Consoles
    44. Girls’ Clothing
    45. Hair Care
    46. Home Audio
    47. Home Décor
    48. Household Appliances
    49. Household Supplies
    50. Kids Bags
    51. Kids Watches
    52. Kitchen & Dining
    53. Laptop Bags
    54. Laptops
    55. Large Appliances
    56. Laundry & Cleaning Equipment
    57. Learning & Education
    58. Lighting
    59. Lingerie, Sleep & Lounge
    60. Magazines
    61. Make-Up
    62. Medical Supplies
    63. Men Bags
    64. Men Watches
    65. Men’s Care
    66. Men’s Clothing
    67. Men’s Jewellery
    68. Men’s Shoes
    69. Men’s Sports Clothing
    70. Men’s Sports Shoes
    71. Milk Formula & Baby Food
    72. Mobile Accessories
    73. Mobiles
    74. Motorcycle Oils & Fluids
    75. Motorcycle Sales & Reservation
    76. Motorcycles
    77. Movies
    78. Music
    79. Musical Instruments
    80. Network Components
    81. Nursery
    82. Outdoor & Garden
    83. Outdoor Recreation
    84. Parts & Accessories
    85. Personal Care
    86. Personal Care Appliances
    87. Pet Accessories
    88. Pet Food
    89. Pet Healthcare
    90. Printers
    91. Security Cameras
    92. Sexual Wellness
    93. Skincare
    94. Small Kitchen Appliances
    95. Sports Apparel
    96. Sports Equipment
    97. Sports Shoes
    98. Sports Toys & Outdoor Play
    99. Stationery & Craft
    100. Storage
    101. Storage & Organisation
    102. Sunglasses
    103. Tablet Accessories
    104. Tablets
    105. Team Merchandise/Fan Shop
    106. Tools & Home Improvement
    107. Toys & Games
    108. Travel
    109. TV & Video Devices
    110. TV Accessories
    111. Underwear
    112. Vacuums & Floor Care
    113. Vehicle Care
    114. Wearable Technology
    115. Women Bags
    116. Women Watches
    117. Women’s Clothing
    118. Women’s Fashion Jewellery
    119. Women’s Fine Jewellery
    120. Women’s Shoes
    121. Women’s Sports Clothing
    122. Women’s Sports Shoes

    What are the most profitable products to sell in Lazada, Philippines? Profitability is different from popularity which is something that new sellers can sometimes confuse. In other words, products that are being sold the most may not be the most profitable, but the sellers can generate good profit overall as they sell so many units.

    Therefore when looking at the most profitable products to sell on Lazada in the Philippines, you need to decide on your overall strategy. Some Lazada sellers can earn more by selling 10 units per month than other sellers selling 100. This leads back to the foundation of the buying price.

    When looking at what products to sell on Lazada in the Philippines, you need to take a step back and look at the product’s buying price. This is the price that it cost you to buy the product from the supplier. The lower your purchasing price and the higher the selling price (minus any fees involved) will generate the most profitable product.

    For example, a product such as baby swings can be purchased on Lazada for an average price between 1400 – 2200 pesos. Through research, we have found several suppliers from China and Thailand who are selling identical baby swings for 700 – 1200 pesos. The more you buy, most often, the lower the price will be with overseas suppliers.

    Therefore, we can summarise that the most profitable products to be sold on Lazada are purchased in bulk (for a promotional price) and later resold individually. However, please note there are other factors to consider, including import tax and delivery.

    By looking at supplier’s costs, selling cost, estimating the delivery charges, taxation, etc., below is a list of a few products that have a tendency to be profitable. (please note, products have been individually picked, and total costs may differ depending on the brand and model)

    • Ebooks
    • Electric Brest Pumps
    • High-Quality Laptop Bags
    • Fine Jewelry
    • Plastic Sealers
    • Boxes
    • Love Lotions & Oils
    • Tea Cup Sets

    One type of product which deserves mention is electronic items. Over the years, electrical items have been some of the most popular items on the Lazada platform. For example, during the research, we found many refurbished items, such as laptops and tablets…

    …Unfortunately, the costs to refurbish the electric item will differ depending on the item. Nonetheless, current pricing comparisons lead us to believe that electronic refurbished products are the most profitable electronic products.

    How To See Top Trending In Lazada Philippines

    If you are looking at what products to sell on Lazada in the Philippines, it may be a great idea to look at their recent top trending products on Lazada.

    No one knows the complete algorithm of the Lazada platform except for Lazada themselves; however, to find the top trending products on Lazada, sellers will need to search for a keyword. The results will show the top sellers, most sold products, and highest review products, also known as the top trending products.

    In addition, during certain holidays, Lazada will push a number of products that are trending. For example, you will see products appear on banners and throughout the Lazada platform towards Christmas time or Valentine’s Day.

    If you are looking for the top trending products of a specific category, you will only need to search for your keyword, and Lazada’s algorithm will showcase the leading products. Alternatively, you can use your search for added search features on the left-hand side of your PC or by using the filter tab on mobile.

     How To Find Products To Sell On Lazada

    In a moment, we’re going to be discussing where to find products to sell on Lazada in the Philippines but before we look into where we first must address the question of how?

    1. Visit Lazada And Alternative Platforms

    The first and most obvious option when looking at how to find products to sell on Lazada is to visit the Lazada platform directly or visit alternative platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Shopee, Esty and see what products are being sold.

    For investigation, you may find that certain products have accumulated a lot of positive reviews and sales. From there, you can start to look into the product supply on Lazada. If there are few sellers, then there may be a potential gap in the market for the product.

    According to a Similar Web, the top E-commerce stores in the Philippines are –,,, and

    Even if you decide not to investigate each product category, looking through other platforms will allow you to see different types of products. You may find that the innovation of a product works very well for your targeted customer.

    2. Visit The Local Malls For Lazadas Product Ideas

    Taking a short trip around your local mall may leave you feeling inspired and help you plant some good ideas of potential products to sell on Lazada in the Philippines. You could even go one step further as an entrepreneur and pop into the shop and start a conversation with the sales clerk and ask them which item is popular and is trending at the moment.

    3. Research Product Gaps Within The Market

    There are gaps in the market, but it’s not always the easiest task to find the gap. For example, in the next six months, the top tending products will differ from what they are currently, but how do we know what these products will be? There are many different reasons, but there is a gap that will soon reveal itself within the market.

    Rewind to 2019, and you will likely remember that news of a deadly virus started to make its way on our TV sets on the Internet – Covid-19. In some countries, panic followed, and there were many gaps for certain types of products within the current market. The demand was high, and the supply was low. The timing was key.

    Where To Find Products To Sell On Lazada

    So now that we know how to find products to sell on Lazada in the Philippines, we need to find out where to find products to sell. Below we have included a few options for those interested in making a full-time income from Lazada in the Philippines.

    1. HomeMade

    One option that is often not discussed is the opportunity for homemade products. These products can be sourced from many different materials and built from scratch, or innovation can occur.

    For example, some technical experts purchase used electronics to repair and rebuild for a higher price. Even though some parts may be purchased from an external supplier, the product itself is built in-house. Handmade does not always necessarily mean products that are built from scratch but can be products that have been adapted.

    2. Alibaba

    You will find many suppliers from all across the world listing themselves on the Alibaba platform. If you are selling in bulk, you may even wish to sell on Alibaba yourself!

    Alternatively, Alibaba is a great place to find overseas suppliers to buy products in bulk. You will often need a considerable deposit to buy enough stock to make your business sales profitable. But one thing to think about is the taxation from imports and the delivery charge. On some occasions, this can be taken care of by the supplier.

    3. DHgate

    This company features many Chinese businesses and is one of the leading competitors of Alibaba. DHGgate sells products in bulk at a very competitive price. They promote the slogan of – buy globally and sell globally.

    4. Made In China

    As the name suggests, Made In China promotes wholesale products that are built in China. Made In China has some excellent products which sell for millions of pesos each, such as their construction machinery. However, many other alternative products can be found on the platform.

    Alternatively, here is a list of other suppliers for those who wish to buy products from overseas.

    • Asian Products
    • Banggood
    • China Suppliers
    • Diytrade
    • EC21
    • Ecplaza
    • Global Sources
    • HC360
    • HKTDC
    • Lightinthebox
    • Ofweek
    • Taiwan Trade
    • Yiwugo

    What Is The Best Selling Items On Lazada Philippines

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell the bestselling item on the platform in general as Lazada does not provide data on how many units of a particular product are sold. Still, reviews and past sales results can be seen.

    Many different types of items have a good range of reviews, but the most highly reviewed items on Lazada tend to be items that the consumer felt were a great price and an overall high-quality item. Consumer psychology suggests that if the consumer does not feel the product is of high quality or a reasonable price, they are much less likely to leave a positive review.

    The most highly rated items we found in our investigation were electronic items. However, high reviews do not suggest higher sales. A product with high reviews will encourage a buyer to purchase an item through social proofing; however, it is highly likely that multiple items have sales but do not possess the same level of reviews.

    What we do have, however, is data on the best-selling items for certain sales and holiday periods. For example, the highest selling products for the 11.11 online shopping festival were pampers diaper pants,  Xiaomi Redmi S2, and Pocophone F1.

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