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8 Ways To Earn 50K Per Month Philippines

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    Are you looking to take your income up to 50K pesos per month? Today we’re going to be looking at 8 proven ways how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines. On top of this, we have put together a list that we have collected from various sources, including possible career paths to earn over 50K, and lastly, how you can reach 50000 a month income in the Philippines!

    How To Earn 50K Per Month In The Philippines?

    Real Estate Investing

    The power of real estate in the Philippines has been known for many years. Many entrepreneurs have been able to make millions from real estate investing. But what about 50000 a month’s income in the Philippines? Is this possible through real estate?

    It’s entirely possible to earn 50K per month in the Philippines through a real estate investment. However, if you are looking at earning 50K through pure profit, your real estate investment will need to be on a larger scale.

    For example, let’s say you have a sizeable house In the city, and after your expenses, you are left with a profit of approximately 10,000 pesos. To meet your target of 50,000 pesos per month, you would need to have five large houses. An alternative option would be commercial real estate.

    The amount you could earn is affected by the market and the location, so it’s essential to consider these. However, the key takeaway here is that it is entirely possible to grow your real estate portfolio large enough that you are earning 50000 a month’s income in the Philippines.

    Second Income

    A popular stream of income in the modern Philippines is a second income. A second income has many benefits, and one of these is the opportunity to make 50K a month in the Philippines. Some second incomes may only help you reach 50K a month, while others can be so successful that they replace your full-time income.

    Here are several examples of second incomes that can help you reach that 50K pesos per month in the Philippines.  

    Alternatively, aside from the above business ideas and services, You may wish to check out websites such as Fiver & PeoplePerHour as many Filipinos earn a second income through these platforms. Fiverr, For instance, is a site where you can offer your services anywhere from website support to designing a book cover!

    Starting A Blog / YouTube Channel

    Can you earn 50000 a month’s income in the Philippines through a blog or a YouTube channel? It’s entirely possible to earn 50K per month In the Philippines through these methods. Many successful YouTube channels and bloggers earn well over 50K, and the most successful can make millions.

    Unfortunately, there is a myth that blogging/Vlogging is dead and a waste of time. This is not the case; however, the way we search for information has changed. Blogging about your life unless you are an icon will not earn you 50K pesos a month. However, creating content about a specific niche such as; Filipino food, gaining muscle, how to style your hair, gaming, etc., could earn 50K a month in the Philippines.

    There are many ways how you can earn money through a YouTube channel or a blog. We have put together a full guide on how to start a blog in the Philippines and earn money for those who wish to make a passive income online.

    The hardest thing is getting started. Once you get started, there will be a considerable amount of work before you can see decent returns. On average, to hit $1000 (48,000+ pesos), it can take anywhere from 1-2 years or longer to build your audience/ channel. However, there is a great deal of potential with this business. The source of this information is found on

    Flipping Blogs, Social Media Profiles, And Domains

    When we first ask how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines, many do not consider flipping blogs, social media, or domains; however, it is a growing business across the world. Flipping is the basic term of creating, making, or buying something to later resell at a higher price. Some entrepreneurs have made many millions of dollars through this technique.

    Flipping Blogs: Many bloggers try to make money online and lose passion/motivation within 24 months. Often, their website has gained some authority, and it is now financially valuable. Therefore bloggers often wonder if it’s better to sell their blog for a lump sum or continually build their business. In many cases, they decide to sell their blog. ( – The leading site for buying and selling blogs)

    The example I used above is a classic example of when a large profit could be made. This is because the problem may be that Google has not had time to rank their content, meaning that in time their website could grow and become even more valuable (especially if you can add more content). The difficulty is finding these valuable blogs with good articles and avoiding blogs with poorly written articles.

    Flipping Social Media:  Social media connects us all, and some social media accounts have gathered followers in the millions. There are a few ways these big accounts make money, but mostly by shout-outs. Not all accounts have millions. Some accounts have 10,000 followers/likes but are still valuable.

    When flipping social media accounts, the main aim is to buy up and coming accounts and grow the following so that they can be resold at a high price in the future. However, even though this is a common practice, not all social media platforms like this idea; therefore, it is recommended to read the terms and conditions of your chosen platform.

    Flipping Domains: Flipping domains is another way how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines. The process is very similar to flipping social media accounts and blogs in which the aim of all of these methods is to generate profit from reselling.

    It is often quoted that domains are the real estate of the Internet. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Jollibee, BDO, Etc… All have their domain, which cannot be copied, and once it’s gone, then that’s it. This creates a demand for certain domains, which creates value.

    Short domains or domains with popular keywords are often more valuable. helps you value any domain with a simple click of a button. Some domains are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, thousands can be made within just a few hours of purchase, while others require a long-term strategy.

    I was speaking to a domain expert before writing this article. He has over 1000+ domains. Sometimes he can sell a domain for a profit of  $15,000+, and sometimes he makes just $10-$15. But, of course, this entirely depends upon the domain in question, the history, and the authority.

    Online Selling

    Online selling is a trendy way how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines. This business has been made easy thanks to Facebook and websites such as Lazada.

    The great benefit of this business is that there are so many industries you could tap into, but what works best for the market? Of course, this depends on which market. If you are selling to Filipinos, items such as clothing work very well on Facebook pages, and electronics are a popular item on Lazada.

    From speaking to individuals who are established online sellers in the Philippines, it seems a mixed bag. Meaning that some sellers have become very successful from their online selling business while others don’t; however, the most significant indicator of success is the product itself.

    When wondering if this business can earn 50K per month in the Philippines, it’s vital to take some time to research the market, your suppliers thoroughly, and how much the operational costs will be.


    Trading is a legitimate and fast method on how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines. The most common types of trading tend to be those on the Philippine Stock Exchange and Cryptocurrency. Of course, both asset classes have their pros and cons, but a savvy trader can make 50,000 a month’s income from trading.

    If you are looking at how to make money from the Philippine Stock Exchange or how to invest in cryptocurrency in the Philippines, it’s recommended to take a look at our exclusive hacks, which can be found on the hyperlink above. It’s also essential to consider that profits and losses will continuously change for out a month.

    An Information Product

    Information Products are products that can be sold online through various means. The most common tend to be books or courses. The great thing about information products is that there are so many different niches and products you could choose from. For example, a close friend of mine recently purchased a Tagalog vocabulary course, which is an Infographic many of us could design.

    How to earn 50K per month in the Philippines from a course or a book is likely the next question you may have. Let’s say you have a course for 1000 pesos. You would need to sell 50 in a month to reach your target (or sell the course to 100 people if the course is priced at 500 pesos). A great way to bump up your profit is to cross-sale and upsell.

    Alternatively, you could decide to sell a physical book or save money on costs by making your book downloadable. You could even start coaching and offer PDF versions of certain topics.

    Offering Tours

    The next method on how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines is through offering tours. However, if you live in a tourist area, such as one of the many beautiful islands or in a popular city, then a tour may be a very demanding service.

    Recently Airbnb started producing tours and experiences (even online experiences) that any travelers could book and thus gave entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to make more money.

    If you have local knowledge or connections with locals, you could even package tours up and work with other businesses such as the local hotels and hostels to promote your service. For example, a few years ago, I decided to travel across the Philippines, and this process was set up in many tourist areas; however, there was still a significant gap in the market.


    What Careers Offer 50000 A Month Income In The Philippines?

    CareerAverage Pesos Per Month
    Operations Manager69,400
    Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)69,580
    Civil Engineer68,350
    Computer Programming51,333
    Specialized Nurse52,450
    Specialized Doctor66,000
    Public Relations Office79,590
    I.T Senior Technician55,877
    Source: PayScale, Salary Explorer, Average Salary Survey, World Salary. 

    The list above is based on careers in the Metro Manila area. Cebu City also provided similar statistics, but the majority of other cities had lower figures on average compared to the information in the table above.

    As we can see, the majority of careers that offer 50000 a month income in the Philippines require some level of specialized training. So the question must be asked, “what can you do if you do not have the relevant qualifications but still wish to earn 50000 I month income in the Philippines?”

    The first choice is the obvious one, and that is to seek education; however, this is not always possible; therefore, the only other choice is to earn 50K in the Philippines through other means that are business-related. This leads us to the next question, which is….

    How To Earn 50k Per Month In The Philippines From A Business?

    The first choice you will need to make is how much involvement you would like in this business. For example, if earning 50K per month in the Philippines is a priority for you, then potentially starting a full-time business alongside other commitments would be more suitable.

    However, if this is not possible, then a side business is another way to earn 50K per month in the Philippines, but this may take slightly longer as it will only be worked part-time (unless you can outsource the work to somebody else!)

    The next important thing is to keep costs down, especially during a startup. This is why so many businesses have become successful and grown rapidly online rather than traditional businesses. That is not to say that you can’t earn 50K per month in the Philippines through traditional businesses because you can; however, in some scenarios, it may be easier and quicker to set up an online business, especially if money is running low.

    The business operations follow this. This includes how you will market, how much profit you will make, how the processes are conducted, and many other factors. If you are looking for a business template, we have put together a free downloadable template that has been built specifically for the Philippines.

    Finally, the last stage would be the maintenance stage of your business. This is where you can start seeing what areas need to focus on and what areas need to change. For example, you may find you are maintaining 40,000 pesos per month, but changing suppliers to someone cheaper may mean your business saves an extra 12,000 taking you up to 52,000 pesos per month.

    How To Increase Your Income In The Philippines?

    Now we have looked at how to earn 50K per month in the Philippines. It’s wise to focus on income. Ultimately to increase your finances, you will need to cut down on your bills or increase your income. This is a straightforward way of looking at this common problem; however, it is the universal truth of money.

    In other words, instead of asking how to increase your income in the Philippines, we would find more value in asking, “how do I cut down on my bills and increase my profits?”.

    We have put together a full list of 100 different ways how you can save money in the Philippines, which has some exclusive money-saving hacks from business, shopping, fitness to money-saving tips when dating!

    In terms of increasing your profits, this would involve either negotiating a higher pay rise, seeking a better-paid position, starting a second job, or starting a new business.

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