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Best NFT Blockchain Games Philippines 2024

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    List Of NFT Games Philippines: NFT games are becoming as popular as ever in the Philippines. However, the NFT industry is still very new, and you may be wondering if there is a full list of NFT games in the Philippines. Therefore we have created a list of the most popular and new developments in the NFT game world.

    As this list is completely fresh, you will find some new projects on this NFT list. Some of these NFT games are still in the development stages. However, this does offer investors and players an excellent opportunity to get involved while the game is new.

    Previously we have spoken about NFT games in the Philippines. These games are the best-rated NFT play-to-earn games in the Philippines, but if you didn’t catch that article, don’t worry, as today we will also be diving into the most popular NFT games. So let’s take a look at a full list of NFT games in the Philippines.

    Full List Of NFT Games

    1. Age Of Rust
    2. Aliens World
    3. Axie Infinity
    4. Battle Of Guardians
    5. Battle Racers
    6. Blankos Block Party
    7. Blockchain Cuties
    8. Brave Frontier Heroes
    9. Coin Pirates
    10. Crypto Shots
    11. Crypto Space Commander
    12. Cryptokitties
    13. Cryptovoxels
    14. Dark Country
    15. Dawn Of Gods
    16. Decentraland
    17. Defi Degen Land
    18. Dissolution
    19. Ember Sword
    20. Ethermon
    21. F1 Delta Time
    22. Gods Unchained
    23. Guild Of Guardians
    24. Idle Cyber
    25. Illuvium
    26. Iqeon
    27. Laika Verse
    28. Landrocker
    29. Lightnite
    30. Lives Arena
    31. Lost Relics
    32. Luckyfarm
    33. Metatun
    34. Metawars
    35. Mines Of Dalarnia
    36. Mobox
    37. My Crypto Heroes
    38. My Neighbor Alice
    39. Neon District
    40. Nine Chronicles
    41. Sandbox
    42. Skyweaver
    43. Sorare
    44. Spells Of Genesis
    45. Splinterlands
    46. Star Atlas
    47. The Six Dragons
    48. U.Unicorns
    49. War Of Crypta
    50. War Riders
    51. Yield Hunt
    52. Zuki Moba

    Are There More NFT Games & Blockchain Games

    Yes, there is! As the NFT game industry is hot, many developers are changing their business models from traditional gaming to NFT gaming business models. In addition, new developers are creating exciting NFT games every day. As a result, some NFT games became popular while others still lay dormant.

    We will continuously update the full list of NFT games and blockchain games for your convenience. Still, if you have not seen a game on our list today, it might be because it is in its very early development stages or it’s not as popular as other games. Nevertheless, there are many upcoming NFT games in the Philippines, and these upcoming NFT games are a great opportunity for early players.

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    How To Find Upcoming NFT Games Philippines

    There are several ways to find the latest upcoming NFT games in the Philippines. Reddit, YouTube, and other forms of social media are excellent options. Alternatively, has a full list of games with their status. This layout makes it a perfect platform to use if you are looking for upcoming NFT games in the Philippines and worldwide.

    Top NFT Games Philippines

    Some games are more popular than others due to the in-game experience and opportunities for financial rewards. Below is the list of the most popular NFT games in the Philippines. This is based on comparisons of statistics from different websites and social media mentions and followers.

    • Alien Worlds 
    • Axie Infinity
    • Decentraland
    • Sandbox
    • Splinterlands 

    Additionally, Binance has a fantastic article released in 2021 exploring the most popular NFT games in the Philippines. Here are the top contenders in their list.

    1. Alien Worlds – 759,600 Users
    2. Axie Infinity – 602,210 Users
    3. Splinterlands – 597,980 Users
    4. Arc8 – 379,630 Users
    5. Mobox: 187,490 Users

    Most of the highly-rated and popular NFT games in the Philippines have several opportunities for financial rewards and have an overall fantastic in-game experience. Additionally, the top-rated games in the Philippines often have marketplaces where users can buy and sell NFTs freely.

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