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Which Is Better BDO Or BPI? PROS & CONS

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    Which Is Better BDO Or BPI: Advantages & Disadvantages: When looking at which is a better bank in the Philippines between BDO and BPI, customers must consider several different options. Advantages and disadvantages of BDO and advantages and disadvantages of BPI of both common questions. Therefore today, we will be diving into these questions to summarise which is better BDO or BPI.

    Advantages of Banking with BDO

    Longer Banking Hours

    Most banks in the Philippines operate only on weekdays. However, BDO has operations even on Saturdays for its branches inside SM malls. They are open until 4:00 pm. 

    Many Branches and ATMs

    BDO has more than 1,400 branches and more than 4,000 ATMs. They also have almost 400 cash accept machines in-branch. They also have branches in Hong Kong and Singapore that are full-service. The BDO branches found in SM malls helped the bank with its growth. Many Filipinos visit SM malls, so they opt to open their bank account here. 

    BDO Network Bank, acquired by BDO in 2014, is considered the biggest rural bank in the Philippines. It has 120 branches and more than 220 ATMs. Most of its banks and ATMs are in Mindanao, but it also has branches in Makati and other places in NCR. 


    Aside from having many branches in the country, BDO also has BDO online that allows their clients to check their finances anytime. By simply using it, they can access their banking information. 

    They can transfer money to other banks, pay their bills, and do other digital banking needs. BDO online also has a record of all transactions to monitor their account easily. Clients who are not adept in technology can easily navigate BDO online.  BDO also provides convenience for OFWs and their families who receive their remittances. Many money transfer platforms are accessible to BDO.


    Because BDO can be accessed through computers or phones, clients do not need to spend time lining up in a physical bank. Also, transactions that can normally take more than 24 hours can be completed in a few minutes without stepping out of the house. This makes BDO cost-effective for their clients. There’s also no need to wait for regular banking hours, making a big difference in time management. 

    Good for Saving Money

    BDO offers many savings accounts. They even have Junior Savers that can be opened with a 100 peso deposit. The range of initial deposits for BDO is 100 pesos to 50,000 pesos. The minimum maintaining balance ranges from 100 pesos to 50,000 pesos. The range for their interest rate is 0% to 1.25%. For most of their accounts, there is a 0.25% interest. 


    Clients who use BDO online for their accounts can have peace of mind because the bank uses security measures. They verify the identity of users by requiring a username and password and an OTP or one-time password. An OTP is sent to the mobile number that their client registered whenever they make transactions online. 

    Because there are BDO branches and ATMs inside SM malls, it can be safer to do transactions such as depositing or withdrawing money or exchanging currencies. 

    Disadvantages of Banking with BDO

    Security Risks

    Despite having security measures, cases of banking threats do not stop from increasing. Most of these involve clients providing their banking credentials to hackers. 

    In December 2021, many clients of BDO posted on social media how their accounts were targeted to online hacking. This resulted in transfers amounting from 25,000 pesos to 50,000 pesos without the permission of bank account owners. 

    Limited Access

    Clients need internet access to use some of BDO’s services conveniently. This can be a problem for clients who don’t have the ideal connection needed to complete their transactions, 

    App Problems

    The fonts of the BDO app can be bigger. This will make it easier for older adults to navigate the app, but sadly, the app often crashes or becomes laggy. There are also reports of OTP not working or not being sent to the registered mobile numbers. 

    Limited International Presence

    BDO has a branch abroad in Hong Kong and Singapore, But the rest are either representative or remittance offices in other countries. Because of the limited international presence of BDO, operations and client range are also limited. However, if BDO has enough presence in the international banking sector, it can be considered a universal bank. 

    Customer Service Inconsistencies

    There are reports of errors in bank transactions, especially in BDO’s online banking. But, this is inevitable across online banks. Some clients comment that customer service can be improved. There are times that BDO’s customer service hotline can be difficult to contact. 

    Advantages of Banking with BPI

    Financial Stability

    BPI was established in 1851, making it the oldest bank in the Philippines. The bank has survived many crises for more than a century, such as World War II, the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the global recession in 2008, and many coup attempts. 

    According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, BPI is the 4th largest bank in the Philippines based on total assets. This bank also has more than 8 million depositors in the country. Moreover, BPI takes pride in receiving recognition and awards from award-giving bodies abroad. It was also awarded as the Best Sustainable Bank in the Philippines by the Finance Asia Country Awards in 2021. 

    From this, it can be understood that BPI is one of the most trusted Philippine banks. Depositing money in BPI, clients can be worry-free that their funds won’t get lost or the bank will not close down during their lifetime.  


    BPI is also one of the banks in the Philippines that has many branches and ATMs. It has more than 1,176 branches. Every year, the bank expands by adding 20 to 30 branches. Clients can also access 3,000 ATMs, and cash accept machines scattered in the country. 

    They can also access it in over 800,000 Cirrus ATMs around the world. So clients who have a savings account in BPI will not have difficulty finding an ATM in remote areas. 


    Clients can access their accounts conveniently because BPI offers online and mobile banking services. They also have cash accept machines and have branches that operate on weekends. The BEA or BPI Express Assist online service allows clients to book a schedule through BPI Express online to save time lining up. 

    Their e-banking service, BPI Online, makes it less hassle for clients to monitor their finances anytime and anywhere. Using their fingers, they can transfer funds, generate a QR code to receive or send money, and do online shopping. Loading credits in the phones and e-wallets are also possible. 

    Easy to Open an Account

    It is easy to have a BPI account because of its savings account, low initial deposit requirement, and maintaining balance. Here are some of the saving accounts available at BPI:

    1. Regular Savings

    Clients can manage their transactions because this account has an electronic banking feature. They also get a debit card used in ATMs that accept MasterCard or BancNet cards. The interest rate every year is 0.0625%. The initial deposit is 3,000 pesos, and the remaining balance is 5,000 pesos. 

    2. Pamana Savings 

    Similar to a regular savings account, Pamana Savings also uses a card. However, it is different from a regular savings account because it has free life insurance worth more than 2 million pesos. It can also be availed as a US dollar account or passbook. The interest rate every year is 0.0625%. The initial deposit is 25,000 pesos, and the remaining balance is 25,000 pesos. 

    3. Maxi Saver 

    Clients earning more can have their regular savings account upgraded to Maxi Saver. One of the best benefits of Maxi Saver is that there is higher interest. It is also card-based and incentives clients who save more. For example, if there’s no withdrawal in a month, the interest rate can be 0.125%. The initial deposit and the remaining balance are 2 million pesos. 

    Many Branches and ATMs

    The question now is, which is better, BDO or BPI in terms of branches? Compared to BDO, BPI has fewer branches in the Philippines. On the other hand, BPI has more than 1,176 branches in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Europe. Their ATMs and cash accept machines are close to 3,000. 

    BPI is the first bank in the Philippines to utilize cash deposit machines for peso deposits without an envelope. The ATM also credits the amount instantly. Most of these deposit machines can be used day or night. 

    Easy Banking Online

    BPI Express Online allows its clients to access their accounts online within 24 hours. Another good thing about it is that BPI allows them to enroll virtually all their BPI-related accounts such as credit cards, checking accounts, and loans after enrolling their accounts online. So, clients get the credit card and payment information in real-time. 

    Online Banking Security

    Clients are sent an OTP when they use a new device to log in to their accounts and complete a transaction. Using face ID or fingerprint can also be enabled. Other features of BPI Online access include sending notifications every time the account is logged in and making a transaction through email. In addition, if there are fraudulent transactions, access to BPI Online can be permanently locked. 

    BPI Online sends OTP to log into an account with a new device and complete transactions. It also enables fingerprint and face recognition for logging in to the BPI Mobile app.

    Disadvantages of Banking with BPI

    Poor Customer Support

    Similar to other banks in the Philippines, BPI also has a lot of complaints about its customer service. Their toll-free hotline is not always available to address concerns resulting in frustration from most clients. 

    Long Lines at BPI Branches

    If you don’t book in advance online, you’ll likely spend more than half an hour in line in their branch, especially during peak times. 

    Online Banking Problems

    Clients who aren’t very careful in their offline and online transactions can become victims of unauthorized bank withdrawals and phishing. For example, some clients reported receiving emails that instructed them to go to a fake BPI log-in page. This results in not only unauthorized transactions but also stolen identities. 

    Also, in June 2017, BPI had a system glitch that prevented users from accessing their funds. Though no account was hacked, clients experienced much trouble, especially those who urgently needed money. 

    Which is better BDO or BPI

    After comparing the 2 banks, the question is, Which is better BDO or BPI? Its important customers look at the banking features and the quality of the banking service. For a better mobile and online banking experience, BPI mobile app and BPI online are more user-friendly and seamless. You can also create a savings account using your phone without visiting a BPI branch. 

    Which is better BDO or BPI, in terms of efficiency in in-branch transactions? The better choice is BPI. BPI has express assist machines that make over-the-counter transactions automated for those who don’t have much time to spare in a bank. So, clients don’t have to spend time filling out a payment or deposit slip. BPI’s system generates these details in their system. 

    Compared to BDO, BPI has more cash accept machines available across the country. As a result, BPI can be a better choice for people who often make intra-regional deposits and withdrawals because they don’t charge a service fee. 

    Those who want easier requirements in opening an account can consider BDO. That’s because BDO approves applications even without TIN. There’s also no need to bring a photo because the teller will be the one to take the photo of the applicant.  People who work can find banking with BDO more convenient because they have longer operating hours. In addition, BDO branches inside SM malls are also open on Saturdays, making it convenient, especially for those who work on weekdays.  

    To summarise, based on the ease of access for customers and features. BPI bank offers slightly more than BDO. However, as both offer different and similar types of service, the best bank between BPI and BDO in the Philippines will come down to the customer’s banking needs.

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