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Beginner Upwork Jobs Philippines For Profit

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    Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that has gained popularity across the Philippines in recent years, but what are the best Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines? Today’s article will discuss this very question by looking over 9 categories.

    Last week we recently spoke about how to earn money on Fiverr, where we covered the best beginner gigs, so if you are looking for Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines, you may wish to check out that article for some additional ideas; I have attached this article on the link above.

    Upwork Jobs For Beginners Philippines

    Upwork Jobs For Beginners Philippines

    Admin & Customer Support

    Administration and customer support include the process of managing the day-to-day operations of a business. This could consist of changing orders, processing customer information, sending emails, etc. Therefore there are many administration and customer support services that are available on the Upwork platform.

    If you are looking for the best Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines, they are most definitely found in the admin and customer support industry. Here is a list of a few examples of administration and customer support services that can be offered.

    • Administrative Assistant
    • Appointment Set Up
    • Bookkeeper
    • Cold Calling
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Data Analyst
    • Microsoft Services Expert
    • Project Manager
    • Researcher
    • Typist
    • Virtual Assistant

    As we can see, there is an extensive list of options of Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines. One downside is that some of these roles are not the most financially profitable. But, on the other hand, the benefit is that often these jobs are repetitive and reasonably easy to do. In other words, there are both pros and cons in this category when looking for freelancing jobs in the Philippines.

    Design & Creative

    If you are a creative individual or have previous experience in the design industry, this may be the best Upwork job Philippines. The great thing about design is that it can take many different forms. For example, design refers to anything to do with imagery, typography, logos, packaging, and so much more.

    Let’s take a look at potential options for the best Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines in the industry of design and creativity.

    • Animation
    • Block Designing
    • Blog Writing
    • Book Creating
    • Brochure Designing
    • Mobile App Designing
    • Photo Editing
    • Product Designing
    • Social Media Services
    • Three Designing
    • Video Editing And Producing
    • Youtube Art Designing

    This industry has a host of potential Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines because it has a mixture of available freelancing jobs that are both straightforward and complex. In addition, apart from digital software, many of these services can be started with very low capital.

    Development & I.T

    This category refers to the technical side of a business. For example, this can be anything such as the layout of the website or the management of an online payment system. This does require some level of coding experience, and thus, it may not be the best Upwork job for beginners in the Philippines if you do not have previous experience.

    However, if you do have some coding experience, there are many opportunities for beginners and professionals. Here is a list of potential opportunities.

    • CSS Developer
    • Data Analyst
    • Game Developer
    • General Website Development
    • Mobile Application Developer Software Developer

    As we can see from the list above, there are slightly fewer options compared to other industries such as design and creativity. Still, there are many Upwork jobs in the Philippines within each of the examples above. For instance, website development can take many different forms on WordPress, Magento, and many others.

    Engineering & Architecture

    This category is a mixture of several subcategories. For example, many engineering and architecture beginner jobs revolve around science, math, design, and planning. There is also an element of critical thinking and a solution-based approach to this category. This often includes the relevant skills and experience but a large slice of common sense and critical thinking.

    There are many opportunities for freelancing in the Philippines. If you are looking for Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines, here are some additional options in the industry of engineering and architecture.

    • Biologist
    • Element Specialist
    • Interior And Exterior Designer
    • Logistics Planning And Management
    • Product Designing
    • Rendering Artist
    • Robotics

    In preparation for this article, I spent the last few weeks analyzing Upwork and looking through the Filipino freelancers in the Philippines offering their services. I often found those in this industry often have the highest salary.

    Finance & Accounting

    Financing and accounting are something that we all have to deal with daily with our own personal finances. Still, with this category, finance tends to be more about managing the resource is of a business. Accountancy is very similar but is more data-driven. This can include the process of recording financial transactions, profits, and losses.

    The world of finance and accounting is a big one. Therefore if you’re looking for Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines, you may find some great options. There is an extensive list of potential opportunities, and there are also opportunities within the opportunities. So let’s take a look at some possible beginner jobs on Upwork.

    • Basic And Advanced Accountancy
    • Business Research
    • Financial Data Analyst
    • Financial Modelling
    • Financial Planning
    • Investing Support
    • Market Research
    • Payroll Processing
    • Spreadsheet Analyst
    • Tax Preparation

    When a business is looking for talented staff, there are specific skills they are looking for; therefore, if you have some financial experience and certificates, this is a significant advantage on the Upwork platform. However, in general, if you are looking for Upwork jobs for beginners in the Philippines, having vast experience and qualifications is always beneficial.

    H.R. & Training

    We’ve now reached the wonderful world of human resources. Due to the pandemic, many businesses have found that they can outsource a majority of their tasks; this includes the industry of H.R. and training. So what exactly will you be doing if you offer your services in H.R. and training?

    Similar to other categories, there are many potential opportunities for beginner jobs on Upwork in the Philippines. Here are a few examples of opportunities.

    • Coaching Support
    • Contingency Plan Creator
    • Human Resource Is Specialist
    • Interviewer
    • Interviewing Process Administrator
    • Job Description Writer
    • Onboarding Specialist
    • Recruiter
    • Training Planning

    The category of human resources and training can be slightly more complex than other industries. This is because there are often specific rules and regulations with individual countries. For example, to avoid discrimination in some countries, you cannot ask specific questions about an individual’s lifestyle. Still, in most cases, you will receive information and support from the hirer.


    The legal category is slightly less popular than other categories on the Upwork platform. Still, if you have the right qualifications and experience, you will find plenty of opportunities for potential jobs on the Upwork platform. Naturally, this may not be the best Upwork job for beginners in the Philippines if you do not have any legal experience.

    Nonetheless, if you have some experience and have never used the platform previously, this can be a fantastic opportunity for beginners. Here are some possible services.

    • General Legal Assistance
    • General Plagiarism
    • Immigration Law
    • Legal Complaints Handling
    • Real Estate Legal Assistance
    • Relationship Law
    • Trademark Disputes
    • Workplace Safety

    With the category of law, you often specialized in one or two particular areas, so your options may be fairly limited, however, due to the age of technology, there are more and more legal disputes, especially with social media usage and YouTube content creators and therefore the demand for legal assistance in this field is increasing.

    Sales & Marketing

    The sales and the marketing category is one of the biggest on the Upwork platform. If you are looking for the best work jobs for beginners in the Philippines, the list category may be perfect. These types of roles tend to be sales based meaning that the end goal is to generate sales.

    Gathering feedback from others, it seems that those who regularly work with customers repeatedly and gain long-term employment are those who generate more money for the business than they cost. Thus the company continues to hire them frequently. Here are a few opportunities in this industry.

    • Google And Bing Advertisement
    • Social Media Management
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Email Marketing
    • Block Creating
    • Telemarketing
    • Link Building

    There are many different online courses and tutorials to learn the skills needed to become experienced in these roles. Of course, some opportunities will need a degree of qualifications; however, experience often beats qualifications, primarily if you previously worked with well-known clients. But if you are a beginner in the industry, the experience can be built slowly.

    Writing & Translation

    The last category is a very popular option for business owners on the Upwork platform. This is because, in many businesses worldwide, the demand for full-time writers and translators is high. In addition, you may work with customers who would like you to build a story with their audience; other customers may wish to persuade an audience to buy a particular product.

    However, the opportunities are endless. You may come across some customers who want to build their blogging business or translate their podcasts to be found on a website through text. Here are a few opportunities for beginner jobs on Upwork in the Philippines.

    • Article Writing
    • Audio To Text Translation
    • Business Plan Writing
    • Ebook Writing.
    • Essay Writing
    • Fact-Checking
    • Language Translation
    • Product Review Writing
    • Spell Checking Services

    With this category, you may find many available opportunities linked with other categories. For example, writing about a product can also be a form of marketing for that business. It’s strongly recommended to obtain spellchecking software with these kinds of beginner jobs on Upwork in the Philippines. Please take a look at some of our freelance writing guides for some extra tips and tricks.

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