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How To Be A Freelance Model In The Philippines

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    How To Be A Freelance Model In The Philippines: Modeling in the Philippines can be a very profitable business and career… But, how to be a freelance model in the Philippines if you are a beginner? In today’s article, we will be covering the stages and steps you will need to take if you are looking to become a full time or freelance model in the Philippines.

    Additionally, we will be answering some of the biggest questions you may have about the modeling industry in the Philippines. This includes how to find Philippines modeling agencies, how much do models earn in the Philippines, and finally, the ultimate question of can I be a model in the Philippines.

    How To Be A Freelance Model In The Philippines

    1. Decide On The Type Of Model You Want To Be

    In the modeling industry in the Philippines, you will find several different types of models. For example, here is a small list of common types ….

    • Commercial Models
    • Fashion Models
    • Fitness Models
    • Glamour Models
    • Parts Models (Hands, Feet, Etc)
    • Print Models (Magazine, Newspaper, Etc)
    • Promotional Models
    • Runway Models
    • Swimsuit Models

    Naturally, when looking at how to be a freelance model in the Philippines, your plan and strategy will differ depending on what type of model you would like to be. However, having a niche will also allow you to find opportunities and appear to photographers more easily.

    You may also wish to create a plan of action similar to a physical business at this stage. In other words, you can start to look at the current industry where you are living at the moment and ask yourself some important questions such as … Can you model in a different location? What are the risks and opportunities in the current market? How much will modeling cost me? Is modeling profitable in the Philippines?

    Once you have answered some of these personal questions, you can then start to build a plan to be a successful model in the Philippines. With this also comes a strategy. In other words, how will you reach your goal or become a successful part-time or full time model in the Philippines?

    2. Gain Experience And Build Your Portfolio

    The most challenging time for models is gaining that initial experience. In some cases, you may need to offer your services for a reduced rate or even for free to gain experience in the industry. This is not a long-term strategy but a short-term strategy that will help you build that early experience.

    Once you have gained experience, you can start building your portfolio. For example, suppose you wish to become a model in the Philippines. In that case, it’s recommended to gain additional experience, including posing and even photography experience, so you know just what the photographers are looking for.

    Creating a website is highly recommended as you can list your portfolio online. There are many free website builders such as Wix; however, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, it’s recommended to create a website using WordPress. Once you have WordPress, you will need to host your website to appear on the Internet….

    …. to do this, it’s recommended to take a look at our full guide on the cheapest and fastest web hosting services for websites in the Philippines.

    3. Grow Your Social Media Channels

    The next step on how to be a freelance model in the Philippines involves growing your social media channel. Of course, this is not 100% necessary. However, it will help you appear more credible, especially when first becoming a model in the Philippines.

    Most photographers and companies will find your social media profiles before they hire you (trust me), so making sure that your profile showcases the best photos and highlights your brand is necessary.

    Growing a social media channel takes time, and consistency is often recommended, but the power of other social media channels is often neglected. In other words, it sometimes takes one channel to grow another. For example, Facebook can be used to grow your Instagram, and Instagram can be used to grow your Facebook.

    4. Network And Work With Modelling Agencies

    The next stage is also another optional stage, but it can help you become a model in the Philippines. However, before we talk about modeling…. We have to mention scams.

    Due to the increased risk of scams, it is recommended to work with agencies only if you know someone who has worked with them previously. Additionally, on some occasions, affiliate marketers are paid a commission if they make a sale, so it’s also important to consider this.

    Most legitimate agencies tend to be situated around the Manila area from research. You can look at BusinessList, a website that has a list of the modeling agencies in the Philippines.

    5. Promote And Start Apply

    If you decide not to work with a modeling agency in the Philippines and instead promote yourself, there are options available.

    Assuming you have grown your social media and followed the previous steps mentioned today, you can reach out to businesses and photographers via social media and email marketing. Facebook groups are also a very popular option if you live in a city.

    If you live in Manila or Cebu, you will find many more opportunities for modeling than in other cities (based on our research and statistics). However, if you struggle to find opportunities, you may need to move to a better location.

    Additionally, if you want to be a freelance model, you may also go to neighboring countries such as Thailand. Bangkok has some fantastic opportunities, and there are also opportunities to become a teacher to earn money until you make it in the modeling industry.

    However, back in the Philippines… One of the best ways to find customers is to find small businesses that need a model for their products. You may earn more money working with several smaller companies than only one large company, so this is something to keep in the back of your mind.

    6. Grow And Become A Fulltime Model In The Philippines

    The final stage of becoming a freelance model in the Philippines is growth, which includes becoming a full-time model if you wish. But how do you achieve this goal?

    To become a full time model and a successful model in the Philippines, you will need to go all out. In other words, this needs to be your life goal, and you will do anything to achieve it. Of course, this does not mean you go crazy and work with every business. But instead, you build a robust strategy to reach the top.

    Here are a few ideas to become successful as a model in the Philippines…

    • Be Featured In Magazines And Online Blogs
    • Create An Awareness Strategy
    • Increase Your Niche
    • Launch A Youtube Channel
    • Network With The Community
    • Purchase Online Modeling Courses
    • Start A Podcast
    • Work Overseas
    • Work With Influences In The Philippines
    • Work With International Businesses
    • Work With Several Types Of Businesses

    Some of these options are fairly general, and you may wish to explore these options in much more depth depending on what type of model you wish to be in the Philippines. However, now that we have explored how to be a freelance model in the Philippines, we can answer some common questions.

    How To Find Philippines Modelling Agencies

    The best way to find modeling agencies in the Philippines is by searching social media, Google Maps, blog posts, and word of mouth. There are several lists available online, which we have linked to in this article.

    Can I Be A Model In The Philippines

    Modeling can be a difficult industry to break into in the Philippines. However, as there are several different modeling professions, it’s often a lot easier than most people think.

    To be a model in the Philippines, you either need to be well known or have something different about you. This difference can be amazing looks or an incredibly chiseled body. These requirements are often because models influence an audience into purchasing a solution to a problem.

    Modeling is always about gaining attention in one form or another. You do not necessarily need to be incredibly beautiful to be a model. But you do need to have something striking and different about you. For example, suppose you are a well-known celebrity. In that case, your personality and personal brand are different about you, and this is why many celebrities are offered modeling opportunities.

    How Much Do Models Earn In The Philippines

    Online sources conclude a full-time model in the Philippines earns between 30K – 40K Pesos a month. However, the total salary a freelance model earns in the Philippines varies depending on the model. This range can be between 100,000 to millions of Pesos a month.

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