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Coffee Shop Franchise Philippines 2024

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    The Best Coffee Shop Franchise Philippines 2022

    There’s a lot of outdated information about starting a coffee shop franchise in the Philippines.

    It’s time we do something about that!

    Today we have researched the best coffee shop franchising opportunities…

    The best coffee shop franchising for under 10K Philippines…

    And much more.

    Let’s go! 

    Coffee Shop Franchise 10K Philippines

    We’ve got some good news and some bad news.

    For those looking for coffee shop franchising under 10K in the Philippines….

    Unfortunately, we could not find any legitimate coffee shop franchising under 10K in the Philippines.

    But fear not!

    There are some other coffee business opportunities.

    Barista Choi, for example.

    They are a coffee vending machine business in the Philippines.

    Coffee Vending Machine1 unitPhp 12,000
    Barista Choi Coffee Powder1 kilo / packPhp 190
    Barista Choi Choco Powder1 kilo / packPhp 190
    Barista Choi Caramel Powder1 kilo / packPhp 190
    Barista Choi 6.5 oz Paper Cups300 pcs.Php 210

    This Coffee vending machine business in the Philippines is slightly over our 10k budget.

    But they state the following on their website.

    “For only 2,100 pesos, you get the coffee vending machines with 6 kilos assorted Barista Choi powder and 500 pcs OR you can also buy our Barista Choi vending machine for 12,000 pesos”.

    Thus Barista Choi may be the best option. 

    After 4 days of coffee business research…

    Finding a legit Coffee Shop Franchise under 10K was impossible in the Philippines. 🙁

    Visit the full post on earning money from a vending machine business in the Philippines.

    But let us now look at small coffee shop franchising in the Philippines, which may be more suitable.

    coffee franchise philippines

    Small Coffee Shop Franchise 

    1. Star Frappe’

    Costs: P99,000

    Website/Contact: &

    How To Apply: Contact Mr. Rhyan Viola on (02)509-1049 (landline), 0915-2828213 (globe), or 0918-8073575 (smart)

    Star Frappe’ has been around for some time now, and they offer some unique coffee franchising opportunities in the Philippines.

    This coffee franchise kiosk is perfect for those looking to start a small coffee business in the Philippines.

    As their name suggests, they focus on frappes, which are very popular across the country.

    One advantage I found is that there is no royalty fee or hidden charges, which are often rare for coffee franchising businesses in the Philippines.

    2. Bialetti Caffe 

    Costs: Various (Depends on the package)

    Website/Contact: 09178081255 / 09228965581/ 632-8974894 or [email protected]

    How To Apply: Email [email protected] with a letter of intent including name, location, and contact information.

    Bialetti Caffe is a coffee franchising business in the Philippines that has been around for over 20 years.

    Their franchising operations focus on 3 key areas.

    This includes a proven operating system, strong marketing support, and a higher success rate. 

    Are looking to start your OWN cafe or coffee shop in the Philippines? See our full guide!

    Unlike other small coffee shop franchising businesses, they have a wide selection of items on the menu. 

    This includes a mixture of different food groups and beverages.

    Therefore, this coffee franchising business likely has a mix of profits throughout its products. 

    Coffee franchise under 10k Philippines

    Other Coffee Shop Franchises Philippines 

    3. Caffe La Tea

    Costs: P600,000 +

    Website/Contact: /

    How To Apply: Email using their online contact form ( or via Facebook messenger. 

    Caffe La Tea is a longstanding coffee business in the Philippines with a proven track record.

    Like other franchising businesses on our list, they also have a broad menu.

    One of the most critical areas when researching small coffee shop franchising businesses in the Philippines was legitimacy.

     It is clear that Caffe La Tea is a legit coffee shop franchising business.

    4. Bo Coffee

    Costs: P1,000,000


    How To Apply: Applicants need to complete the application form –

    Bo coffee has been a household name in the Philippines over the years.

    Bo coffee franchising in the Philippines is a popular option for those looking to start a coffee business.

    Unfortunately, as they are a household brand, Bo Coffee is not the best small coffee franchising business.

    This is because Bo coffee franchising cost is on the higher end of the scale and their requirements are more suitable for larger establishments. 

    5. Fab Caffe’ Coffee Shop

    Costs: P499,000

    Website/Contact: / 

    How To Apply: You can contact +63 918 807 3575 or email [email protected]

    Fab Caffe’ franchising in the Philippines is an excellent opportunity for those looking to start a larger-sized coffee business.

    After researching their business model, I discovered that they expect the investment return to be made in as little as 12 months.

    In addition, they also offer no renewal fees and royalty fees, unlike other big and small coffee franchising businesses in the Philippines. 

    6. But First Coffee

    Costs: P250,000 – P600,000 (depending on package)


    How To Apply: Applicants need to complete the application form ( and email this and the letter of intent to the [email protected].

    If you want a coffee franchising business in Manila, then But First Coffee may be the best option.

    They focus specifically on the Manila area, and there are specific location requirements that can be seen by visiting their website above.

    During the research, I found But First Coffee franchising incredibly transparent. 

    It seems they put the franchise first, which is very important when looking for coffee shop opportunities in the Philippines. 

    7. Coffee Break

    Costs: P650,000 


    How To Apply: Applicants can contact [email protected] or (033)3350935 / (033)3350026

    Coffee break is a legitimate franchising coffee business in the Philippines.

    In fact, since 2012, they have been a member of the Philippines franchising association.

    Coffee break focuses on different beverage blends, cakes, and pastries, and it’s clear that they have a good product selection.

    8. Figaro Coffee

    Costs: P600,000 – P7,000,000 (depending on package)

    Website/Contact: / 

    How To Apply: Applicants can contact (632) 706-0564 | (632) 671-4232 loc 19 | 63932-8468228 or email [email protected]

    Figaro Coffee is part of the Figaro Coffee Group. 

    When looking at franchising opportunities for coffee stores, it’s always important to look at the features.

    The total investment includes business training, operational assistance, and products. 

    Figaro Coffee Group currently offers 3 different coffee franchising options in the Philippines.

    These include 1) Full store. 2) Kiosk A (more products and bigger) 3) Kiosk B (fewer products and smaller)

    Coffee franchise under 10k Philippines

    Best Coffee Franchising Philippines

    The best type of coffee franchising business in the Philippines depends on your market and goal.

    For instance

    A small coffee vending machine may be the best option for you if you are looking for passive income.


    If you are in a metropolitan area, you may find a large chain coffee franchise works best.

    But again….

    If there is a lot of competition, a small coffee kiosk in an accessible location may be best for the market and returns. 

    As much as I hate to say it…

    There is no correct answer to this question.

    Nevertheless, some big and small coffee shop franchising businesses in the Philippines offer different terms and packages. 

    Each business has its own strategy. 

    Some businesses want as many franchisees as possible. 

    At the same time, other enterprises care deeply about their franchisees. They want to help them reach their return on investment. 

    This is one significant consideration when deciding on the best coffee franchising business for you. 

    Small coffee shop franchise philippines

    Franchising A Coffee Shop Philippines Key Points

    As we can see, there is a mixture of coffee business franchising opportunities across the country.

    A few franchising businesses came up in research but have not been included.


    Many franchising businesses’ websites and social media pages were inactive, and some did not reply to our email/phone call. 

    So it is likely that some franchising coffee businesses in the Philippines are no longer in service.

    This is why they have not been included.

    Additionally, some franchising coffee stores no longer accept applications from the Philippines.

    For example, The Coffee Bean And Tea leaf have over 1000 locations worldwide, but…

    The Philippines is no longer on its list of available territories for franchising opportunities. 

    Nevertheless, we will continue to update this list.

    There are also reports of franchising scammers in the Philippines, so it’s always best to only work with legitimate franchising businesses.

    Complete market research is always key when franchising a small coffee shop business in the Philippines.

    Additionally, ensuring all communication is in writing so that you have proof is also wise.

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