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How to Be a Shopee Ambassador Philippines

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    A Shopee ambassador in the Philippines is a great way to earn extra income from social media, YouTube, or your website. So what are the beginning steps on how to be a Shopee ambassador in the Philippines, and is it worth your time?

    We have a full guide on affiliate marketing in the Philippines to help you earn some extra income online in the Philippines. As someone who is an ambassador themselves, Shopee is a great platform to work with. so let’s take a look at the stages on how to be a Shopee ambassador in the Philippines

    Shopee Ambassador vs Shopee Affiliate

    From the YouTube video of Loradoel Tubio, a Filipina influencer on TikTok who has more than 60,000 followers, it can be understood that being a Shopee affiliate and ambassador are the same.

    Similar to being a Shopee affiliate, people who want to be a Shopee ambassador Philippines must promote products offered on the site. A commission will be granted if they generate sales. 

    Those who have many social media followers can share the link of the products they promote and encourage their followers to click it and make a purchase. There is a specific rate of commission for every product type. 

    This Shopee affiliate program is attractive because ambassadors do not need to do complicated steps to share links. They can track their performance in real-time, which makes calculating commissions easier.

    How to Be a Shopee Ambassador Philippines

    1. Sign Up To The Shopee Affiliate Program

    You can sign up for the Shopee Affiliates Program by signing up to Involve Asia! Involve Asia is the leading affiliate network in the Philippines. Then, aspiring Shopee ambassadors need to meet certain qualifications to be one. First, their Shopee account should be used in the past 1 to 2 months.

    Once you are signed up you can apply for the Shopee program and create unique links and start to earn money from Shopee on the Involve Asia Platform.

    If signing up with Shopee directly, Affiliates will need to have at least 1,000 followers in their social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. The applicant’s address, contact number, and links to their social media accounts are some of the information asked. After completing the form, you will be sent an email from Shopee (this is if you sign up to Shopee directly – not recommended).

    However with Involve Asia not only can you promote Shopee but also other brands such as Lazada, Adidas, and much more.

    2. Determine Your Niche

    The next step on how to be a Shopee ambassador Philippines is to decide on your niche (fitness, beauty, cooking, etc.). It is best to have a niche to build a loyal audience who is interested in the subject. General audiences are fine but are less likely to convert.  

    One of the crucial steps in being a Shopee ambassador is picking a niche because a wrong niche will make it difficult to sell. However, it will be easier with the right niche. So how can aspiring Shopee ambassadors determine their niche?

    First, they can do a self-assessment. Being an affiliate marketer means followers can trust them for a brand or product, so having the right mindset is necessary.

    New ambassadors can think of the things they are passionate about. We recently covered the best profitable niche in the Philippines for new bloggers, which may be very interesting for those looking to build a loyal audience in a profitable industry.

    3. Evaluate the Market

    Another important thing to do in being a Shopee ambassador understands the market for your niche. By doing this, you can know if your followers are willing to spend on the products.

    In addition, it can be easier to earn commissions when you have this information because you know the products that can convert your followers to shoppers. 

    You can assess the demand for a product by visiting Google Trends. It shows the search frequency of a certain topic by Google users using a 0-100 scale. You can understand more about looking for niches on Google Trends by checking out the article from Supermetrics

    4. Choose Your Approach

    Having a website as one approach to being a Shopee ambassador in the Philippines. This can also benefit those who want to have a career in the affiliate marketing industry in general since it can boost their credentials. A website also makes it convenient to organize all your affiliate products.

    Suppose you are interested in building a blog. In that case, you can learn more about starting a blog in the Philippines, Earning money online, and earning monthly income from affiliate marketing in the Philippines, all on previous guides.

    There are also other methods to choose from, such as…

    • Running Social Media Campaigns
    • Podcasting
    • Vlogging
    • Creating Mini Content On Your Social Media,
    • Making Helpful Videos About The Products,
    • Adding Buttons Or Banners To Your Site,
    • Rewarding Incentives / Giveaways When Viewers Make A Purchase Using Your Link
    • Email Marketing
    • Facebook Groups
    • Reddit / Other Forums

    When signing up to be a Shopee ambassador in the Philippines, there will be terms and conditions set by Shopee to ensure that affiliates conduct marketing responsibly and not mis-sell/mis-guide the public. Therefore it’s recommended to read the Shopee ambassador terms and conditions before signing up.

    5. Publish Quality Content

    Publishing quality content is important for being a Shopee ambassador since there is much content on the Internet. Therefore, people have no reason to buy products if aspiring Shopee ambassadors do not publish top-notch content. 

    Creating content can be as simple as making a blog post and placing Shopee links in the text. However, it is also essential to influence how to give it value. For example, most viewers do not like to watch sales pitches in their free time; it is an instant turn-off if they feel it’s too pushy.

    Another thing to remember when creating content is that people need to stand out as valuable and trustworthy Shopee ambassadors. If you do not come across as trustworthy on your blog or videos, this may lead to you generating fewer affiliate sales.

    Though the journey on how to be a Shopee ambassador Philippines begins mostly with one’s interests, creating product reviews, blog posts, and guides is a great way to start. 

    Making Money On Shopee In The Philippines

    So at this stage, you may be wondering how to make money on Shopee in the Philippines? or perhaps how can you even make money for affiliate marketing as a complete beginner? Here are some ideas to get you started on your road to becoming an affiliate marketer in the Philippines.

    Product Reviews

    Writing reviews for different products on Shopee is one of the most effective content techniques. Brands and stores always look for product reviews since these can help viewers to become customers. Therefore, this is a profitable way to begin your Shopee ambassador journey. 

    When Shopee stores focus on getting product reviews, they can position themselves as a good source for potential customers. With this kind of effort in affiliate marketing, everyone benefits. 

    Blog/Vlog Posts

    This is another way to improve your niche further and build trust as a Shopee ambassador. Over time, making blog posts can increase your income, which every affiliate marketer’s goal is.

    In addition, when your posts can address common issues or answer common questions from your followers, you can position yourself as someone they can trust for recommendations and solutions. 

    Consistency is the primary key in producing blog posts. Posting consistently and keeping a single tone will result in quality tips and ideas to readers, making them want to click your product links more.

    Loradoel also emphasized being consistent in her video. She added that staying positive even if the video has only a few viewers since they are real people watching behind their phones.

    As crazy as this sounds, it is not always about the numbers. Sometimes videos or blogs can generate thousands of views with very few conversions. Other content can only have a few hundred views, but they can convert incredibly well due to a loyal audience and a trustworthy presenter.


    Guides can help aspiring Shopee ambassadors to influence more people on what they have to say by making the products informational. Similar to making product reviews and blog posts, this can help them generate higher commissions. 

    Guides can be in the form of e-books, webinars, and other methods that provide a deep and extensive perspective on a specific topic. Your niche can be further improved with any guide as long as it is useful and accurate. This can also help in creating interest in the affiliate product you are associating that post with. 

    How to Be a Shopee Ambassador Philippines

    More Ways to be a Shopee Ambassador for Free

    If having a website is out of the budget, known strategies do not require starting Shopee ambassadors to spend money.

    Post on Facebook Groups

    Joining Facebook groups connected with your niche and building your network by leaving comments on posts can help your Shopee affiliate marketing efforts. In addition, when other members of the group build trust in you, you can begin recommending your Shopee affiliate products. 

    Put Shopee Affiliate Links on Video Sharing Platforms

    YouTube is a good video platform to promote affiliate products. However, what makes it better is that aspiring Shopee ambassadors do not need to spend anything.

    Instead, they can produce videos about the Shopee products they love and earn a commission. In addition, the affiliate links can be placed in the description section so that users can access them right away. 

    You can learn more about getting more YouTube views that can help kickstart your Shopee affiliate marketing journey from Oberlo.

    How Much Can You Make on the Shopee Ambassador Program Philippines?

    Shopee ambassadors will get a cash incentive when people purchase a product using their affiliate links. When potential customer clicks the affiliate links, they must purchase the affiliated items within 2 days to earn a commission. 

    Loradoel also mentioned on the same YouTube video that she was able to earn 6 figures from being a Shopee ambassador. However, she noted that the earning depends on how consistent you are in creating content. 

    Therefore, the amount of money you earn on the Shopee ambassador / Shopee affiliate program in the Philippines is incalculable. Some content creators earn well over six figures, while others earn very little. Affiliate marketing is often a long-term strategy that tends to pay off through consistency, trustworthiness, and audience loyalty.

    To give you a better idea, here are the possible commission rates depending on the product and whether the buyer is a new or existing Shopee user.


    Commission Rate for New Buyers

    Commission Rate for Existing Buyers
    Women’s Clothes16.0%7.5%
    Women’s Bags16.0%7.5%
    Women’s Shoes16.0%7.5%
    Women’s Accessories16.0%7.5%
    Men’s Clothes16.0%7.5%
    Men’s Bags and Accessories16.0%7.5%
    Men’s Shoes16.0%7.5%
    Toys, Games, and Collector’s Items14.0%6.0%
    Home and Living14.0%6.0%
    Makeup and Fragrances10.0%5.0%
    Babies and Children10.0%5.0%
    Personal and Health Care10.0%5.0%
    Pet Care10.0%5.0%
    Hobbies and Stationeries10.0%5.0%
    Sports and Travel10.0%5.0%
    Mobile Accessories7.0%2.0%
    Home Entertainment7.0%2.0%
    Digital Goods and Vouchers7.0%2.0%

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