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How To Be An Actress In The Philippines

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    Here it Filipino wealth we often speak about starting a business in the Philippines, but what does becoming an actor or actress have to do with a business? Quite a lot. The reality is that as an amateur actress, this may be the start of a brand new journey; despite what people may say, you are limitless. This beginning stage of your journey is almost like starting a new business where you want to go to a place, but you may be unsure of the strategy to get there.

    Thankfully Filipino Wealth has you covered, as today we will be looking at how to become an actress in the Philippines. There are many options and opportunities for you to become an actress, but we have broken down the process into three stages to make the process simple.

    The first stage on how to be an actress in the Philippines begins with deciding what kind of actress do you want to be? For example, what exactly is your end goal? …. are you looking for a part-time job, or are you looking to be a star and earn enough money from this to replace your current income?

    The second stage is becoming recognized. Every actor or actress who has ever been successful has had to gain some kind of acknowledgment on their journey to the top. In previous years some have taken to the platform of TikTok to gain publicity and attention; overs have turned to online streaming, but there are countless opportunities to be noticed. (this is not mandatory, but it does help)

    The final stage is to scale your brand. As mentioned at the beginning, when we first looked into how to be an actress in the Philippines, I mentioned that this journey is very similar to a business. One additional reason why it is very similar to a business is that you are the brand, but this is something we will explore later; first, let’s look at the first stage in more detail.

    How To Be An Actress In The Philippines

    How To Be An Actress In The Philippines

    1. Decide What Kind Of Actress You Want To Be

    The first piece of advice I would give if you are looking at how to be an actress in the Philippines is to remove any false information. For example, some believe they need to be extremely rich and be very tall and fit to become an actress. In the Philippines and many countries around the world, this has been proven to be inaccurate. But looks and wealth will help.

    But, the first stage on how to be an actress in the Philippines is to decide what kind of actress you want to be. Would you like to be part of some commercials and obtain a part-time income from becoming an actress? Are you looking to hit the big time and be a lead in movies?

    The reality is the journey of an actress is not always a simple one. So you will need to know exactly where you are heading to build a solid foundation and a strategy. Wanting to become an actress is a great idea, but it’s best to be specific about your dream. Here are a few questions to help you in the process.

    • What Kind Of Actress Do I Want To Be?
    • What Kind Of Work Would I Be Willing To Do?
    • What Skills And Experience Do I Need To Obtain This?
    • What Are My Biggest Advantages?
    • Are There Any Opportunities Open For Me Right Now That I Can Use For Experience?
    • Who Do I Need To Connect With To Reach The Next Level In Being An Actress?
    • How Long Is This Going To Take Me?
    • When Is My Target Date?

    In many situations, successful actresses don’t always sit down and write a plan. Still, they often do so in their minds. Many of them do not even realize they’re doing it as it’s completely subconscious. At this moment in time, you are a character in a game. Therefore, if you’re looking to become an actress, you need to determine how you take your character to the next level in the game.

    In addition, this is also the stage to gain any relevant qualifications that are needed; for example, there are courses at the GMA Artist Centre and the Star Magic Workshop. But prices are not cheap. Some reports suggest that weekly prices range from 20-50K or more.

    To summarise, the first stage is planning. This includes everything you will need to know when looking at how to become an actress in the Philippines. This is the Who, What, Where, When, and How question set. Once you have a solid foundation, you can then start to look at the next stage, which is part of your growth strategy.

    2. Become Recognized In The Philippines (For The Right Reasons)

    One of the things that I believe passionately about the Philippines is that it’s not what you know but who you know. Even if you have all the qualifications in the world, someone who has the right connection may get the part above you, and this is what we don’t want, so let’s build those connections!

    In essence, this is part of your strategy, which is following on from the first step. For example, many successful actors and actresses in the Philippines received acknowledgment on their road to the top. In today’s modern world, this typically comes in the form of social media. Think of Bella Poarch, for example.

    But online may not be the right strategy for you; perhaps you would like to participate in a TV show or something similar to get the attention and recognition you need. Alternatively, you could approach an agency that aims to get you the acknowledgment through similar ways or more minor actress roles.

    In addition, becoming known for the right reasons is often challenging if you do not live in a particular location. Of course, this is slightly different if you are gaining attention online, but if you are not, you often need to be in Manila to stand the best chance of success.

    To summarise, this is the section of your strategy, and there are many different types of systems you may decide to take. For instance, you may choose to move to Manila and start taking up more minor actress roles or decide to work with an agency; whatever your plan is, you will need a strategy. This means the method on how to get from point A to point B.

    3. Scale & Grow

    The third stage is relatively simple in words but more challenging in action as it involves grabbing your brand (your actress career). At this phase of the game, you most likely have some small-time actress roles or have begun to earn some small income from being an actress, but, likely, you are still not at your target of becoming a big star, so what’s next?

    Scalability is often a term used in business, but we all have a sense of scalability. Every year we grow as a person. This includes mentally, physically, and spiritually. So how can you scale yourself to reach your goal?

    Scalability is often a long-term process, and many successful individuals have had to try repeatedly until they can hit big. Some of the biggest household names across the world appeared as extras in movies and TV shows and small commercials (sometimes for even many years) before they hit the big league.

    You, as an actress, are the brand. So everything you do or say affects your brand. But looking through all of the brands, whether that be a corporate brand or a personal brand, you will often see a trend of determination and persistence. In the current time of becoming an actress in the Philippines, you need to have a high level of determination and persistence if you are looking to reach the big league.

    Nonetheless, this stage is all about growing, so it’s often wise to ask yourself a few personal questions. Such as what’s one thing that would 10X my actress career right now? or what action do I need to take over the next 12 months that will result in high demand for my service?

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    How To Be An Actress In The Philippines