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11 Best Play To Earn NFT Games Philippines

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    Play To Earn NFT Games In The Philippines: Are you looking to earn cryptocurrency by playing games or unlocking a new NFT? Then, you’re in luck, as today, we will be looking at the best play to earn NFT gaming options in the Philippines!

    If you’re new to the concept of play to earn NFTs and play to earn cryptocurrency, then fear not, as, towards the end, we have gone through what an NFT is and how you can start earning NFTs by playing games in the Philippines.

    Play To Earn Nft Gaming In The Philippines

    Age Of Rust

    Age of rust is an exciting game with a phenomenal back story. If you’re looking to earn cryptocurrency by playing, then the age of rust is perfect. The game is built under the ENJIN Protocol. There is a treasure hunt for a total of 24 Bitcoin hidden by the game creator in the game. In addition, there are also 370,000 ENJ coins making the treasure hunt well worth a player’s time.

    Aliens World

    If you have come across the term metaverse in recent months, you will most definitely have heard of aliens world. The game’s goal is to earn a coin called trillium (TLM) which can be traded for Bitcoin or Fiat currency. You also have the option to mine TLM; players who complete missions can be rewarded up to five NFTs making it a perfect game if you are looking for a play to earn NFT games in the Philippines.

    Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is a game we have spoken about previously for a good reason! The online marketplace allows you to trade rare items for some serious cash! Axies are also NFTs that can be bought and sold on the marketplace. The more unique, the better! Currently, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT play to earn games in the Philippines.


    Decentraland has been hitting the headlines for the last few months, and it is best described as a 3D virtual world. Decentraland is powered by an ETH. Similar to Axie Infinity, there is a marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs. Aside from buying and selling land, you also can earn by completing mini-games and playing casino games. Both of these options can result in NFT rewards.

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    Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained is slightly different from other play to earn NFT games as it is based on a trading card game where players can battle using cards. You can earn cards by playing the game, but you can also buy cards from other players. Because of this, the cards are classed as NFTs, which you can sell to other players via the marketplace.


    In this play to earn NFT game in the Philippines, you can travel across a fantasy world and defeat some crazy creatures. The creatures are called Illuvials; they can be traded as an NFT on the Illuvium marketplace as they have value. At the time of writing, this game is not as popular and well known as other games, but it has a bright future as we enter the NFT world.

    Mines Of Dalarnia

    If you’re looking for a more action-packed play to earn NFT game in the Philippines, then Mines Of Dalarnia might be your best option. In the game, there are two players Miners and landowners. Each player has their own responsibilities, and you can also team up to unlock rewards. NFTs can also be bought and sold on the NFT marketplace.

    My Neighbour Alice

    My Neighbour Alice allows players to play to earn NFTs in the Philippines. For example, players can buy virtual plots of land which can be sold on the marketplace. Additionally, if you are a Binance member, you can also buy and sell NFTs on Binance’s secondary NFT marketplace.

    Plant Vs Undead

    This game is one of the fastest-growing NFT games in the Philippines. Players control their farms to produce currency known as light energy. But the game also allows you the opportunity to sell NFT plants on their marketplace. As a result, rare plants can go for some astronomical prices!

    The Sandbox

    Players can own virtual land and play games. The sandbox is one of the biggest land ownership games worldwide. Like other play to an nft games in the Philippines, players can buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace.

    What Is An NFT?

    An NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFT’s can be just about anything, including digital art or in-game weapons! Regarding gaming, NFT’s play a vital role, allowing players to battle, upgrade and grow their online world.

    Due to the demand for NFTs in games, NFTs have become extremely valuable. When a new game launches, coins, and NFTs are often low in value, and if the game becomes popular, the coins and NFTs will likely also rise in value. These can then be sold for other cryptocurrencies or Fiat currency.

    How Can You Earn NFTs By Playing Games In The Philippines

    Many games offer players NFTs once they sign up to the platform. Suppose you are lucky enough to join a game during the launch; you may also be awarded NFT’s / Coin airdrops. However, other options to earn NFTs include battling other players and completing missions. Nevertheless, you can also purchase NFTs using the marketplace on each game.

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