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How To Be A Social Media Influencer Philippines

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    How To Be A Social Media Influencer In The Philippines: Recently we spoke about how to become a successful social media manager in the Philippines, but today we are turning our attention to you as an individual. More specifically, the question we will be addressing today is how to be a social media influencer in the Philippines.

    How To Be A Social Media Influencer In The Philippines

    1. Find Your Niche

    In the influencing world, there are many different categories. But within those categories are sub-categories commonly known as niches. Of course, if you are a celebrity, you don’t need to find a niche because you are already well known. Still, if you are starting to become a social media influencer in the Philippines as a beginner, it’s often wise to choose a niche.

    This is also another way of saying – what is different about you? For example, if you target the beauty or health niche, do you have an amazing 6 pack!? As crazy as this sounds, standing out from the crowd is one of the reasons influences become much larger than others.

    Of course, the example above is an example only. but think about it from the point of view of a business… if you were selling diet pills, would you want an average influencer or one who had an amazing 6 pack? Whether this is something you and I agree with or disagree with, it is how the influencing world works.

    Fitness is one of the examples we used, so let’s use this again. Fitness is a large industry, and therefore when you come across large industries, it would be much more strategic to choose a sub-niche such as Vegan fitness, for instance.

    2. Build Your Audience

    There are several different types of influences. Large influencers often have more than a million followers, but smaller groups of influences are commonly known as micro-influencers with less than 10,000 followers.

    This shows that you do not need a big audience if you are looking at how to be a social media influencer in the Philippines; however, having an audience of some kind is important.

    There are several tips and tricks all across the web on how to increase your social media followers but in my experience growth of a channel comes down to several factors. These factors include consistency, community engagement, trustworthiness, delivery, and providing emotional content.

    Fundamentally you need to give your followers a reason to follow your page. As an influencer in the Philippines, why should they click that follow button? If you are following any individual pages of celebrities, it may be a good idea to ask yourself a similar question – why are you following him/her? This will give you an insight into the influencing process.

    3. Register With Talent Agents

    There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of talent agencies worldwide, specifically looking for the next big influencer. Here are a few that are the most popular worldwide.

    • Colossal Influence
    • INF Influencer Agency
    • NeoReach
    • Pulse Talent Management
    • Re6l
    • Viral Nation

    Of course, this is an optional step, and there are many pros and cons to signing up with a talent agency. In addition, several scams have been well known in this industry; thus, it is best to research any agency before applying fully.

    4. Apply To Be An Ambassador

    Being an ambassador is very similar to being an affiliate marketer in some respects (more on this below). But the term ambassador has become very popular over the years. Therefore, if you are looking at how to be a social media influencer in the Philippines, you may wish to become an ambassador of your favorite brand.

    Some ambassadors are paid only when they make a sale, while others are paid when they sell and promote. The more influence the social media influencer has, the more they typically earn from these deals.

    Fitness and beauty are two of the largest industries for influencing globally, and therefore you will find many ambassador positions available. Of course, the process will differ from business to business, but most businesses allow influences to apply via social media or their website.

    5. Reach Out To Businesses Directly

    One of the best options for looking at how to be a social media influencer in the Philippines is to contact businesses directly.

    Most large companies who are interested in working with influences will state this on their social media profile or their website; however, some smaller to medium companies may not do so, and therefore you may stand a better chance working with smaller businesses, especially if you have a smaller social media page.

    When looking at how to be a social media influencer in the Philippines as a beginner, it’s best to be open and friendly and not take any rejection as personal. Unfortunately, reaching out to businesses can take time before you find a great company to work with, and therefore, it’s best to have a plan and strategy for this process.

    6. Collaborate With Other Influences

    YouTube is a classic example of how well collaboration can work together. So many successful YouTubers have grown because of collaboration, which is also true for other social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

    Some people gain popularity by association. If you are associated with an influencer or several celebrities, you become more well-known. For example, you may not know who I am personally, but if you start to see my work with your favorite YouTubers, then there’s a chance that I will become more well-known. And the same process is the same for you or anybody else.

    What is important at this stage is that you can keep consistency. Some disagree, so this is something that you will have to investigate in your industry. However, in my experience, consistency works when both people work in the same industry or talk about the same topic

    7. Get Attention

    How does any social media platform grow? It gets attention. So the next question is, as a new influencer in the Philippines, how do you get attention?

    There are several ways that businesses have been using human psychology and social media psychology for years to influence consumers. You could apply a similar process or get attention by doing the opposite.

    In today’s modern world, gaining popularity on social media is hard because everybody is doing the same thing, just in a slightly different way. Therefore one of the best ways to get attention is by being completely different. However, this must be getting attention in the right way.

    There has been an ongoing debate about attention. Some believe that all attention is good, even if it is bad attention, while others believe that only good attention works. In my opinion, the wrong kind of attention can destroy an influence’s career and therefore building the right kind of attention is always recommended.

    8. Start Earning Money As An Influencer In The Philippines

    So how can you earn money as an influencer in the Philippines? This is a fantastic question and one that many ask from time to time. One of the easiest ways is by becoming an affiliate marketer.

    We have explored a full guide on affiliate marketing in the Philippines, which has detailed how you can earn money online from influencing in the Philippines. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start advertising products for a commission as soon as you have been accepted (often very simple and straightforward).

    Affiliate marketing works especially well if you have a YouTube channel or a blog, and it’s a great way of increasing your overall income online in the Philippines.

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