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7 Best & Cheapest VPN Philippines

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    When it comes to using a VPN in the Philippines, there are often plenty of questions such as – can the police see a VPN in the Philippines, what are the best Gaming VPN in the Philippines, and many others. Therefore today, we will be exploring these questions and more.  

    Even though the government has some restrictions, these do not include the use of VPNs currently. Therefore, you can use a VPN in the Philippines without having to worry about legal or financial punishment. But naturally, the law is still the law whether a person uses a VPN or not. More on this later!

    If you are still wondering – can I use a VPN in the Philippines without having to worry… what is apparent is that there have not been any reports of the Philippine government monitoring emails, chats, etc. However, if there is a request to access records of online activities, internet service providers or ISPs could gather and recover data for up to 6 months.

    One requirement needed to collect online data is a court order, but the VPN law will differ from country to country.

    Generally, the police cannot track an encrypted and live VPN. However, they can request for a user’s online activity to the ISP if a court order is issued.

    Furthermore, since ISPs know when (and sometimes how) a VPN is used, they can inform the authorities. In addition, depending on legal issues and the policies of the VPN provider, they can provide usage logs to the police.

    Naturally, it is harder for the police in the Philippines to track Internet users who have a VPN but not impossible. Technology is evolving quickly, and this is always important to remember.  

    If your online activity raises flags with your internet provider or exchange, an investigation will be more probable, but this is in theory.

    Through research, it appears that most users who are investigated have a long-standing online behavior and are not a person who accidentally clicks on a link for example.

    For instance, if a person clicks on a link and sees a website selling drugs or other illegal substances and clicks off the page and reports it…. They will likely be fine as this was a one-off mistake in theory, but if a person visits the website each week and purchases items, then the scale of probability increases.  

    The law in the Philippines is the law whether this is online or offline. If you find yourself with a behavior that could lead to legal, financial, or any other difficulty, it’s essential to get the help you need.

    The global VPN server of NordVPN is more than 5,200 across 60+ countries. Even though it does not have servers in the Philippines, many servers exist in nearby countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    These servers can be a disadvantage for those who want an IP address in the Philippines or Filipinos working overseas who want to navigate sites that are only available in the Philippines.

    NordVPN protects the online activity of users in and out of the Philippines. For its affordable price, it can give above-par protection. Furthermore, this VPN presents and accounts for all its privacy protections, including the Bitcoin payment feature and no-logs policy. 

    It secures users by giving them quality encryption, malware blocking, and obfuscating servers. Another advantage is installation because by simply clicking “Quick Connect,” users will be automatically connected to the VPN.

    Aside from the no-log policy, the servers also operate 100% from RAM. It does not use a physical hard drive to write data. Therefore, when users reboot a server, all the information is removed.

    Nord VPN Philippines offers other features such as cloud storage that comes with file encryption, VPN especially for businesses, and a password manager. Besides quick connections, there are no data caps and bandwidth limitations. 

    It is also one of the most dependable VPNs since they have many options for customer support. You can reach them through email and chat. They also have a library where users can search for the support they need. Nord VPN Philippines also supports many apps and platforms. 6 devices can be logged all at once.

    Can I use VPN in the Philippines for free? With ProtonVPN, it is. This free VPN in the Philippines gives unlimited bandwidth without any charge, although they do not have servers in the Philippines(The server for the Philippines is via Sweden 4% load)

    US, Japan, and the Netherlands are the servers available for free in ProtonVPN. To protect people from unauthorized external tampering, the VPN utilizes strong AES-256 encryption. It also works with Netflix and has great logging procedures. Unfortunately, the speeds are limited, so quality streams should not be expected. However, for a free service, this ProtonVPN plan works well. 

    Users who want a free VPN in the Philippines that has great quality and speed for Netflix can test the premium plans of ProtonVPN through a 7-day free trial. After that, it will be easier to compare how a free and paid plan differs. 

    Another best free VPN for the Philippines is Windscribe. Windscribe has no servers in the Philippines, but it is a trusted and free VPN. Having no Philippine servers is virtually the same case for free VPNs. This is likely because most of them have small servers with servers in several big countries. 

    This VPN’s network has 10 servers with decent speeds. Users in the Philippines can access these 10 server locations that are unavailable with their current ISP. For privacy and security performance, Windscribe maintains the confidentiality and security of the users’ information. One user wrote – W.S is beneficial for those who want to voice their opinions online without risking their privacy.

    You can use Windscribe on different platforms such as Android and iOS. Windscribe’s AES-256 bit encryption protects your data from being intercepted by anyone who attempts to access it. The only drawback of this VPN is that it has a 10 GB limit every month. Nevertheless, this can still be one of the best VPNs you can use in the Philippines.

    This best free VPN for the Philippines gives users access to 5 server locations in a single device. These are in the Netherlands, US East, US West, Canada, and Singapore. This VPN service provider can support torrents. It has advanced tunneling and encryption protocols. Moreover, it balances speed and security well. 

    Can I use this VPN in the Philippines? Yes, but an issue this VPN has is it does not have Philippine servers nearby. Therefore some users can experience slower speeds. Nevertheless, it has impressive security. Users are ensured that their user information is not recorded, such as IP addresses or online activities. 

    It also has split tunneling and DNS leak protection features. The split tunneling feature allows users to pick the apps they want or do not want with the VPN. Similar to Windscribe, it has a 10 GB per month bandwidth limit. Thus, philippine users can take advantage of privacy when they use this VPN.

    ThisGaming VPN Philippines is known for its speed. It is considered to be one of the VPNs best available. These servers are available in 160 locations in 90 countries including the Philippines. 

    You have the option to pick any server you want. Therefore, you can stream Netflix shows not available in the Philippines or use BBC iPlayer. It also has a speed test feature. When you use this, ExpressVPN will select the fastest available server automatically. You can also download or stream any content since there is no limit to bandwidth or speed. 

    This VPN also works well on mobile gaming because of its custom apps for iOS and Android. You can easily set it up on your PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can be ensured that you have a safe and private connection.

    Aside from the AES 256-bit encryption, other features include TrusterServer Technology, split tunneling, and Network Lock kill switch. The VPN also utilizes its own DNS on all its servers. Their no-log policy ensures your privacy more. You can make payments anonymously with this VPN.

    The downside with ExpressVPN is that it can only be used on 5 devices. Nevertheless, a home router can mainly bypass this limitation. The home router can encrypt automatically in devices connected to it.

    Surfshark is a new VPN that has been getting attention from the online community. This is because it is packed with amazing features at a small price. However, this does not mean that quality is sacrificed when using this gaming VPN for the Philippines.

    Some of its great features are high encryption and compatibility with various streaming devices. If you like playing games but are not very familiar with VPN, Surfshark is recommended because it is easy to install. Its interface is also user-friendly. Though there are limitations due to VPN protocols, it does the primary functions needed for a VPN. Even though Surfshark does not have any servers in the Philippines, it is fast, some suggest.

    Cyberghost is one of the known VPNs in the industry. It is considered one of the best for gaming since it allows users to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN on different consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox. As a result, users can have better security and performance when they play games. 

    Philippine users of this VPN need to keep in mind that most of its servers are in the EU and some in Asia. Connecting to a server in Malaysia can work well. 

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