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How To Earn Bitcoin For Free In The Philippines

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    How To Earn Bitcoin For Free In The Philippines: There are several ways how to earn Bitcoin for free in the Philippines, and in today’s article, we will be going through the opportunities to earn free Bitcoin in this current market. However, as the cryptocurrency market is continuously changing, it’s always recommended to do your own research (DYOR) and contact a financial advisor with any type of investment.

    Nevertheless, let’s look at how to earn Bitcoin for free in the Philippines (and how you can earn other cryptocurrencies for free in the Philippines).

    How To Earn Bitcoin For Free In The Philippines

    1. Accept Bitcoin Donations

    Over the years, the simplest and most convenient way to earn Bitcoin for free in the Philippines is by accepting Bitcoin donations. Although this was very common when Bitcoin first became popular, many platforms adapted and created their own currency as a donation. However, accepting Bitcoin is still a great option.

    The only thing you will need when looking at how to earn Bitcoin for free in the Philippines through donations is a Bitcoin address. This can be set up using or another local company.

    2. Binance Referral Program

    The next way how to earn free Bitcoin is through the Binance platform. You can earn up to 40% Commission for referrals to their program. There are currently talks and rumors about a change in the Binance referral program, so it’s recommended to head over to Binance for the latest information.

    3. Bitcoin Arbitrage 

    Arbitrage is perhaps one of the easiest and most straightforward ways of earning free Bitcoin in the Philippines; however, it has become more difficult. The process is simply buying Bitcoin from one marketplace and selling it on another for profit. Due to the delays, some marketplaces are slightly behind a price fluctuation.

    Some investors have been able to earn a lot of money from this method, especially in the early days, but marketplaces are becoming tighter. In addition, the platform and the transaction speed must be calculated, which is a very high-risk action.

    4. Bitcoin Lending Philippines

    Another fantastic way how to earn free Bitcoin in the Philippines is through the process of Bitcoin lending. I use a company called CakeDefi. They give me some fantastic rewards on lending my Bitcoin, and I can also earn the CakeDefi, which has become very profitable. I’ve spoken about this platform before when we covered cryptocurrency staking in the Philippines.

    Nevertheless, the process to sign up can be lengthy. This is 1 disadvantage of using their platform; however, once you have signed up, you can stake and lend your cryptocurrency very easily.

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    5. Cointiply

    Cointiply is currently a very hot platform at the moment with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Their platform allows you to play games, share your opinion and watch videos to earn free cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

    In fact, if you are looking at ways to earn Bitcoin or cryptocurrency from watching videos in the Philippines, then this is a fantastic option. Bitcoin is their main form of rewards; however, they also have rewards such as Dodge and Dash.

    6. Shop And Earn Rewards

    There are a few options at this stage. Some shop and earn opportunities work best for overseas Filipino workers as some are not open to the Philippines. However, some services are available, but instead of owning Bitcoin, the investor will earn other cryptocurrencies.

    Lolli is a fantastic website that allows you to earn Bitcoin from shopping on their platform. However, this is only available if you are an overseas Filipino worker in America. The next option (if in the Philippines) is to use a service such as credit card rewards.

    7. Use Crypto Tab Browser

    This option is my favorite way of earning Bitcoin for free in the Philippines. The browser can be downloaded straight to your computer or mobile device, and as you use the browser, you earn free Bitcoin. I prefer this service to Google Chrome as their platform is very fast, and I’m also earning free Bitcoin in the Philippines every day.

    Other Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency In The Philippines

    8. Earn Cryptocurrency Thought Axie Infinity In The Philippines

    There are a few different ways to earn money from playing Axie Infinity In The Philippines. The most common ways include battling other players in the arena and completing daily quests in the game. There are also several other games to play in the Philippines to earn a free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

    9. Use Cryptocurrency Credit Cards

    As mentioned earlier, several services can earn free cryptocurrency in the Philippines. At this time, mainstream banks do not offer a crypto reward program; however, many cryptocurrency platforms have their own credit card that offers cryptocurrency rewards. has several options depending on the amount of cryptocurrency you have.

    10. Airdrop Cryto Philippines

    Airdrops are now increasingly popular; however, the sad news is that when you are looking to earn free cryptocurrency in the Philippines, you don’t always know when they will happen. So there is a slight bit of luck involved.

    For those of you who are new to airdrops, essentially, cryptocurrency airdrops are a way cryptocurrency projects give free coins or tokens to their investors. This can then be reinvested or immediately sold for profit.

    11. Coinbase Earn

    The last and perhaps one of the most popular options on how to earn free cryptocurrency in the Philippines is through the platform of Coinbase. Over the last few years, Coinbase has launched a project called Coinbase earn, where the investors are rewarded for learning about cryptocurrency and the technology behind it.

    The investor will need to watch videos take some quizzes, and then they will be able to earn cryptocurrency. If you are looking how to earn free Bitcoin in the Philippines, you can then immediately sell your earned cryptocurrency reward for Bitcoin or sell your cryptocurrency on their platform.

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    How To Earn Bitcoin For Free In The Philippines