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How To Be Frugal In The Philippines

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    If you wonder how to be frugal in the Philippines and wish to save those extra pesos, you have come to the right place. Today, we’re going to be going over some simple but effective money-saving tips and including five money-saving tips for employees in the Philippines.

    The most important thing when looking at how to save money wisely in the Philippines is that we can live below our means. As the Philippines is such a diverse country, there is plenty of opportunities to save money and live frugally, so let’s have a little look at some of these ways now!

    How To Save Money Wisely In The Philippines

    In our list on how to save money wisely in the Philippines, we have included six super effective ways how to cut down on those pesos if you are looking for some additional money-saving tips, head over to our latest information article for more powerful tips!

    Pick The Cheapest Transportation

    In the Philippines, we are fortunate to have a variety of transportation from Grab to the jeepney. But some transport is more cost-effective than others. In terms of transportation, convenience = higher expense also shared transport = lower expense. Therefore if you are looking at how to be frugal in the Philippines, choosing an option such as a jeepney rather than Grab could save up to 1000 – 2500 pesos Per month.

    Suppose you are looking to increase your fitness and wondering how to save money wisely in the Philippines. In that case, you could take transportation to the next level by choosing to walk or cycle instead of taking public transportation. Initially, a bicycle may set you back a few thousand pesos, but in the long run, it could save you a lot of money on transportation expenses.

    Cut Down On Luxuries

    The next thing to focus on when looking at how to be frugal in the Philippines is to cut down on unnecessary luxury. An unnecessary luxury item is something that is not essential for your life but brings convenience. A classic example of this is A Starbucks coffee, which can cost a few hundred pesos each time, but this is not an essential item and, therefore, it is a luxury. Cutting down on luxury items could save anywhere between 2000 – 1000+ pesos each month.

    A common exercise when looking at how to save money wisely in the Philippines is to write down all expenses, including luxury expenses. Next, start by removing these expenses one by one. Some individuals prefer to cut out one expense a week, while others prefer one luxury expense a month.

    Suppose you struggle to cut down on certain luxury items but still wish to save money wisely in the Philippines. Then, changing certain items to alternative products or services may be a better option for you. For instance, instead of buying a brand new iPhone, could you purchase a cheaper smartphone with the same features? Likewise, could you buy an alternative product instead of buying a branded makeup set or the latest Nike sneakers?

    Find The Freebies in The Philippines

    The great thing about the Philippines is that it is a country filled with promotions if you know where to look. Saving money in the Philippines is made easier if you can find specific products or services free. Many restaurants have a similar promotion where you can collect points and exchange these points at a later date for a free product. Many grocery stores and other industries in the market also offer this type of promotion.

    If you are also buying products in bulk (which is another excellent method to be frugal in the Philippines), you are most likely to receive a free item or sample before you make the purchase; however, negotiation may be a part of the process.

    Buy Products Online

    Purchasing online products is not as popular in the Philippines as in other countries; however, with the rise of independent online sellers and sites such as Shopee, the online market is increasing.

    This is excellent news for those looking to start a business and an extra pesos. It is also great news for locals looking to find quality items at a much lower price than they would through physical stores. Some of the most common and popular items sold online are clothing items. On average, though the latest figures, you could save up to 75% on the retail price by shopping online.

    However, due to shipping costs, not all items are cheaper online. Typically, if an item is smaller and weighs a small amount, shipping will be much less expensive; however, if ordering something large such as a kitchen appliance or home furniture, this may not save you as many pesos.

    Remove High-Interest Debt

    One big money-saving tip for employees and CEOs is to remove high-interest debt. If you are running your own business, then the debt may fall under the category of good debt as this may be part of your business process; however, personal debt is more likely to be classed as bad debt. The reason personal debt is typically organized as bad debt is that the loan is often used to pay for a liability (something that is not bringing in extra capital)

    Removing a high-interest debt from your life can feel like a weight has been lifted. Not only is it an uplifting and empowering step, but it can also save you many thousands of pesos. However, financial experts are in disagreement with how you should repay debts. Some experts believe individuals should pay off their debts with the most expensive debt first, while others believe individuals should pay off the highest interest debt first.

    It is much better to pay off the highest interest debt first in the short and long run, as this will free up much-needed capital.

    Try The 30-Day Rule

    If you are looking at how to save money wisely in the Philippines, then applying the guidelines of the 30 days rule will be valuable. The 30-day role is a simple process. If you see something you wish to purchase, wait 30 days. In the meantime, invest that money into a savings account.

    The 30-day rule has many benefits. The obvious advantage is that you have 30 days to decide if you want to purchase that item. If you do not wish to continue with the transaction, you have made a small profit and potentially saved pesos on something you no longer want.

    5 Money-Saving Tips For Employees In The Philippines

    What About Money-Saving Tips For Employees In The Philippines? Being an employee in the Philippines is not always the most straightforward way to increase your wealth; therefore, it is sometimes a priority to look at saving money. Below we have put together five money-saving tips for employees in the Philippines.

    One bonus tip is that employees should always build a second income even if this is used as a safety net. A second income is essential in this uncertain world.

    Focus On Lowing Food Costs

    The Philippines is a country full of food lovers, but some food expenses can start to creep up, and you may find that your budget for food has increased. If this has happened to you, the number one priority to save money wisely in the Philippines is to cut down on this expense by preparing pre-made meals or seeking cheaper alternatives.

    Individual businesses often have promotions with other local businesses. Suppose your company offers this, then taking advantage of this promotion may be a wise decision. For example, several call centers have a special discount for employees at certain restaurants around the city.

    One expensive expense on the topic of food is sugary snacks. In some cases, you can find a nice chocolate bar or soda at the local 711 for an excellent price; however, these prices can soon add up in the long run. An essential tip on how to be frugal in the Philippines

    Avoid Unessential Spending

    Our next money-saving tip for employees in the Philippines is to avoid unnecessary spending while at work. This tip is specifically during work times, as this is the period when it’s sometimes easier to overspend on unnecessary items.

    I recently spoke to a call center employee who wished to save money but found herself with a bad habit. This bad habit involved smoking cigarettes every few hours. I asked her why she picked up this habit, and she informed me that her job was very stressful, and this was her way of calming down. The problem this had was that her financial income was not enough to support her new habit.

    You may have read the book titled the power of habit. In this book, the author recommends replacing a habit with something new. For example, in the situation above, instead of smoking, the call centre worker could have meditated, spoken to her friends, or gone for a short walk. All of these things would have saved her spending pesos.

    Carpooling In The Philippines

    Carpooling is an excellent way for employees to save money in the Philippines, especially in a big corporation. Several corporations are even recommending this service to their employees, and certain companies have been giving their staff a financial incentive for carpooling.

    If you cannot use car-sharing, an alternative would be either public transport or purchasing a bicycle to cycle to work. Some transportation services even have an agreement with corporations where you can travel much cheaper than usual.


    This option may not be available to everybody. Still, if you are wondering how to save money in the Philippines, relocation is one of the quickest ways to protect those valuable pesos.

    Some even decide to move in with work colleagues or friends to save extra. For example, I communicated with a few real estate agents this week who chose to rent a house and split the costs as this was cheaper than traveling back and forth to work each day.

    Take Advantage Of Any Free Services.

    A growing trend in the Philippines is that of companies offering their services to other companies in exchange for mutual services or products. In other words, if you are working for a company that has an agreement with another company for free products or services or even promotional products and services, then it is recommended to take advantage of this as you could save many pesos by doing so.

    At the same time, some companies offer their employees special services. This could be something as simple as free tea and coffee. If your company is offering such a service, then it would be wise to utilize this benefit and not buy other similar products such as coffee from Starbucks.

    How To Be Frugal In The Philippines Conclusion:

    When you are wondering how to be frugal in the Philippines, you are most likely in a situation where funds are tight. This is something I empathize with as I was stuck in the dreaded rat race for many years. But the universal truth is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and with the right decisions, you can save up while living comfortably.

    Looking at how to save money wisely in the Philippines does not always involve a significant change. Often it is the smallest of changes that save the most money.

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