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Is Clickbank Available In The Philippines?

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    If you are wondering if ClickBank is available in the Philippines and how to sign up to ClickBank Philippines, then you have defiantly come to the right place!

    Clickbank is an online affiliate marketplace that caters to thousands of digital commodities such as software, e-books, and videos, among many others. This affiliate network acts as an agent between affiliates and vendors. This is why it is one of the hottest affiliate programs in the Philippines right now.

    Aspiring affiliates will need to create an affiliate account at Clickbank to begin. Once set up, you can go through the available products from the vendors(brands) in the marketplace.

    When you find a product you wish to promote, you can generate a unique affiliate link that directs to the product page of the vendor. Once a visitor buys a product, you can earn a commission.  

    Please note: In this article, we refer to the Clickbank process as ClickBank Philippines/ how to sign up to ClickBank Philippines. This is to help readers; however, there is no specific site or page dedicated to Clickbanks for the Philippines. To sign up to Clickbank Philippines, you will need to visit

    Is Clickbank Available In The Philippines?

    Clickbank is available in many countries, including the Philippines. Established in 1998 in San Diego, California, ClickBank is one of the pioneers in the affiliate marketing network.

    How To Sign up Clickbank In The Philippines?

    As we now know, ClickBank is available in the Philippines. So here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to sign up for ClickBank in the Philippines.

    Step 1: Adjusting The Internet Browser Settings

    To signup for an account on ClickBank, the applicants must enable JavaScript and Cookies from the settings of their internet browser. This is to ensure that the web pages of the ClickBank load properly.

    Therefore, it is also advised to have the updated and latest version of the default browser. If the default browser is Internet Explorer, it would be better to update it to Microsoft Edge, which is the newest browser of Microsoft.

    Step 2: Going Through The Signup Page

    After the JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, you can load ClickBank’s website and access the ClickBank signup form to start becoming a Clickbank Philippines affiliate.

    Step 3: Filling Out The Necessary Information

    From the “Create Account,” you will need to choose your country. Then, you can provide your complete name and contact details, such as your phone number and email address. You also have to decide on a password before you can continue to the next step. 

    Step 4: Reviewing The Terms And Conditions

    When done filling out the signup form, applicants click “Continue to Terms and Conditions” and read the ClickBank’s client contract.

    Then, they click “Accept Terms and Conditions” after reading the contract. This will minimize the terms and conditions window and go back to the signup window.

    Step 5: Completing The First Part Of The Registration Process

    When you click “Join ClickBank!” this will complete the initial set-up of the account. The next phase of the registration for Clickbank Philippines is accomplishing your profile on ClickBank when you have reached this stage of the “how to sign up to ClickBank Philippines” process you have reached the end and it’s not time to complete your profile!

    Step 6: Providing Extra Information

    From the dashboard, they can see “Accounts” from the vertical navigation panel located on the left side. It is the panel where “Profile” is located.  

    After clicking, they will see the “Manage Account Nicknames.” From this page, they click “Create Account” on the right side to open a dialogue box.

    This dialogue box will ask applicants to choose the type of account and the nickname. These are the different account types they will see from the drop-down menu:

    • Vendor: For Those Who Plan To Sell Clickbank-Approved Items
    • Affiliate: For Those Who Plan To Promote On Their Websites And Channels
    • Combination: For Those Who Want To Be A Vendor And An Affiliate
    • Custom: For Seasonal Vendors Or Affiliates
    • Test: For Those Who Are Checking Out Clickbank. They Can Change This.

    Step 7: Create An Account

    When all the fields are completed, applicants click “Create Account” to continue. You will have their account linked to the email address given from Stage 1. 

    You can either sell, promote, or both depending on the type they chose for every account you have. You could have a master account where you could manage all of the accounts.

    Additionally, to help you in leading the operation of your accounts, you can create clerks with individual permissions. To complete the process of signing up, you need to provide ClickBank Philippines payment information in their account. This is where earned commissions or sales can be withdrawn. 

    Step 8: Accounts And Account Name

    From the dashboard, you can see “Accounts” from the vertical navigation panel located on the left side. It is the panel where “Profile” is located.  After clicking, you will see the “Manage Account Nicknames.”

    From “Nickname,” the affiliates can see their accounts. Therefore, you can select the account you wish to update. A new tab will be launched, and it will direct you to the operations page.

    Step 9: Account Settings And Accessing Payment Information

    From the top of the screen, you will see a horizontal navigation bar. You can click “Account Settings” here so that you can be directed to “My Account.”

    Then, you need to find the “Payment Information” box. From the upper-right side of this box, there is “Edit.” After clicking it, you will be directed to “Payment Information Editor.”

    Step 10: Providing Payment Information

    Affiliates have the option to change their payment method, payment frequency, and payment threshold based on their preferences. They provide needed information about their ClickBank Philippines payment.

    After making selections and filling-up information, they click “Save Changes.” All the payment information and updates will be saved. 

    When Can Affiliates Receive Clickbank Philippines Payment?

    ClickBank releases payments through cheques every Wednesday, two weeks after the last payment period by default. 

    For payments through direct deposit, whether the affiliates are in the US or another country, they can receive weekly payments. If the affiliate chooses this ClickBank Philippines payment method, the end of the payment period is every Wednesday, midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). 

    They can also opt to have the payments bi-weekly. The end of this payment period is every other Wednesday at midnight PST.

    Clickbank Philippines Payment Options

    Affiliates may need to keep in mind that ClickBank does not release payouts through PayPal. However, you can receive payments through the methods listed down below:


    By choosing this kind of payment mode, affiliates will receive a paper check through the mailing address they provided during the signup process. The check will be made out to the payee name indicated for the account. 

    Direct Deposit

    When affiliates opt to have the payment transfer through direct deposit, ClickBank deposits the earnings directly to the bank account stated. It is not a payment method affiliates from different countries can use. Therefore, Is ClickBank available in the Philippines? Direct deposit is available in the Philippines.

    Wire Transfer

    The payment is transferred electronically. This is an option for countries where a direct deposit is not available.  


    Payoneer is an international money transferring service. Therefore, it is a ClickBank Philippines payment release option to get funds.

    Is Clickbank In The Phillippines Profitable?

    Being an affiliate with ClickBank in the Philippines could be a profitable business decision. Affiliate marketing is gaining more attention in the Philippines, and more content creators are earning more income from this revenue stream. The demand for products sold online is at its peak across the world.

    Similar to any other business venture, it might not seem super profitable at the first stages (unless you have a large enough audience). But as long as you match a suitable product for the audience, the odds are increased.

    Best Products On Clickbank For The Philippines?

    In general, the most income-generating and popular categories on Clickbank are self-improvement, dating and relationships, weight loss, and earning money online. Affiliates can also choose products based on the commission rate. 

    To make your efforts rewarding, it is recommended to choose a product above 40% commission rare. Although this ultimately depends on the product price and selling rate.

    Here are some additional popular product types that work well on Clickbank in the Philippines; 

    • Cooking And Food
    • Online Education 
    • Games
    • Arts And Entertainment
    • Languages
    • Business And Investments
    • Home And Gardening
    • References And Books
    • Mobile Products
    • Wellness And Fitness
    • Software And Services
    • Sports
    • Travelling
    • Computers
    • Self-Help
    • Online Businesses And Marketing
    • Products Seen On TV

    How To Choose A Product On Clickbank Philippines?


    Affiliates would need to have an interest and potentially specialize in this chosen niche. It also heavily depends on your audience’s needs. A cheaper product with a higher commission may earn you more income than a more expensive product with an average commission.

    Not Focusing On Gravity

    On ClickBank, gravity means the number of affiliates who earned a commission from promoting a particular product. Therefore, many people would think that a high gravity equates to high earnings. This can be the case but again depends on the product and the audience. Even if the product has low gravity, there could still be a chance to earn.

    The Solution To A Particular Niche 

    Another thing to look for when choosing a product is the “wow” factor. This means that if the audience sees the product, they will quickly think that it is something they need.

    If it is a product that made the affiliates question how they have been living their lives without it, then this product could be the product for them. This could be determined easily with the interest and background knowledge of the niche. 


    Another important consideration is the number of times people searched for the product. For those who are just starting to promote their first product, the number of monthly searches would not exceed 5,000.

    Affiliates can utilize Google Keyword Planner Tool or Market Samurai to check a specific keyword’s stats.

    Support For The Affiliates

    The vendor could be easy to communicate with and contact for support. Good vendors like this provide guidance and show care and have a trustworthy and open policy.

    If you are offering a product that is poor or unethical, you can lose the trust of your audience. It takes many years to build an online reputation and hours to destroy it.

    Trying The Product

    As a promoter, affiliates have the desire to help people. Therefore, it could improve sales of the product by trying the product themselves to make sure they are endorsing a quality item.  

    Product Reviews

    Reviews from other affiliates could be biased, so it would be better to find real product reviews from other trusted websites. 

    Is Clickbank Different From Other Affiliate Programs In The Philippines?

    Simple: As you have seen in the process of signup for ClickBank in the Philippines, It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process. After that, affiliates can start doing business in the marketplace.

    Huge Selection: Affiliates can see a lot of quality products in virtually all niches in the marketplace. Therefore, it is unlikely you will not find a product for your niche.

    Vendor And Affiliates: In most affiliate programs, members could only be either an affiliate or a seller. Nevertheless, on ClickBank, users have the option to become a vendor and an affiliate. As a result, you may be able to maximize your income.

    Commission: Affiliates could earn a commission as high as 100% on ClickBank. The payout is also fast, so you may not need to wait for payment!


    We can see in this complete guide for ClickBank in the Philippines that the process is fast and straightforward, which is essential if you are trying to make money online in the Philippines!

    With ClickBank affiliate marketing in the Philippines, product and audience collaboration are essential. In other words, there are many quality products that affiliates could confidently promote and earn a steady income from. The primary key to success is how the affiliate and the promoted product connect with the target audience. If this is done, driving sales into the ClickBank account would not be a challenge.

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