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How To Be A Social Media Manager Philippines

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    How To Be A Social Media Manager In The Philippines: When it comes to how to be a social media manager in the Philippines, you have two options. The first is to work with the company directly, and the second is to become a freelance social media manager in the Philippines.

    Naturally, both options have their pros and cons. For example, being a freelance social media manager in the Philippines is often more flexible but slightly unstable in terms of salary. But on the other side of the coin, you could earn more money as a remote social media manager than working with only one company.

    Therefore today, we will be looking at how to be a social media manager in the Philippines by exploring the steps you will need to take to reach this goal successfully.

    How To Be A Social Media Manager In The Philippines With A Company

    1. Gain The Relevant Social Media Qualifications

    One common question is, do you need skills and qualifications to be a social media manager in the Philippines? Some companies will require applicants to have experience or qualifications in certain fields such as data entry, analytical investigation, or market research, but this will differ depending on the company.

    If you are working with a small company, your tasks will not be as heavy as working with a large corporation. But if you see a job from a large corporation in the Philippines looking for a social media manager, you may be wondering how you gain the relevant qualifications?

    The great news is that there are many free and paid courses online. These courses will cover the majority of subjects. For example,,, and are well-known course providers that offer several different subjects.

    Nevertheless, depending on the company you are applying for, some may require a bachelor’s degree in a business field.

    When looking at how to be a social media manager in the Philippines, qualifications make up a large part of the requirements; however, most companies will also require experience in social media management, which we will now look at.

    2. Build Experience In Social Media Management

    Social media management can take many different forms. One of the most common questions you will hear when applying for a social media manager in the Philippines is… What experience do you have to be a social media manager?

    The great news is there are many options to build experience in today’s modern world. This can be working for other businesses for free or offering your services on platforms such as Fiverr.

    If you are interested in how to build experience as a social media manager in the Philippines, take a look at our below section, where we cover social media management as a freelancer.

    Nevertheless, there are several topics you may wish to focus on when you are looking to build your experience as a social media manager in the Philippines…

    • Branding
    • Data Entry
    • Experience In Other Online Platforms
    • Experience In The Same Industry As The Company
    • Google Analytics / Social Media Analytics
    • Journalism And Pr
    • Leadership Experience
    • Marketing
    • Previous Social Media Management Experience
    • Strong Written And Verbal Communication
    • Time Management

    If you find it difficult to build experience as a social media manager, you could ask friends and family and smaller businesses to manage their social media accounts for free in return for testimonies and experience.

    This process will also allow you to gain some first-hand experience of consumer data which will be very useful during the interview stages of a social media management position.

    3. Prepare And Apply

    The final stage on how to become a social media manager in the Philippines with the company is to prepare yourself and apply for opportunities within your local area. However, the good news is, as social media is online, there are several remote jobs available which means you do not necessarily need to be in a certain location to apply.

    Along my travels across Asia, I met many Filipino workers who worked as social media managers for companies back in the Philippines. Of course, this will depend on the company. If you are looking for a flexible position, you may wish to consider becoming a freelance social media manager in the Philippines.

    However, back to applying.  There are several different jobs as a social media manager in the Philippines at any one time. However, before applying, I recommend fully researching the business as scams can be common.

    Some people have been known to create jobs, and once you apply, they find the applicant a job with another business. The first business pays the salary to the person who created the job and then sends this to you. This is at a much lower rate after they take out their “cut.” This is common worldwide, and it’s very different from becoming a recruitment agent.

    How To Be A Social Media Manager In The Philippines As A Freelancer

    1. Gain Experience And Desirable Skills

    Whether you decide to become a social media manager with a company or freelance, there will be experience and skills needed.

    As a freelance, qualifications are very important; however, experience is often one of the first areas many business owners look at when trying to find a social media manager for their business.

    Below, we have spoken about building trustworthy feedback that naturally increases your experience. In other words, the more experience you get, the more trustworthy feedback you will gain.

    It’s often recommended to write down all your social media management experience and the gaps where you have no experience. This will allow you to plan and work toward building experience so that you can be a successful social media manager in the Philippines.

    2. Build Trustworthy Feedback

    Once you have the basic qualifications and experience needed to be a social media manager in the Philippines, you will need to build trustworthy feedback such as reviews and testimonies from your customers. Here are a few ways you can gain trustworthy feedback.

    • Helping Friends And Family With Their Business Accounts On Social Media
    • Offering Your Services On Fiverr
    • Volunteer With Marketing And Customer Engagement Businesses

    If you are struggling to build reviews, one option would be to start your own small business or social media management page to develop the experience and review yourself. This does not mean that you say to yourself that you did a great job, but instead, this means showcasing your page as another business you have worked on.

    Naturally, building feedback from other businesses is not always mandatory, and some social media management businesses have no experience! Nonetheless, this may slow down the growth and progress of your business, as experience is an important area many businesses focus on when looking for a social media manager in the Philippines.

    3. Create An Online Profile As A Social Media Manager

    Creating an online profile is one of the most important stages of looking to be a freelance social media manager.

    Fiverr Is perhaps one of the most well-known and popular platforms for freelancers; however, there are several others such as TaskRabbit, UpWork, and PeoplePerHour. Recently we explored some of the best freelancing jobs for Filipinos. There you will find many jobs and opportunities within the current market.

    Creating a social media page is also highly recommended. This works especially well when you are messaging businesses, as your social media page will be the first impression they receive about you and your social media management business. Creating a fully optimized page with the relevant information, reviews, etc, will always impress.

    When looking at how to be a freelance social media manager in the Philippines, you may also wish to go the extra mile in finding clients… To do this, we move on to our next stage, starting your social media management site.

    4. Start Your Website

    Designing a website is not always necessary. It is completely optional; however, if you have your website dedicated to your social media management business, it gives you a competitive edge in a competitive industry.

    Previously I have hired many social media managers. You can always tell the good social media managers (and those who are serious) because they often have their websites highlighting their experience as social media managers.

    You can also turn this into a profitable online business. For example, becoming a YouTuber or a Blogger is a great way to earn money from online content. For example, a YouTuber called All In One Social earns a living from helping businesses grow their social media accounts!  

    5. Build Your Management Business And Grow

    The last stage on how to be a freelance social media manager in the Philippines is to build your business and grow.

    Growing can take many forms. For example, similar to what we mentioned above, growing could mean creating a blog or YouTube channel and earning money from AdSense. Alternatively, growing could be building a small team and working with several businesses worldwide.

    Growing a business also covers many different areas, such as reinvestment. You may wish to consider reinvestment into your business at some time to grow it for the future. Scalability is also a common buzzword in the business world, and this is very different from growth.

    Making your business more scalable is essentially doing more for less. So perhaps you can make some automatic process, allowing you more free time to concentrate on what’s really important.

    The most important advice I would give to any new social media management business owners is to keep up with the latest technology and developments. This is critical for your business and your client’s business. The way we communicate is changing, and so is technology. As a result, the future of social media management looks promising.

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