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9 Best Business To Start At Home Philippines

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    As any successful entrepreneur will tell you, starting a business in the Philippines is an enjoyable and exciting time. But one common question entrepreneurs ask is what are the best businesses to start at home in the Philippines? Therefore today, we will be exploring this very question by going over the nine best businesses to start at home in the Philippines.

    In addition, we have included a section at the end for some bonus tips for those looking to start a small business in the Philippines. If you are looking for extra business tips, please visit us on YouTube, which includes some additional business ideas to start at home in the Philippines.

    Business To Start At Home Philippines

    1. Start A Affiliate Marketing Business

    Undoubtedly, starting a small affiliate marketing business is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to earn money at home in the Philippines. Affiliate marketing, in essence, is the process of referring your traffic to a product or service, and in return, you will receive a commission. Some affiliates get paid once a sale has been made, and others get paid per click.

    If you are looking to start affiliate marketing in the Philippines, the best platform by far is involve Asia. I’ve previously spoken about involve Asia on our YouTube channel, but to summarise, they work with the biggest brands in the Philippines, and payments are made frequently. You can start affiliate marketing with a social media channel, a blog, or pretty much any online platform.

    2. YouTubing At Home In The Philippines

    YouTube is a great business to start at home at this current time. Many successful YouTubers in the Philippines began their channel with just a few uploads per week and grew their traffic to the point where they could monetize their views.

    One key to growing a YouTube channel in the Philippines is to have a specific niche and create content around your audience. For instance, if you are talking about dating, what topics and videos do you think your single audience wants to watch… perhaps fashion tips, dating online, or some tips and tricks. Nonetheless, YouTubing at home in the Philippines is a fantastic opportunity.

    3. Launch A Blogging Business In The Philippines 

    This is one of the first blogs I have ever created. Now I am an expert blogger (or at least I like to think I am Ha-Ha), but I am someone who’s made many mistakes. But, I can tell you that there are so many opportunities to grow a successful blog in the Philippines. There are many ways to monetize a blog, but it’s essential to have a niche similar to YouTube.

    Finance is perhaps one of the most complex niches in the Philippines, yet a new blogger such as myself could beat some of the more prominent corporations and rank higher on search engines, but how did I do this? First, I tailored my content to my audience and gave the most straightforward explanation I could. If you want to be a content creator, you need to develop content around your audience.

    4. Host A Podcasting Channel

    Podcasting is not as popular in the Philippines as it is in other countries; however, it is a platform that is slowly increasing in popularity, and many experts believe that if monetization is added onto podcasting (similar to how Google AdSense is added to YouTube), then this will motivate many to host a podcast.

    But there are indeed many ways to earn money from a podcast today. This is why it’s a great business to start in the Philippines at home, as it is relatively flexible, and podcasts can be redistributed on many platforms. Moreover, this channel works exceptionally well with affiliate products and/or selling your products and services.

    5. Launch A Lazada, Shopee, Or Esty Store

    These platforms are some of the biggest and most prominent online e-commerce stores, but each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, Esty is a business we have spoken about previously. Esty is an excellent business to start at home in the Philippines because they specialize in personal and homemade items.

    Lazada, on the other hand, has its advantages, and that it is a vast platform that is highly trusted with a Filipino audience. E-commerce is not the most accessible business to start at home in the Philippines, but you are on the right road to success if you can find the right products at the right price.

    6. Open An Online English Teaching Business In The Philippines

    Online English teaching has been prevalent over the last few years but is increasing due to the pandemic. Looking at a business to start at home in the Philippines also brings us to other languages such as Tagalog, often in demand for visitors to the Philippines looking to live permanently.

    We have spoken about English teaching jobs and career paths previously, which you can visit For more information. The language you choose will determine your customers. Some Filipinos also visit neighboring countries such as Thailand and live overseas but teach English from their home. The advantage of this is that life in Thailand can be much cheaper in the Philippines, and more profit can be made.

    7. Start A Reselling Business At Home

    A business to start at home in the Philippines, such as reselling, can take different forms. One standard format for reselling is purchasing damaged items and then repairing them for a profit. Commonly this includes electronic items but can consist of just about anything.

    Alternatively, a home business in the Philippines on this topic can include buying and reselling unwanted items. A great place to find unwanted items is on buying and selling groups that are available all across Facebook.

    8. Flipping Online Assets

    Online asset selling is a good business to start at home in the Philippines as it’s very flexible, and there are lots of different business opportunities for entrepreneurs. For example, online assets can take characteristics such as a domain name, a blog, and even an e-commerce store. In addition, sites such as allow you to buy and sell online assets around the world.

    Blogs are especially an exciting topic. If you write an article, it can take an average of 8 to 12 months for the article to rank high on Google. Unfortunately, some bloggers do not know this and sell their blog before their blog has had a chance to succeed. On some occasions, buyers have purchased blogs and found traffic to double or triple only after a few weeks.

    9. Start A Subscription-Based Business At Home In The Philippines

    Subscription-based businesses are growing business models worldwide. There are many benefits to this kind of business. One of the most significant advantages is knowing how much you will be making and when as a business.

    Some very fascinating businesses have taken a subscription-based approach. For example, you may have seen businesses selling protein foods. Although a subscription-based business can be very profitable, there are indeed many other options. What products OR services do you think Filipinos desire every week that could be turned into a subscription business?

    Tips: Business To Start At Home Philippines

    After exploring what business to start at home in the Philippines, it’s a good idea to look at some handy tips and tricks to help you create a business at home.

    For home based businesses in the Philippines, entrepreneurs will often find a much easier time setting up and managing a business online. It is possible to start a traditional business in the Philippines at home, such as a laundry business or a small food store. Still, traditional businesses have their pros and cons, and often online businesses are the way forward if you want to start a business at home in the Philippines.

    Starting small is also paramount. The truth is many businesses start small, and only after several years of trial and error do they get to the position where they can grow. Every day in business, even the bad days, helps shape your journey. Your business may be completely different in two years than it is today. The key to succeeding is getting the small things right and building solid foundations at the start.

    Build your business around your customers. Whatever business you decide is right for you, the essential element is the customer. they either pay you or do an action that results in you being paid, and this is why it’s so necessary to build your business around your customers and deliver information that they need in the most effective way possible.

    The last tip for growing your business at home in the Philippines is to stay updated with the most relevant information. The world of business is continuously changing, and those at the very top know what is happening and when. So feel free to visit our YouTube channel, where we post information about business and investment for the Philippines.

    Best Business To Start At Home Philippines
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