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5 Ways To Earn Money On Facebook Philippines

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    Have you ever wondered how to earn money on Facebook in the Philippines? Today, we will go through that very question by sharing five of the best ways you can start earning money on Facebook in the Philippines. Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur looking to increase your Facebook growth, we have included some exclusive hacks to help you on the way.

    How To Earn Money On Facebook In The Philippines

    Selling On The Facebook Market Place

    The most obvious way how to earn money on Facebook in the Philippines is through the Facebook marketplace. There are many different buy and sell groups all over the Philippines where you can turn your old items into cash.

    There are a few different methods on how to earn money from the Facebook marketplace. The first option is to sell your items directly to the marketplace. The second option can potentially bring in more income, which is to buy products for later resale.

    Reselling works especially well as there are many bargains to be had, and negotiating will help you drive down the prices to make a more significant profit when you resell.

    Based on the latest statistics, items that sell the best in the Philippines are electronic and beauty items. This begs the question of what items can you not sell on Facebook in the Philippines? Here are the items that you cannot sell on the Facebook platform as per Facebook’s official terms and conditions.

    • Alcohol
    • Animals
    • Certain healthcare products
    • Firearms
    • Illicit drugs
    • Real money/gambling products
    • Tobacco

    Apart from these items, you can sell many different types of products and even services on the buy and sell groups of Facebook. It is always recommended to read the terms of the group; in most cases, if you become spammy, you may not be allowed to post any more content.

    Becoming An influencer

    The next popular way to earn money on Facebook in the Philippines is by becoming a Facebook influencer. A Facebook influencer works with corporations and icons looking to increase their business, sales, or social media presence.

    Typically corporations will pay influences to review their product or ask for a sponsored shout-out/ post. To be successful as an influencer, you will typically need to have a specific audience on a particular niche or a large audience.

    Becoming A Social Media Manager

    Are you good at growing Facebook and know your way around their platform? A social media manager is another popular way on how to earn money on Facebook in the Philippines.

    This specific job role will slightly be different depending on who you are working with, but the primary task will be the account’s growth. Some clients also offer their social media managers commission to make sales through the social media page, which is now possible thanks to the recent Facebook update.

    Flipping Facebook Pages

    A not-so-common method on how to earn money from Facebook in the Philippines is through flipping Facebook pages. This business can be very financially profitable because it can take very little money to grow a Facebook page, but it does take a considerable amount of time.

    Fanpagedeal is an example of a trading platform where you can buy and sell Facebook pages. In some cases, these pages can sell for thousands of dollars.

    Become An Online Seller 

    Another option is to become an online seller. Typically this is slightly different from the marketplace (even though you can use the marketplace selling too). It is different because, as an online seller, you have the option to sell through a Facebook page and through live Facebook videos, which is a popular selling strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

    The most successful online sellers tend to have a specific niche and thus grow an audience willing to share and comment on their live videos, resulting in a higher reach.

    How To Grow Your Facebook Page In The Philippines?

    Now that we have looked over how to earn money from Facebook in the Philippines, you may be wondering how to grow your Facebook page to maximize your earning potential.

    One of the easiest and quickest ways is to work with influences. Typically influences charge money for their services. However, you may be able to offer them an affiliation deal. For example, if their friends or colleagues buy your product, they can receive a small commission for each purchase.

    Another way is to become active in groups. Unfortunately, some make the mistake of spamming Facebook groups. This soon gets discovered, and you will most likely be banned from that group. However, I and others have seen much success by providing value and becoming valuable members of that group. You become trustworthy when you do this, and the community will likely follow and help grow your page.

    Unless you are selling a specific product or service, the best way to earn money on Facebook in the Philippines is by growing your Facebook account & reach.

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