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9 Cheapest & Best Web Hosting Philippines

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    In the Philippines, the online world is booming due to the extensive use of the internet. From selling to providing various services online, looking for web hosting in the Philippines is a fantastic way to start your business website. But more importantly, which web hosting is best for the Philippines, and are there any free web hosting in the Philippines?

    In this full guide, we will be exploring the best web hosting for the Philippines and answering a few frequently asked questions about web hosting for those who are new to this online service. If you are looking for WordPress hosting in the Philippines, we also have your back covered!

    The Philippines has been dubbed as the social media capital of the world for years. Therefore, it would not be surprising that most Filipinos spend more time browsing the internet than watching television. So naturally, many would like to take advantage and capitalize on utilizing the internet as a digital marketing strategy.

    DomainRacer is a well-known provider of web hosting and domain name services. DomainRacer is known for offering the lowest cost as it uses India’s highest powered VPS server hosting. With the best dedicated resources and full root access, a variety of web hosting services are available. In the Philippines market, DomainRacer is considered one of the best web hosting providers due to its 21x faster speed.

    Your server/website will be protected with the latest security tools, including cPGuard, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam protection, Firewall, and MagicSpam protection. In addition, DomainRacer has its own search engine. With seven server locations located in India, the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, France, and Germany, DomainRacer is a popular choice among users. It offers exceptional speed in the Philippines and boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime and page loading times as low as 1.49ms.

    But that’s not all DomainRacer has to offer! This hosting provider offers NVMe SSD storage space, a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, LiteSpeed Cache technology, a free SEODefault tool, and weekly JetBackup are also included. Furthermore, 24/7 customer support is available to assist users. The numerous web hosting advantages offered by DomainRacer has set it apart from the competition.

    Therefore, if you are in need of a reliable web hosting and domain name provider, consider using DomainRacer.

    Basic$0.99 or around 53PHP/month*Best For Blogs, Personal/Business
    *Host A Single Website
    *1GB NVMe SSSD
    *10 E-Mail IDs
    *5GB Bandwidth
    *LiteSpeed Technology
    Personal$1.49/ month or around 80 PHP/month*Best For Professional Bloggers & Average Traffic Websites
    *Host A Single Website
    *Unlimited NVMe SSD
    *Unlimited Email IDs
    *Unlimited Bandwidth
    *LiteSpeed Technology
    *Free SEODefault Tool
    *Gift 0.5 Tree To Earth
    Silver$2.89/ month or around 155
    *Best For Heavy Traffic Websites
    *Host Three Website
    *Unlimited NVMe SSD
    *Unlimited E-Mail IDs
    *Unlimited Bandwidth
    *LiteSpeed Technology
    *Free SEODefault Tool
    Advanced$3.99/ month or around 214
    *Best For Business, Developers & Startup
    *Free Domain
    *Host Unlimited Website
    *Unlimited NVMe SSD
    *All Features Silver Pack
    *Unlimited Bandwidth
    *LiteSpeed Technology
    *Free SEODefault Tool

    Blogschool,, and all blogs we operate here are through Bluehost!

    Personally speaking, I’ve always had a remarkable connection speed, and their customer service has been fantastic. On top of this, the dashboard is super easy to use. A standard account is more than enough; however, if your website hits 100,000 visitors +, you may be better off with a premium account. Launched in 1996, Bluehost is owned by Endurance Corp. It is one of the best web hosting providers for users who are new to making their websites. It is also known to offer services at a reasonable price and performance. 

    Similar to SiteGround, it made WordPress easy for users. Therefore, Bluehost can give you a better understanding of which web hosting is good for the Philippines. If you are using WordPress, then choosing Bluehost will provide you with a huge discount!

    Shared$7.99 or around 395 PHP/month ($2.95 for the first month)*Great for new websites or blogs
    *Easy-to-use user dashboard
    *Fully-managed solutions
    *More than enough for 95% of websites
    VPS$29.99 or around 1,482 PHP/mo ($18.99 for the first month)*Great for high traffic
    *Scalability with on-demand resources
    *Full root access for extra controls
    Dedicated$119.99 or around 5,932 PHP/month ($79.99 for the first month)*Great for sites with very high traffic *Provides resource-intensive needs *Offers excellent security and performance

    Coming in a very close second is Hostinger! Based in Lithuania, Hostinger was initially introduced in 2004 as Hosting Media. Then, it rebranded and changed its name to Hostinger in 2011. During that time, it had over a million users. In 2017, it had over 25 million users. 

    In the Philippines, it offers affordable web hosting solutions. For less than 50 PHP, users can avail of a plan. In addition, they can enjoy features such as site management similar to cPanel. 

    In 2018, it was nominated as the best free web hosting provider. Hostinger PH is excellent for starters who do not have an extensive background in web hosting. Here are their plans.

    Single 35 PHP/month*One website
    *100 GB bandwidth
    *One email account
    *Free SSL
    *1X allocated resources
    Premium 85 PHP/month*Unlimited websites
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Unlimited email accounts
    *With WordPress acceleration, Free SSL, and domain
    *2X allocated resources
    Business139 PHP/month*Unlimited websites
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Unlimited email accounts
    *With WordPress acceleration, Free SSL, and domain
    *Regular backups 4X allocated resources
    Best Cloud Hosting299 PHP/month*Unlimited websites
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Unlimited email accounts
    *With WordPress acceleration
    *Free SSL and domain
    *Regular backups 48X allocated resources

    Because of the popularity gained by WordPress, Jason Cohen established WPEngine in 2010. It is a great web hosting option in the Philippines. So if you are looking for exclusive WordPress hosting in the Philippines, WPengine might be your best shot. WPEngine’s plans are not cheap. Nevertheless, users get what they pay for. WPEngine provides quality and regulated web hosting services. In addition, it has a lot of features specific to WordPress. 

    StartUp$25 or around 1,234 PHP/month*Up to 25,000 visits every month
    *50 GB bandwidth every month
    *10 GB storage
    *1 website
    Growth$95.83 or around 4,730 PHP/month*Up to 100,000 visits every month *200 GB bandwidth every month
    *20 G.B. storage
    *10 websites
    Scale$241.67 or around 11,930 PHP/month*Up to 400,000 visits every month *500 GB bandwidth every month
    *50 G.B. storage
    *30 websites

    Starting as a domain registrar service, GoDaddy expanded to web building and web hosting services. Now, it has been recognized as one of the giants in the web industry worldwide. Therefore, when users consider getting this as their web hosting provider, they expect it to be pricey. Unfortunately, it can be pricier with the add-ons. Godaddy is often talked about when looking at the best web hosting in the Philippines for good reasons. For example, the uptime and speed of GoDaddy are ample, so websites such as blogs could not go wrong with this web hosting provider.

    StarterIntroductory Price: 69 PHP/month 139 PHP when renewed*One website
    *30 G.B. of storage
    *One database
    *Unlimited bandwidth 
    *Free 1-click WordPress installation 
    EconomyIntroductory Price: 253 PHP/month 509 PHP/month when renewed*One website
    *100 GB of storage
    *10 databases
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    * Free 1-click WordPress installation  *1-year complimentary trial of professional email
    *Free domain (annual plan) *Standard processing power
    DeluxeIntroductory Price:335 PHP/month 669 PHP/month when renewed*Unlimited websites
    *Unlimited storage
    *25 databases
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Free 1-click WordPress installation  *1-year complimentary trial of professional email
    *Free domain (annual plan) *Standard processing power
    UltimateIntroductory Price: 516 PHP/month 1,019 PHP when renewed*Unlimited websites
    *Unlimited storage Unlimited databases
    *Unlimited bandwidth 
    *Free 1-click WordPress installation  *1-year complimentary trial of professional email
    *Free domain (annual plan)
    *Free Premium DNS 
    *2x Processing Power
    *Free 1 year SSL

    You may still wonder, Which web hosting is best for the Philippines? Hostgator could be it since it is one of the pioneers in the web hosting industry. Established in 2002, this web hosting provider is known for its affordable web hosting and WordPress cloud plans, fast technology, and excellent customer service.

    It also has Gator, which is HostGator’s website builder. This is a common option for those who are looking for the best WordPress hosting in the Philippines.

    HatchlingStarting at $2.08 or around 102 PHP/month*One domain
    *Easy WordPress installs
    *Free cPanel/WordPress
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Website transfer
    *Free domain and SSL
    BabyStarting at $2.98 or around 147 PHP/monthLimitless domains
    *Easy WordPress installs
    *Free cPanel/WordPress
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Website transfer
    *Free domain and SSL
    BusinessStarting at $4.48 or around 221 PHP/month*Limitless domains
    *Easy WordPress installs
    *Free cPanel/WordPress
    *Unlimited bandwidth
    *Website transfer
    *Free domain and SSL
    *Free positive SSL upgrade
    *Free dedicated I.P. and SEO tools

    SiteGround has in-house WordPress features that concentrate on speed and security. Since it was launched in 2004, it has made its name by being regarded as one of the best web hosting services in years. Additionally, it has 3 data centers in Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

    Aside from its specialized plans, SiteGround also offers various kinds of hosting such as WordPress, cloud, shared, and dedicated plans. You can gain free web hosting in the Philippines by referring new users to SiteGround. The web hosting awarded will depend on your account type. When the referee uses your referral link in signing up, the system tracks it and gives you a free web service.

    According to the latest publications, the servers of SiteGround are excellent, and the uptime is remarkable. Nevertheless, it is mostly known for its superb customer service. 

    StartUp$6.99 or around 346 PHP/month*1 Website
    *10 GB web space
    *Up to 10,000 visits monthly
    GrowBig$9.99 or around 494 PHP/month*Unlimited websites
    *20 G.B. web space
    * Up to 25,000 visits monthly
    GoGeek$14.99 or around 742 PHP/monthUnlimited websites
    *40 G.B. web space
    *Up to 100,000 visits monthly

    In their own words, is the best web hosting provider in the Asia Pacific. is included in the G.M.O. Internet Group. Since 1991, this group has been providing services online ever since. The company is originally from Japan, and it opened its doors to provide web hosting in the Philippines.

    They can cater to small personal websites, websites with high traffic, and eCommerce websites that are resource-intensive. In addition, its WordPress hosting can be worth taking note of since it has a lot of great features that do not break the bank. This is an exciting move, especially for those looking at WordPress hosting in the Philippines.

    Personal  100 PHP/month*Free [.com] domain for a year
    *10 G.B. of S.S.D storage
    *20 email accounts
    *1 website unlimited bandwidth
    Business225 PHP/month*Free [.com] domain for one year *100 GB of S.S.D. storage
    *200 Email Accounts
    *10 websites (₱23.3/website) *Unlimited bandwidth Free SSL 
    Enterprise375 PHP/month*Free [.com] Domain 1 year *Unlimited S.S.D. Storage
    *1,000 email accounts
    *Unlimited websites
    *Unlimited bandwidth Free SSL 

    DotPH considers itself the official domain registry in the Philippines since it has hosting and domain registration services. Established in 1989, it is one of the pioneer web hosting Philippines providers.  

    Suppose you are looking to buy a domain ending in [. P.H.] and not a Webhosting service. You can also purchase this on Dot. Ph and easily migrate over to other hosting services. Its services are innovative and reliable not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. It concentrates on shared web hosting, web design and development, VPS servers, SSL, and domain name registration.  

    Starter$ 6.50 or around 321 PHP/month*50 email accounts
    *30 G.B. of disk space
    *Up to 100 GB bandwidth
    *Single domain 
    *10 subdomains
    *10 mailing lists
    *Linux O.S. 
    Professional$ 15 or around 741 PHP/month*100 email accounts
    *60 G.B. of disk space
    *Up to 200GB Bandwidth
    *Single domain
    *15 subdomains
    *15 mailing lists
    *Linux O.S.
    Deluxe$ 35 or around 1729 PHP/month*300 email accounts
    *120 GB of disk space
    *Up to 500 GB of bandwidth
    *Single domain
    *25 subdomains
    *25 mailing lists
    *Linux O.S.
    *Free SSL

    To simplify, web hosting is a service where you can keep the resources of your website online. Videos, texts, images, and virtually any element of your website can be stored. The web hosting service of your choice provides storage and helps maintain your website. Therefore, it ensures that your website is fully functional on the web. Wix is a popular website web hosting service and an editing service built into one), and for whatever reason, The company collapsed. So there would be a chance that your website would not be visible. However, if you started a website on WordPress and WordPress collapsed, your site would still be available as it is the web hosting service that makes your website accessible.

    When it comes to free web hosting for the Philippines, there are a few different choices. However, it is important to mention that if you are looking for free web hosting in the Philippines, then it is best to use this for non-monetizing content.

    In other words, finding free web hosting often has certain drawbacks. For example, Wix. Wix is a well-known and popular web hosting and designing service. They have plans which start from free, and in our full guide on Wix, we spoke that starting free web hosting in the Philippines can often seem unprofessional. (if the website’s purpose is making money)

    In some cases, if a customer or client came onto a website and it seems that it was a free account (it is straightforward to spot), they could think that your business is not the right fit or, even worse than it is, a scam. That is not to say it is terrible in any sense. It is only if you are trying to make money from this website that it is not recommended.

    Aside from Wix, here are three excellent free web hosting for the Philippines. WordPress is a giant and brilliant free web hosting service for the Philippines. WordPress often publishes advertisements on your website as a free account; however, you can remove these by upgrading to a paid account. Weebly is a website provider and website builder with an easy drag and drop system, which is perfect for those new to building websites. A free plan includes 500 megabytes of storage, but similar to WordPress and Wix, Weebly shows ads on your website, which you can be removed if you upgrade.

    A.W.S.Amazon: The Amazon Department that specializes in hosting is Amazon Web Services  – A.W.S. This service tends to be a little more popular with students rather than businesses. Still, the benefits are Amazon offers a 12-month free service. (likely to alter in the near future) They also have a breakdown of educational tutorials on how to use the service.

    Now that we have covered some of the free web hosting in the Philippines let’s look at which web hosting services are best for the Philippines!

    By far, the best WordPress hosting service for the Philippines is Bluehost. The hosting services of Bluehost and WordPress work very effectively with each other, resulting in quick loading speed whether your traffic is from the Philippines or overseas. From our tests, with a low traffic level, Bluehost is the best WordPress hosting service for the Philippines. If your website has over 100,000 + views a month, you may find other hosting services slightly quicker but for your website is under 100K traffic, Bluehost is the cheapest and best WordPress hosting for the Philippines.

    Now that we have looked at some of the best web hosting in the Philippines, it’s time to go over a few simple tips and tricks and things you need to know when buying your web hosting service for the Philippines.

    Knowing Your Web Hosting Needs

    Before searching, it will be best to know what your website needs. Then, you can prepare estimations of what you need to run and maintain your site. Starting with a target number of visitors is a good practice. If not considered, users may end up paying too much or too little for a plan that cannot keep up with the web traffic they need.

    Security Of web hosting Philippines

    Cybersecurity is a serious concern for most website owners. Therefore, when choosing a web hosting in the Philippines, users can look into the protocols or strategies provided by the hosting company. Some of these security features are encryption and web application firewalls. 

    Web hosting and their Price

    Free web hosting in the Philippines and cheap web hosting in the Philippines are both tempting offers. This is okay, especially for first-time users. Nevertheless, it is crucial to fully understand the features that come and do not come with every plan. Additionally, some providers have extras or hidden fees with the upgrades.

    Speed And Reliability of a web host

    According to some reports, a webpage that has a one-second delay can reduce visitor satisfaction to 16%. However, it could be worse for a three-second since 40% of visitors decide to leave. Therefore, speed and reliability are not something users should overlook in choosing their web hosting provider.

    Area of your web traffic

    It is often said that you should always choose a web hosting service for the country you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting Filipinos, you should choose a web hosting service based in the Philippines; however, in my experience, this is not always a wise choice.

    I saw much higher results using Bluehost than I have done any other Hosting service. However, it is also important to remember that your audience may be located in different countries. For instance, on Filipino wealth, my second most popular country in the U.S.

    Therefore, a large amount of my traffic comes from the U.S each month… I theorize the majority of the U.S. traffic is overseas Filipinos as the content is written specifically for Filipinos. Whether this is true or not, it is unlikely that I would have reached the same level of the audience I did if I had chosen a local hosting service.

    In other words, it depends on where your traffic is. However, we know that Bluehost is the most reliable web hosting service because of the great review. Personally, I have spoken to many who have been delighted with the service provided by Bluehost.

    All in all, If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting in the Philippines, then I would suggest either Bluehost or W.P. engine as your web hosting service.

    There are many different types of web hosting providers in the Philippines. When looking at the best web hosting in the Philippines, it’s always wise to think about the traffic. Where are they based, and what level of traffic do you expect to reach each month? If you are looking for free web hosting in the Philippines, then you also have plenty of options, but there are drawbacks to free web hosting. One of the most well-known is including advertisement across your website, which could give the appearance of an unprofessional online business.

    If you are starting a blog or an E-Commerce site or any website that may get traffic from overseas such as first-tier countries, then Bluehost might be the best option. This is based on affordability, the level of service, and what is included in the price.

    *SSL or secure sockets layer is a standard website technology to secure the internet connection and protect the data sent.

    * C.D.N. or content delivery network is a network of servers that reduces delays in loading websites. (especially effective if your traffic is from around the world)

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