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7 Super Good Investment In Philippines For OFW

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    Good Investment Philippines For OFW: As an overseas Filipino worker, you will find plenty of good investments in the Philippines for OFW. But one of the big questions is what is the best investment for OFW? Today, we will be addressing this question by looking at several investment opportunities for OFW in the Philippines. Lastly, we will explore some of the biggest investment questions to help you on your investment journey.

    Good Investment In Philippines For OFW

    1. Philippines Stock Exchange For OFW

    Investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange as an overseas Filipino worker is perhaps one of the most common types of investment in today’s modern world. This is because investing in the Philippines Stock Exchange as an OFW has many advantages.

    For example, suppose you are living outside of the Philippines. In that case, you need to ensure that you have control of your investment. Thanks to the growth of technology, several stock brokerages in the Philippines allow their users to buy and sell stocks on their online platform from anywhere in the world.

    A great example is Col Financial. Their users can invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange from wherever they are in the world. The great news is that OFW’s can sign up even if they are outside of the Philippines, making investing as an OFW much easier.

    Additionally, the Philippine Stock Exchange offers several investment opportunities for OFW in the Philippines. Investing directly in stocks such as Jollibee is one option, but there are also other investment options such as mutual funds.

    If your fund or your stock is doing well, the company may decide to thank its investors by paying a dividend. Think of this as a bonus payment for being a stockholder. As an OFW investor, you can decide to reinvest your profits and take advantage of compound interest or withdraw your payment into a local bank account.

    2. Cryptocurrency & Nonfungal Tokens

    Whether an investor loves cryptocurrency/NFT’s or hates them, there’s no denying that there are certainly investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. One of the great things about investing in cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens is that it can be done anywhere globally, making it perfect for OFWs.

    In recent times nonfungible tokens have become increasingly popular in the Philippines. So much so that we even explored NFT gaming in the Philippines and released the full beginners guide on NFT in the Philippines. So, if you are looking For more information on nonfungible tokens, it’s recommended to check out our full guide.

    I am a big supporter of cryptocurrencies, and I believe there is a future of some kind in nonfungible tokens. But naturally, there are many risks and areas of concern with this industry. However, historically and statistically speaking, cryptocurrency has given the best investment returns in the Philippines and globally.

    In addition, several cryptocurrency businesses and platforms are in the beginning stages across the Philippines. Some of these are currently looking for investors, and we will be speaking about Angel investing and small business investing below.

    Coins.PH is the largest cryptocurrency marketplace in the Philippines. As they are Philippines-based, you can connect your cryptocurrency wallet with third-party platforms meaning that you can top up using other applications and stores in the Philippines. Cryptocurrency can also be sold wherever you are in the world, making it a good investment for OFW in the Philippines.

    3. Commercial Real Estate

    Undoubtedly, investing in real estate in the Philippines is one of the best investments for OFW’s. But, what kind of real estate is best, and what location offers the best returns?

    The big cities such as Metro Manila and Cebu City have offered some fantastic investment opportunities for OFW in recent years; Still, as the cities have developed and grown, you may find more profitable investments in other areas.

    The Davao region and the Mindanao area are 2 parts of the Philippines I have been studying closely for the last few years. As a result, I have seen several fantastic real estate investment opportunities for this region.

    But one thing that is equally as important as the location is the type of real estate. As you will have noticed in the subheader of this investment opportunity for OFW’s, I wrote commercial real estate. This is because commercial real estate can be a fantastic opportunity if you can find the right location at the right time.

    In recent years, several business industries such as the call center industry (aka outsourcing), Internet cafes, and co-working spaces have been booming. For a new business, commercial space rental is often the best option. In other words, many entrepreneurs are looking to rent long-term commercial space for their new businesses.

    Naturally, this is only one small niche in the real estate investment world. There are several other opportunities for OFW’s looking to invest in real estate in the Philippines. Nevertheless, a good investment in the Philippines for OFW most definitely includes real estate.

    4. Angel Investing In The Philippines For OFW

    So what exactly is Angel investing in the Philippines? Recently, we released a full article exploring Angel investing in the Philippines and how you can make money by investing in small businesses as an OFW. Thus I’ve attached this guide in the link above for your reference.

    Angel investing in the Philippines is the process of investing in a project that is often a small or medium business. Therefore, Angel investing has a tendency to be used when growing a business. On the other side of the coin, seed funding/seed investing is investing in a completely new business that is often just an idea with a business plan.

    Therefore, if you want to invest in a brand new startup in the Philippines, you may consider seed funding or crowdfunding opportunities. Crowdfunding is slightly different from Angel investing and seed funding, and we have explored what crowdfunding is below.

    So how can you invest in a small business as an OFW in the Philippines? Unless you know the entrepreneur, it’s often challenging to find investment opportunities in the Philippines. Therefore Angel investment networks have sprung up in recent years that act as a bridge between the investor and the investment.

    Some entrepreneurs have also taken to social media to find investors, so it is possible to find some investment opportunities on social media if you are an overseas Filipino worker. As you are most likely aware, however, there are several scams in this industry, so it’s always best to be cautious with all types of investment.

    5. Farming Investments As An OFW

    Farming investment in the Philippines is as it sounds. It is the opportunity for OFW investors to invest in a local farm in the Philippines.

    There are several different types of farming investments, and what type of farming investment you choose will impact your returns of investment. Commonly crops are a well-known farming investment in the Philippines, but poultry farming has become a lucrative business for some investors in recent times.

    Previously we have released a full guide on investing in farms in the Philippines, which includes everything you need to know as an OFW. Unfortunately, in the last year, due to the ongoing pandemic, the agricultural industry in the Philippines has taken a slight hit, which is why appropriate risk management of your investment is essential.

    In addition, looking through the historical returns of farming investments in the Philippines, farming investments have not been the most profitable investment. For crops, investment returns tend to be below 5%.

    On the other hand, some poultry farmers have claimed that investors can receive returns of over 400% in less than 90 days. As mentioned previously, there are several scams and risks in the investment world, so appropriate risk management is always recommended when investing as an OFW in the Philippines.

    6. Banking Products Such As Index Funds

    Another good investment in the Philippines for OFW includes banking products such as index funds. This is a great option to invest in the Philippines Stock Exchange indirectly. For instance, if you do not have the time to sign up for a stock brokerage, you can still invest through your bank as many financial products are linked to the Stock Exchange.

    Naturally, there are many advantages and disadvantages of investing with a local bank as an overseas Filipino worker. Investing with a local bank is extremely convenient. Still, it often does include additional fees. Therefore, depending on the amount you wish to invest, it may be more profitable to invest directly than through a local bank.

    One common question asked about investing as an OFW is, what is the difference between mutual funds and index funds? They are both very similar but have different properties. We’ve explored the full meaning in our latest guide, which I’ve attached above for your reference if you are looking For more information.

    7. Crowdfunding Opportunities For OFW

    Earlier on, when we looked at good investments in the Philippines for OFW, We explored the option of Angel investing in the Philippines, but how is this different from crowdfunding? In more modern times, crowdfunding platforms have developed to the point where many investors can invest online in a single project.

    In other words, with crowdfunding, a new project can have 100 different investors. On the other hand, there tend to be fewer investors with Angel investing. Angel investing platforms often do not facilitate investment on their website; however, crowdfunding websites tend to encourage them.

    This is a very loose definition, and this will depend on what type of platform you are using, but now we have understood what crowdfunding is, how can you invest as an OFW in the Philippines? There are several platforms to choose from, and in our full guide, we explored where you can find these platforms and how you can invest.

    What you may wish to consider when investing in the Philippines as an OFW is not necessarily what crowdfunding platform to use… But what type of investment do you wish to invest in. Funding opportunities in the Philippines can include small business crowdfunding, real estate crowdfunding, and so much more.

    Once you have chosen what type of investment you are interested in, you will then be able to find your investment much easier as an OFW. So now we have looked at good investments in the Philippines for OFW; you may be wondering what the best investment for OFW is?  

    What Is The Best Investment For OFW

    The best investment for overseas Filipino workers in the Philippines is still an openly debated subject in the financial world. Many experts believe long-term investment such as the Philippine Stock Exchange and real estate is best for OFWs. On the other hand, other professionals believe more controllable investments are best such as investing in your own business in the Philippines.

    The best investment for OFWs comes down to the investor’s investments goal and risk level. If you are looking for high-risk, high-reward investment, you will find cryptocurrency ticks many boxes. But if you are an investor looking for a slower return over a longer period, then real estate or investing in mutual Finns is often a much better option.

    Additionally, when investing as an OFW, how much control you wish to have on your investment is an important decision. There are several unique and profitable passive income ideas for OFW in the Philippines. Still, you may find a more hands-on approach more profitable depending on your situation and lifestyle.

    Should An OFW Invest In The Philippines

    As an overseas Filipino worker, you will most likely see plenty of opportunities to invest in the country you live in or back in the Philippines. So, what is the best option for OFW’s?

    Investing in the Philippines as a whole has many advantages and disadvantages. And this is why focusing on specific industries when investing is often much easier and clearer for investors.

    The Philippines is a country that is continuously developing, and in recent times, through the build build build projects, we have seen some fantastic developments happening across the Philippines. As a result, many investment opportunities have developed in the Philippines that are perfect for OFWs.

     However, ultimately, investing in the Philippines as an overseas Filipino worker will come down to several personal elements. Many of these have been discussed above, including your financial goal and risk levels. Still, other factors will need to be taken into account, such as how passive you wish the investment to be and how you foresee your investment returns in the Philippines.

    How Do I Invest As An OFW

    The most convenient way how to invest in the Philippines as an OFW is by using third-party platforms that act as a bridge between the investor and the investment. Investment platforms can be a local bank, an online stock brokerage, an Angel investment network, or a crowdfunding website.

    Fundamentally, you will first need to decide what type of investment you wish to invest in as an OFW. Once you have decided on your investment, you can find the third-party platforms that can be used to invest.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking at how do I invest as an OFW, you have the option to seek investment opportunities directly with entrepreneurs. Word of mouth, social media, and networking events are great options to use if you are looking to connect with entrepreneurs or find investment opportunities in the Philippines.

    OFW Investment Tips

    After looking at 7 super good investments in the Philippines for OFW and discussing the best investment in the Philippines is for OFW, you will likely wonder if there are any investment tips for OFW. Happily, below is 5 simple but effective investment tips for OFWs.

    1. Be Vary Of On Investment Scams Targeting OFW

    Unfortunately, scams are common in the Philippines, and scammers have been known to target certain groups. For example, there are romance scams that target lonely individuals, business scams that target foreign businesses, and reports of scams that target overseas Filipino workers.

    Many things can be done to avoid investment scams in the Philippines, but research is one of the most important. Finding out everything you need to know makes you a better investor and helps you to avoid financial loss from investment scams.

    2. Start Investing A Small Amount To Begin With

    Suppose you are new to investing in the Philippines. In that case, it’s recommended to check out our full guide on investing for beginners in the Philippines, where we cover some additional tips and tricks that you can use to invest wisely in the Philippines. Nevertheless, as an overseas Filipino worker investing wisely is key, and this is often done by starting small.

    Most investments act like a snowball, meaning they get bigger with time. Due to the highs and lows of the market, there are also financial reasons why initially investing a big lump sum is not always the wisest decision. Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that investors can lose their investment capital, so investing a small amount, especially at the beginning, is often recommended.

    3. Act Logically And Avoid Emotional Investing

    There are many logical and emotional types of investment, and in theory, logical investing results in a more profitable and positive outcome. However, emotional investing is often linked to strong emotions such as fear or greed. This emotional investing can lead to poor investment decisions and loss of financial reward.

    This is another reason why finding out the true scope of investment is important. For example, an article written by a popular news outlet could spark fear among investors, but looking through the analytics and data of the investment may show that the fears are based on speculation and are unnecessary.

    4. Don’t Always Follow The Crowd When Investing

    There have been several inspirational Ted talks and even books written about the dangers of following the crowd. It was once said that the crowd is almost always wrong, which can also be applied to the investment world.

    A well-known example of this is Bitcoin. Many experts and financial analysts have gone on record to say that cryptocurrency is one of the worst investments and the sure-fire way to lose all your capital. However, for those who didn’t follow the crowd, their small investment turned into millions. Now we have the data, we have seen that cryptocurrency was the investment that offered the highest financial returns.

    5. Read, Analyze, Study, Check, Ask, And Question

    The final and most important investment tip for overseas Filipino workers is to fully research everything you can about your investment, including the market, the product, the opportunities, and the risks. This research allows OFW investors to make a more informed decisions. In other words, the research aims to avoid financial loss.

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