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11 Pizza Franchise Philippines 2024

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    Pizza Franchise Philippines 2022

    Starting a pizza franchise business in the Philippines is a unique opportunity.

    But you may have many questions about pizza franchising in the Philippines.

    What are the cheapest pizza franchising opportunities in the Philippines right now?

    And can you start your own pizza kiosk?

    These are all important questions.

    So let’s look at our complete list of pizza franchising opportunities in the Philippines.

    Pizza Franchise List Philippines

    1. El Bonito’s Pizza

    El Bonito’s Pizza is not the biggest pizza company we have on our list today, but that does have its advantages. One of the benefits is that they currently do not have any royalty fees, making it a great low-cost pizza franchising business in the Philippines.

    2. Pizza Pinoy Franchise

    If you are looking for cheap pizza franchising in the Philippines, you will find Pizza Pinoy a great option. There is a zero percent royalty fee, and the franchising fee is as low as 25,000. Therefore this is one of the cheapest pizza franchising options in the Philippines.

    3. Yellow Cab Pizza Franchise

    Without a doubt, Yellow Cab is one of the most substantial pizza companies in the Philippines. So it’s no surprise that they offer a franchising package for entrepreneurs.

    However, they operate in a store instead of a kiosk. They are not the cheapest pizza franchising option in the Philippines; however, they are a fantastic option if you have the capital.

    4. Shakey’s Pizza Franchise Philippines

    Shakey’s pizza franchising is similar to Yellow Cab pizza franchising.

    Shakey’s, however, has a slightly higher royalty and franchising fee. The initial capital to start this pizza franchise business is somewhat higher than other pizza businesses.

    5. Lot’s A Pizza Philippines

    Lot’s A Pizza has been operational in the Philippines for years and has won countless industry awards.

    Their website has fantastic pages exploring the franchising process and your options as an entrepreneur.

    Applicants must submit their letter of intent to start this pizza franchising business.

    6. Domino’s Pizza Franchise Philippines

    • Investment Capital: P1,000,000 +
    • Franchise Fee: N/A
    • Royalty Fees: 6%
    • Contact: [email protected] /

    Domino’s is the largest pizza franchising business on our list today.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much information regarding Domino pizza franchising in the Philippines; however, if capital is not a problem, Dominos offers a great franchising option. 

    7. Angel’s Pizza Franchise

    Angels Pizza is another fantastic pizza franchising option.

    As they are a store-based pizza, you will find that Angel’s pizza does not have pizza kiosks, but they have various options for business owners who want to start a medium to large-sized pizza business in the Philippines.

    8. Greenwich Pizza Franchise

    Greenwich Pizza has some delicious pizza but are they a good franchising option?

    Greenwich Pizza is a fantastic pizza franchising option for entrepreneurs in the Philippines. However, the initial investment capital needed is slightly higher compared to other franchising options, which is essential to consider.

    9. Santino’s Pizza Franchise  

    Santino’s Pizza markets itself as one of the best and most successful pizza kiosks in the Philippines.

    Additionally, they expect investors and business owners to get returns on investment in as little as 12 months.

    They are active on social media and responded well to messages about franchising in the Philippines.

    10. Pizza Delite Philippines

    Pizza Delite is another popular pizza franchising kiosk in the Philippines. This may be the best option if you have a capital of 100K.

    From research, the owners expect investors to get their returns on investment in as little as 12 months which is an excellent timeframe for a small pizza business in the Philippines.

    11. 3M Pizza Franchise

    This popular pizza business has been operating for over 50 years! So it is no surprise that 3M pizza offers a franchising option.

    On top of their reputation, they also offer a low franchise fee of only 3-5%.

    What Is The Cheapest Pizza Franchising Business In The Philippines

    From the research, the cheapest pizza franchising business in the Philippines is Pizza Pinoy. The total capital needed is 50,000 pesos.

    This capital includes the franchising fee and emergency fund for the first few months of business.

    What Is The Cost To Start A Small Pizza Cart Business Philippines?

    When calculating the costs, there are many things to consider.

    One of the most significant factors is the size of your pizza cart business.

    To start a small pizza cart business in the Philippines, the total capital needed will be P65,000 at the low end and P185,000 at the high end.

    The location of your pizza cart business and the equipment will impact the overall capital needed to open a pizza cart in the Philippines.

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