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Aliexpress To Philippines Beginners Guide

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    Aliexpress is very popular in the Philippines. Still, you may have many questions when ordering from Aliexpress in the Philippines or when ordering on the platform. Today’s guide answers the biggest questions asked by customers and businesses who wish to purchase from Aliexpress and deliver to the Philippines.

    How To Order In Aliexpress From The Philippines 

    AliExpress is very similar to other platforms such as Lazada. Therefore, the layout and process for delivering items to the Philippines are very similar. Below are the essential steps to follow when looking at how to order in AliExpress from the Philippines.

    • 1. Login/Sign Up To An Account
    • 2. Find The Item You Wish To Purchase
    • 3. Choose Your Specifics (Colour, Size, Shape – This Choice Is Not Available On Every Item)
    • 4. Click Buy Now (Or Add To Cart If You Wish To Buy More Items)
    • 5. Fill In Your Delivery Address / Ensure Address Is Correct
    • 6. Fill In Your Payment Details  / Ensure Payment Details Are Correct
    • 7. Click Pay Now To Complete Your Order

    Unfortunately, not every item is possible to be delivered to the Philippines. When you add your Philippines address to your account, all available products shown to you should be able to deliver to the Philippines. However, if you are not logged in and in a different country, you may find that some products are not available to deliver to the Philippines.

    Does Aliexpress Offer Free Shipping To The Philippines

    Free shipping from Aliexpress to the Philippines is possible under certain conditions. The seller of the item sets the delivery price, which differs from country to country. Items that are cheap to deliver or have a high-profit margin for the seller may be listed for free. However, free delivery from Aliexpress to the Philippines is not common unless buyers have a coupon.

    From research, most orders from Aliexpress that offer free shipping to the Philippines have very long delivery times. The delivery times can range between 14 days to 30 days but can sometimes be longer. Aliexpress does not set the delivery price when ordering on Aliexpress to the Philippines. Instead, this responsibility is down to the seller, which is why delivery cost differs from item to item.

    Does Aliexpress Ship To Philippines Door To Door

    When ordering items from Aliexpress to the Philippines, orders will be delivered directly to your door. However, Aliexpress does not handle the delivery; instead, the seller of the item arranges this. Therefore, delivery instructions, notes, and extra checks are essential when ordering from Aliexpress to the Philippines door to door.

    How To Pay In Aliexpress From The Philippines

    The great news is when looking at how to pay in Aliexpress from the Philippines, you will find that there are several options available. Of course, using a debit card or credit card is the most popular option. However, buyers from the Philippines also can use Western Union all pay via wire transfer.

    Please note that if you are purchasing using Western Union or via a wire transfer, a minimum item cost will need to be reached to use these options. Orders will need to be over $20 (P1050) at this time.

    Additionally, common questions asked are –  can I use PayPal on Aliexpress in the Philippines & can I use Gcash on Aliexpress in the Philippines? Unfortunately, Aliexpress does not offer payment options such as Gcash and Paypal to buyers from the Philippines. The available payment options include debit cards, credit cards, Western Union, and wire transfers.

    Does Aliexpress Have COD In The Philippines (Cash On Delivery)

    Unfortunately, Aliexpress does not offer a COD (cash on delivery) service for buyers in the Philippines. However, Aliexpress offers 4 other payment options when ordering from Aliexpress to the Philippines.

    What Is The Difference Between Alibaba & Aliexpress

    The main difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress is customer type and the number of items. For example, sellers on Aliexpress typically sell in bulk in a business-to-business (B2B) agreement. On the other hand, Aliexpress sellers typically sell individual units directly to customers (B2C). Therefore if you are looking for one or a few items, Aliexpress is your best option. But if you are looking for hundreds or thousands of units and other bulk orders, Alibaba is the most suitable choice.

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