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Earning Money On Fiverr In The Philippines

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    Earning money on Fiverr in the Philippines is often a common question the community asks, but is Fiverr legit, and is Fiverr worth it in the Philippines? Today’s article will cover these questions and many more by exploring how to make money on Fiverr for beginners in the Philippines.

    We have also recently covered this entire topic on our YouTube channel, so if you prefer to watch, head on to our latest episode for more information on how you can earn money from Fiverr in the Philippines.

    Earning Money On Fiverr In The Philippines Q&A’s

    Is Fiverr Legit

    Fiverr is a legitimate platform that launched in 2010. Several years later, in 2019, Fiverr went public and was listed on the NYSE. Fiverr is a freelancing platform used globally and is one of the leading freelancing platforms worldwide.

    Is Fiverr Worth It In The Philippines

    A big part of whether Fiverr is worth it in the Philippines or not comes down to the overall cost, which will be addressed below, but apart from the price, it depends on what you are aiming for on the Fiverr platform.

    The platform allows you to become a freelancer and grow your business. Our articles here at Filipino wealth often speak about the best online companies and the best freelance jobs in the Philippines. Because of this, we often refer back to Fiverr as it’s usually a less risky way of starting a freelancing business.

    In addition, it’s often a great way to find extra customers for those who have a successful freelancing business. Your profile, gig, and your reviews are significant. Statistically, the higher the reviews, the more sales you could make.

    To summarise Fiverr is a worthwhile platform if you are a beginner looking to earn money online in the Philippines or an experienced freelancer. With online platforms such as Fiverr, it’s always important to balance your time and effort and then compare them to your investment return.

    Is Fiver Free In The Philippines

    As a standard Fiverr seller, there are no transaction fees or subscription fees. Therefore, Fiverr is completely free to use in the Philippines. Fiverr instead charge a percentage fee on each sale; thus, you will receive 80% of each transaction, and Fiverr will keep the remaining 20%.

    You can determine how much you charge for your services. For example, gigs on Fiverr range between $5 to just under $1000. Now we know Fiver is free in the Philippines; when calculating your costs is often recommended to look at your monthly fee and take away 80% as this is much easier than calculating each transaction.

    How To Make Money On Fiverr For Beginners

    There are two ways to make money on Fiverr for beginners in the Philippines. The first way Filipinos can earn money from Fiverr is by selling a gig.

    This can be anything from video editing, freelance writing, or even singing. There are a host of different jobs that are available to choose from on the Fiverr platform.

    Do You Want To Make More Money?

     How You Can Make Money In The Philippines

    Check out the full expert guide, which includes everything you need to know!

    The second way how to make money on Fiverr for beginners in the Philippines is by teaming up with the Fiverr affiliate marketing campaign.

    Essentially you can boost your income by driving your traffic to the Fiverr platform. A per-action basis determines commission rates. So the more your referral buys and the higher value, the more commission you will earn.

    Is Fiverr Good For Filipinos

    Fiverr is a good platform for Filipinos and anyone else looking to earn money online in the Philippines. One of the reasons Fiverr has become popular is that there are many different opportunities. Recently, Fiverr has added a lifestyle tab, which means there are many unique opportunities from life coaching to horoscope reading!

    Fiverr is not the most accessible platform as you have to make your gig stand out, and getting attention on platforms like this is often the most challenging part if you are looking to earn money on Fiverr in the Philippines. Getting notice will only be one part of the long-term strategy.

    Pro sellers and sellers who are full-time often build a reputation with customers; this includes online social proofing such as high reviews and testimonies. Usually, this can be achieved by overdelivering and meeting the customer’s expectations.

    Fiverr Philippines

    When starting an online business or becoming a freelancer in the Philippines, we always recommend reading the full terms and conditions of the platform in question. I have used it as a buyer and a seller, and I’m a big fan, but the Fiverr platform is not for everybody. It can take some time to get noticed, but the great thing is, as a primary seller, you can have a minimum of seven gigs at any time, meaning that your chances of visibility increase.

    One of the great things about starting an online freelancing business is that it often has excellent scalability. As you can see from the platform, many Filipinos use Fiverr in the Philippines and earn a fantastic salary.

    The wonderful thing is that it does not cost you anything to sign up, so you can do so without the risk of a financial loss. This is often a significant advantage compared to more traditional businesses. Nonetheless, if you are looking for freelance businesses in the Philippines, I have attached a link above for more details. How to earn money on Fiverr In The Philippines.

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