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How To Earn Money From Bitcoin Philippines

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    Earning Bitcoin in the Philippines is a common topic, but how to earn money from Bitcoin in the Philippines. Are there any affiliate programs that reward Bitcoin in the Philippines?

    Today’s article will cover this question by looking at opportunities to earn Bitcoin in the Philippines. Over the years, there have been many scams regarding cryptocurrency.

    Thus in today’s article, we will only be discussing tried, tested, and proven methods of earning Bitcoin in the Philippines.

    How To Earn Money From Bitcoin Philippines

    This is a question that I myself was asking for many years. There are a few different ways to look at this question, and there are also a few answers available but let’s take a look at the basics of the question.

    When you are looking at how to earn money from Bitcoin in the Philippines, you either … 1)  wish to earn Bitcoin from your existing Bitcoin that you own or 2) Earn Bitcoin without having any Bitcoin. Therefore, how to earn Bitcoin in the Philippines will depend upon what you are looking for, but we will answer both of these questions.

    1. if you want to earn Bitcoin from your existing Bitcoin, several companies allow you to lend your BTC. This carries an element of risk, but there are some advantages.

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    The first is that the cryptocurrency exchanges that offer this service often operate this service in batches meaning that your Bitcoin will be available to withdraw next month or to reinvest (no long-term locked periods).

    The next advantage is that investors can invest a small amount of BTC. So, how can you begin? I use a service called Cake. You can lend your BTC, ETH, and many other cryptocurrencies. They also offer services such as liquidity mining and cryptocurrency staking. In my experience, they are the only legitimate and non-scam company that provides this service.

    When looking at how to earn money from Bitcoin in the Philippines, it’s always recommended to speak to an independent financial advisor. Cryptocurrency is a high risk, and lending BTC is also high risk.

    2. The second option is for those looking to earn Bitcoin who do not have any Bitcoin currently. There are a few different methods to earn Bitcoin in the Philippines. Unfortunately, there are not many Filipino-based companies that allow you to earn Bitcoin in the Philippines. However, many international businesses welcome Filipinos.

    In most cases, affiliate programs are the easiest option to earn Bitcoin in the Philippines. This is where you recommend new customers to a cryptocurrency exchange or service, and you will earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in return.

    Some cryptocurrency services are turning towards offering continuous referral programs on every transaction. Meaning that if you refer a customer and they trade continuously, you will constantly receive cryptocurrency rewards (terms apply). This can be in the form of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. For example, the Binance referral program.

    Some companies are changing their strategy slightly, and instead of earning Bitcoin, they allow referrals to earn Fiat currency such as USD. However, it’s straightforward to exchange this Fiat currency for Bitcoin if you choose. A company that offers a program like this is

    7 ways to earn bitcoin in the philippines for beginners
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    Here are some of the leading cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

    1. Billfodl Affiliate Program
    2. Binance Affiliate Program
    3. Bitcoin Mining Affiliate Program
    4. Changelly Affiliate Program
    5. Coinbase Affiliate Program
    6. Coinmama Affiliate Program
    7. eToro Affiliate Program
    8. Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program
    9. LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program
    10. Trezor Wallet Affiliate Program

    Apart from earning money from Bitcoin in the Philippines through affiliate programs, other methods include gambling and gaming; however, many of these sources have not been confirmed. In addition, there have been several reports of scams in the cryptocurrency industry across the Philippines.

    How To Earn Btc In Coins.PH For Free

    Unfortunately, at this time, Coins.PH does not operate an affiliate program where you can earn Bitcoin (BTC). However, there is an active rewards program where customers can earn pesos on paying bills through the platform, but this does not include any cryptocurrency transactions.

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