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How To Be A Freelance Journalist Philippines

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    How To Be A Freelance Journalist Philippines: Becoming a freelance journalist in the Philippines is a dream for many talented entrepreneurs, but what is the best way on how to be a freelance journalist in the Philippines? Today’s article will cover the full process of successfully becoming a journalist in the Philippines and explore what you need to do to turn this passion into a successful business.

    How To Be A Freelance Journalist Philippines

    1. Decide On Your Journalist Path

    As you will most likely know, there are several opportunities for journalism in today’s modern world. Therefore, the first stage on how to be a journalist in the Philippines is deciding on what option is best for you.

    You may decide on one type of journalism or work on one platform (such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit, etc.), but what is important is that you decide which option is best for you. This will allow you to build your plan and strategy according to your end result.

    There are several journalism business plans that you can download; however, if you are looking for a business and a financial template for a Filipino business, feel free to download our full plan.

    Once you have finalized your journalism plan and strategy, the next step involves gaining experience in journalism.

    2. Gain Experience And Qualifications

    If you wish to be a freelance journalist in the Philippines, there is a high probability that you will be working with other companies (unless you decide to start your own website – more on this later). Therefore you will need to gain the relevant experience and qualifications needed to grab the attention of potential clients.

    There are many ways you can gain experience. For example, if you are currently studying in college/university, there may be an opportunity for journalism. There is also a large amount of opportunity to write for high authority websites such as Medium. You can even offer your services to businesses for free to gain that initial journalism experience.

    The great news is, if you do not have any journalism qualifications in the Philippines, there are plenty of opportunities with free and paid courses online. Additionally, there is also a large selection of free material on platforms such as YouTube, which can help beginner journalists.

    3. Buy The Essential Journalist Equipment

    Now we move on to the third stage on how to be a freelance journalist in the Philippines, which includes equipment purchasing. There are several different types of journalism options, and depending on the type of journalism you are interested in, there may be certain pieces of equipment that are required.

    For example, suppose you are looking to launch yourself as an online journalist in the Philippines via YouTube. In that case, you will need a professional camera and microphone or one of the latest smartphones to appear professional and keep your audience engaged. Additionally, editing software is also something else you may decide to buy.

    But naturally, the type of equipment you will need will depend on your journalism goal. Grammarly is an excellent software tool that I use for all my blogs, and it’s one of the best pieces of software for beginner journalists.

    4. Launch Your Portfolio

    Building your portfolio is an important stage of starting any new business in the Philippines. A portfolio can include a list of experiences and companies you have worked with, and this is often delivered through a website as this gives you that professional image.

    Previously we have spoken about the best web hosting services for the Philippines, including hosting services that are very fast and very cheap. Therefore, it’s often recommended to look at our full list if you are looking to launch a professional website.

    Several free website builders offer free and premium plans; however, most free platforms are filled with advertisements, resulting in a poor user experience. This is one thing to consider when deciding How to be a freelance journalist in the Philippines. Another option is to create a social media account to show your experience and qualifications.

    5. Offer Journalist Gigs On Fiverr

    If you are looking for the best services to offer on Fiverr, then it’s recommended to look at our recent article. But why? Because there are several jobs that are very similar to journalism that can make you some great money as a freelancer in the Philippines.

    Nevertheless, there are also several other platforms available, including TaskRabbit, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and so on.

    The great thing about becoming a freelance journalist in the Philippines is a flexible career. You may find the process slightly slow, to begin with, until you can receive some high ratings, then gigs can start to come in very fast but do not worry as you are always in control of your workload.

    6. Start A Profitable Blog

    The last and perhaps one of the most important stages of how to be a freelance journalist in the Philippines is to create your own blog. This is a massive opportunity in the Philippines, and there are plenty of options for successful blogging.

    This is a great way to gain experience if you have not previously worked with businesses. You can even earn more money blogging than working with companies on some occasions. This is why starting a journalism blog in the Philippines is such a fantastic idea.

    Google is also pushing its wider network, including Google Maps, Google podcast, and Google News. The great thing about starting A blog on journalism in the Philippines is that you can be featured on Google News and receive more traffic!

    Starting a profitable blog in the Philippines will depend on the monetization strategy. Previously we have explored the process of starting a profitable blog in the Philippines for complete beginners.

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    How To Be A Freelance Journalist Philippines