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How To Start A Student Blog In The Philippines

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    One of the first questions is how to start a blog as a student in the Philippines for those looking to start earning money online. Starting a Filipino blog is an excellent idea as there are still many untapped niches that are very profitable.

    Today we’re going to explore the step-by-step guide on starting a blog as a student in the Philippines and going over some essential questions.

    How To Start A Blog As A Student

    1. If Funds Are Tight, Start A Blog For Free.

    As student funds are generally tight with the high expense of living and educational costs, it can seem challenging to start a student blog in the Philippines; however, can you start a blog in the Philippines for free? Absolutely.

    We even spoke about how to start a free blog in detail in our web hosting article. in that article, we mentioned the following …

    The main drawback is that a web provider can fill your blog with the advertisement; this often slows down a website, and of course, you are not paid for this advertisement. However, if your traffic is low and you are just getting started, it may be a suitable option as you can always upgrade later.

    Another drawback is that certain features may not be available for you, and these features may be necessary for you to grow your blog. In other words, at this stage, you will need to decide whether to start a free student blog or to invest a small amount of money in starting your blog.

    For students looking to start a student blog in the Philippines, it’s recommended to visit our web hosting services guide as we have found the best and cheapest web host service in the Philippines.

    2. Choose Your Worktime

    When looking at blogging for students in the Philippines, one of the first decisions is how often and how much time you should spend building your blog.

    An average blog post of 1000 – 1500 words can take anywhere from two to four hours and, in some cases, more if you add extra information such as infographics or videos.

    This is why part-time Filipino bloggers upload on average 1 – 3 posts a week.

    You may decide to target low-competitive subjects and write shorter articles to increase your content and visibility. This decision may affect your search engine optimization and your blog’s overall growth, so it’s an important decision to make.

    When looking at how to start a blog as a student in the Philippines, I recommend a minimum of two blog posts a week. This calculates to 96 a year. However, if we look at a long-term goal, then publishing 100 articles a year is a great goal to aim for, as blogs typically gain success after the first year or two.

    To summarise, the more high-quality content you can publish in the quickest time, the better. If you are finding yourself publishing low quality, then reduce your speed. If you are finding yourself able to produce more quality content, then increase your publishing schedule.

    3. Select Your Niche

    What is a niche? A niche is a small specialized topic inside of a category.

    Many years ago, before blogging was popularised, it was very easy to talk about most subjects and rank highly on Google within a few weeks…

    … Fast forward to today; it can take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months to rank well on search engines. In some cases, it can take even longer; therefore, choosing a niche gives you the possibility of becoming an authority in your chosen field and, as a result, stand a higher chance of ranking.

    When choosing a niche, it’s important to pick a popular subject but has little competition, which is not always easy.

    For example, perhaps you wish to blog about fitness. Still, this subject is too big. So, we need to narrow it down. For example, yoga, but this subject is still too big, narrowing down further is needed, such as yoga for moms or Filipinos.

    When starting a student blog in the Philippines, it’s very important to select the right niche, as your niche can significantly impact your income streams in the future.  

    4. Website & Domain Hosting

    When looking at blogging for students in the Philippines, the next important task is to choose a website and a domain name.

    We have spoken about websites and domain hosting in our most recent article; therefore, we won’t go into too many details today; however, what’s important is that you choose a domain service that is fast and reliable.

    The domain is your website name. It’s always important to choose a domain that features some popular keywords you feel you could rank for and a name you feel summarises your business.

    5. Be An Expert Of SEO

    When setting up a student blog in the Philippines, the next important task is to become an expert on search engine optimization. There are many ways how you can learn about search engine optimization either on this website, all through youtube videos, courses, etc.   

    Stay away from any scams, paying for spammy backlinks, or doing anything unsuitable.

    Google and other powerful tech giants in the industry are becoming very wise and harsh regarding websites that do not deliver the content or the value they expected.

    You don’t need to pay for an SEO tool! There’s a reason why many people recommend search engine optimization tools, and that’s because they get a commission for it. This is not their fault. This is how they earn money from their business, but I have to be truthful and not mislead you.

    Only one company knows Google’s real statistics and stats, which is Google themselves, and they are not sharing this information and data with anybody.

    When looking for new keywords, it’s always good to use Google’s search engine to find autosuggestion phrases and words.

    6. Build Your Content

    Building the content is the next critical stage when blogging for students in the Philippines, but it is also the most time-consuming.

    There are two ways how you can build your content quickly.

    Method #1 – Put in the long hours needed.

    Method #2 – Hiring a writer.

    There are pros and cons to each method, but many bloggers choose to write the blog for themselves because this is free, but unfortunately, it does eat away in your spare time.

    How many blog posts do I need to be successful? There is no magic number on how many blog posts you need to build to succeed; however, a good rule of thumb is to aim for 50 – 100 posts. Some niches may not need anywhere near 100 posts to earn good money, but some niches will.

    7. Grow Your Income Strategies

    When setting up a student blog in the Philippines, the last critical stage is to grow your income strategies. So, how are you going to earn money from this blog? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    • Selling Digital/Virtual Products
    • Selling Physical Products
    • Selling Services
    • Through Advertisements
    • Through Affiliate Marketing
    • Through Donations
    • Through Subscriptions

    The type of income source will depend heavily on your business type. A common question asked by our visitors is, is a blog a business? Yes, A blog is a business. However, the most successful bloggers can turn their blog into a successful business that generates income without direct involvement.

    Processes can be built on websites so that the owner can earn money even if they are not present. while I’m writing this article, one of my other websites has earned me $12 this morning… This will likely go much higher as the day progresses, but as you can see, my time has been taken upon this website, so this is a great source of passive income. Blogging is a great business, and it is 100% not dead!

    Is Being A Filipino Student Blogger A Good Idea?

    When looking at blogging for students in the Philippines, You may find yourself asking whether Blogger is a good idea? Honestly, it depends on your lifestyle and your commitments to the blog.

    Cam Blogging Make A Large Sum Of Money? Yes,

    Can Blogging Be A Great Business? Yes,

    Can Blogging Help Other People? Yes,

    Is Blogging Easy? No

    When looking at if Filipino blogging is a good idea, then the answer is absolute, yes…

    This is if you can bring real value to people consistently and provide search engine optimization-friendly content. In that case, it can be a very profitable and enjoyable stream of income and, as a result, is an excellent idea.

    It’s not for everybody, however…. it can take several months for a blog to pick up, and in that time, you may be able to earn money elsewhere….

    … a blogger messaged us three months asking for some advice. His blog was very unsuccessful and was in a highly competitive niche. So I advised him to move his content from a blog to a YouTube channel and a podcast, and he has seen fantastic success from doing this.

    Why do I tell you this? Because blogging is not always the best approach as the way we are searching for information is changing. Some people prefer to listen and watch rather than read, but for the most part, blogging is an excellent idea.

    Is Blogging For Students Profitable In The Philippines?

    Blogging for anybody can be very profitable if they can choose the right niche, the right audience, and deliver the content to the audience in the best possible way.

    Remember, you do not always have to target Filipinos! For example, suppose your topic is about something general, such as looking after aquarium fish or how to grow crops. In that case, you may find more success in writing to a general audience than directly to Filipinos.

    When looking at the pure profit of a blog, setting up a blog can be relatively inexpensive. The majority of costs are at the beginning of your blogging journey, and therefore blogs often become profitable long-term.

    How To Earn Money As A Highschool Student In The Philippines?

    There are many different ways to earn money as a high school student in the Philippines; aside from blogging, you also have other income streams. Filipino wealth is one of the leading financial websites for the Philippines. FW has spoken about eight business ideas for students and seven unique online businesses for high school students in the Philippines.

    Take away: Start A Student Blog In The Philippines

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    How To Start A Student Blog In The Philippines