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Pnxbet Philippines Affiliate Programs

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    Today, we will not explain who Pnxbet Philippines is but instead explore how to earn money with the Pnxbet Philippines affiliate program. In today’s Pnxbet affiliate commission guide, we will discover when and how to withdraw commission on Pnxbet, what the Pnxbet affiliate commission is, and ultimately how you can start earning money from Pnxbet Philippines affiliate program.

    pnxbet affiliate commission

    Pnxbet Philippines Affiliate

    What Is The Pnxbet Philippines Affiliate Program?

    The Pnxbet Philippines Affiliate Program has a few different ways to earn money. The first way is through their standard affiliate program, where you will receive a commission each time a customer is referred and joins the network as an active player. There are terms and conditions around this to ensure that all referrals are valid. For example, if a referral is under 18, then this will not count towards your commission.

    There is also a second option which includes their Sub-affiliation program. This is where you refer other affiliate marketers instead of players.

    The Pnxbet sub-affiliate program states that you will earn an additional commission from your affiliate’s referrals. For example, most simplistically, You refer to bob. Bob then refers a customer, and you will receive a commission based on Bob’s customer activities ( A.K.A the affiliate customers).

    It’s recommended to read the Pnxbet Philippines affiliate program’s full terms and conditions as well as Pnxbet terms and conditions for players. I’ve attached the link above for your reference.

    What Is The Pnxbet Affiliate Commission?

    The Pnxbet Affiliate Commission is set up where the more traffic and customers you bring to the platform, the more commission you could earn. If you are a large company, social media page, YouTube channel, or blog, you may be able to contact the support team and negotiate a more ‘tailored commission structure for you.

    You can earn up to 40% Commission with the Pnxbet Philippines affiliate program, but your earnings will fluctuate depending on how many active players you have referred.

    The commission rate and the amount will depend if your referral is losing or winning. For example, if you have a referral called Angelica and she bet 200,00 Pesos and loses 100,000 Pesos, you will now potentially earn 30-40% of what she lost. She lost a total of 100,000 Pesos, and your commission rate is 40% (example), so this means that your commission rate is at 40,000 Pesos which is 40% of her total loss.

    Let’s use this example of Angelica again. If now she plays very well and earns 100,000 Pesos and is back to the starting amount of 200,000 Pesos, your commission will be reduced. On some occasions, the Pnxbet panel may show a minus figure in commission. Please do not worry; you do not ever need to pay for anything as an affiliate marketer.

    For example, you may sign in to your panel to find you at – 5,000 pesos commission in the morning. Perhaps one of your players did very well…. but a few days later, you may check, and that player (or other players) performed not so well, and now your commission shows + 40,000 Pesos.  This is common in this kind of business and often balances itself out long term. However, this is not carried over to the following month.

    Pnxbet states the following… We have a NO NEGATIVE CARRY-OVER policy. That means that in rare cases, we have an unlucky month together. Your referred players take your affiliate account into the negatives; you’ll start fresh the following month, the negative balance doesn’t carry over.

    How To Withdraw Commission On Pnxbet?

    Regarding when is the payout from Pnxbet affiliate marketers, affiliates are paid on the first of the following month. Therefore, a minimum withdrawal amount of $50 (2,522 Pesos) will be needed to claim. If your balance is less than the minimum amount of $50 (2,522 Pesos), it will be carried forward to the next month.

    There are a few different ways to claim your commission. First, you can send this directly to most mainstream banks (B.D.O., Security Bank, Etc.), Coins.PH, Fokawa, Or Bitcoin.  

    How To Earn Money With Pnxbet Affiliate Program?

    The signing-up process is straightforward. First, you will need to head over to the Pnxbet affiliate program and enter your name and email address. Then, after a few moments, an email will be sent to you to confirm. Once you have clicked on the link in the email and confirm your email address, your details will be reviewed by the Pnxbet affiliate Program team.

    Once signing into your account, you will see the message “Dear user, thank you for registration. Please wait until admin activates your account, and we will notify you by sending an email”. This is often reviewed within 24 hours.

    Once you have been confirmed, you will have access to your affiliate panel, which is how you earn money from the Pnxbet affiliate program. From there, you will be able to create website links, share social media links, create feeds, etc. The panel’s commission rate is often updated every 24 hours.

    Has mentioned, there are two primary ways to earn money from Pnxbet Affiliate Program. The first method is to refer customers to the platform, and the second is to refer to other affiliate marketers. To earn money from the Pnxbet affiliate program, your referrals need to be within the terms and conditions of the Pnxbet Affiliate program service, including customers’ age, location, etc.

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