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7 Extra Income Ideas Philippines & Bonus

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    Have you ever wondered how to earn extra income in the Philippines, or are you looking for extra income ideas in the Philippines? If so, you are not alone. Earning those extra pesos can seem challenging, especially with the current economy; however, the good news is there is something that can be done to earn extra income in the Philippines.

    How To Earn Extra Income Philippines

    To earn extra income in the Philippines, you will need to either generate more money or save additional income. We have previously discussed how to save extra income and have put together a complete list of 100 money-saving tips for the Philippines if you want to study this more closely.

    For the purpose of this article, we will focus on earning extra income through generating more wealth. To summarise, if you are looking to earn extra income in the Philippines, you will need to have a product, a service, or a monetizable asset that generates wealth.

    A few examples could include; selling bubble tea, launching a virtual call center, becoming an independent bookkeeper, investing in cryptocurrency liquidities, etc. With this being said, let us investigate some extra income ideas for the Philippines.

    Extra Income Ideas Philippines

    1. Blogging, Vlogging, YouTubing, Podcasting

    Please trust me when I say blogging and other similar side hustles are not dead! In fact, at this current time, these services are as hot as ever and are perfect extra income ideas for the Philippines as they can be run online and include a tonne of flexibility.

    We have spoken about how to set up a blog in the Philippines and different affiliation programs for YouTubing and podcasting; thus, we won’t go into too much detail today. Still, if you can choose the right niche with the right audience, you can turn this small business into a profitable extra income asset.

    One word of advice I would give to anybody looking to set up an online content-creating business is to choose your content platform correctly. For example, some businesses can benefit from launching on a website and starting a YouTube channel, whereas other businesses do much better on one or the other platforms.

    Additionally, when launching your extra income ideas, you may find one platform easier than others in terms of competition. YouTube is a great platform to be found, and many experts believe that it is easier to be found on YouTube than it is to be found on Google.

    2. Real Estate Agent

    Is buying a condo in the Philippines a good idea? If you are a real estate agent, then you will most definitely answer yes to this question.

    One of the reasons why real estate is a great extra income idea for the Philippines is that real estate is semiflexible and carries many financial opportunities. For more information on becoming a valuable real estate agent, please take a look at our most recent guide.

    It has to be said, however, that the real estate world is not the easiest. Many clients can search and purchase real estate without involvement from a real estate agent.

    Therefore some real estate agents decide to up their game by focusing on a specific niche such as foreign investment or becoming real estate brokers.

    3. Online Lazada / Shopee Merchant

    These two giants have been well documented due to the Philippines’ rapid dominance over the last few years.

    Lazada and Shopee offer an excellent incentive for entrepreneurs looking for extra money in the Philippines. Lazada also has their fulfillment service, which means they handle your orders, allowing the business to run semi-passively.

    It’s challenging to gauge the amount of extra income you can earn in the Philippines without first determining the product and several other factors; however, some entrepreneurs have turned this extra income into that full-time job.

    It may be beneficial to know that recent surveys suggest that the most popular products sold on E-Commerce platforms tend to be electronic items and beauty items. Of course, both products have pros and cons, but if you can purchase them at the right price, it may be an excellent extra income for you.

    4. Gigs On Fiverr And Other Platforms

    Fiverr is well known across the Philippines as well as many other parts of the world. However, if you have never come across this platform before, it is simply an online website that allows you to list your services for a fee.

    Fiverr generates its income by taking a percentage of your earnings. The great thing about sites like Fiverr and others is that there are many opportunities to offer customers what they refer to as “gigs” to customers.

    This can be anything from editing a video all the way to voice acting. If you have a talent or specific skill you are looking to monetize, platforms such as Fiverr are available.

    5. Freelance Writing

    Previously we have spoken about how to start a freelance writing business in the Philippines and covered the complete guide of pros and cons into this business model.

    More local and foreign visitors are looking to outsource their freelance writing tasks to writers across the Philippines. As we have covered freelance writing in a lot of detail, we will briefly summarize the essential points.

    Freelance writing can be started almost instantly. Unfortunately, many freelance writers do not have a large amount of experience; however, having experience will benefit writers, especially if they work for overseas customers.

    It is best to build an online website where you can offer your services and highlight your reviews; however, you can also join Facebook groups as many set up across the Philippines for freelance writers.

    The great thing about using a freelance writing group such as Facebook is that there is a community around freelance writing. If you are looking to generate extra income in the Philippines and wonder how much a freelance writer can earn, you only need to add a post to the group to attract hundreds of informative comments.  

    6.  Online Teaching

    Online teaching can take many forms. One of the most popular forms is English teaching, as this is a high-demand service.

    When it comes to Filipino teachers teaching English, then there are several different options.

    One of the most popular and well-known companies is called 51Talk. Several close friends work/have previously worked for this company with somewhat positive reviews. Alternatively, if you are looking to be paid per minute, you can download an app called Palfish.

    There are, of course, downsides to any company, so it is always recommended to practice due diligence and consider feedback before applying.

    Alternatively, another great way to earn extra income in the Philippines is to launch your own online teaching business. This could be teaching Tagalog to foreigners, or it could be teaching something else entirely. The option is yours!

    7.  Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

    There are many different affiliate programs in the Philippines. We have spoken about the Philippines’ best affiliate programs previously, but why have we targeted cryptocurrency rather than any other industry?

    Cryptocurrency is continuously changing, which may benefit you if you are earning your income in cryptocurrency.

    Many cryptocurrency marketplaces such as, Coinbase, and many others offer a financial incentive. Additionally, local cryptocurrency marketplaces such as Coins.PH offers a rewards program that could save you additional income per month.

    One of the main reasons we have listed cryptocurrency affiliate programs when looking at how to earn extra income in the Philippines is that cryptocurrency marketplaces usually offer a very high affiliation rate.

    One of the main reasons this rate is so high is that cryptocurrency increases (based on historical records), and marketplaces receive their fees from every transaction. In other words, they will likely receive this money back in fees at a later date.

    BONUS – Domain & Website Flipping

    The last contender on how to earn extra income in the Philippines comes in the form of domain and website flipping. But, what precisely is this extra income?

    Think of domains and websites as online assets that are similar to any other assets. We call domains and websites assets because we can earn money from them, and they are valuable. Many see domains and websites as the real estate of the internet.  

    Most entrepreneurs and investors are looking at how to earn extra income in the Philippines search for domains or websites undervalued. Entrepreneurs can then add to this online asset or hold this asset to later resale. A very popular platform that allows people to buy and sell online assets is  

    How To Earn Extra Income In The Philippines.

    If funds are slightly tight, it may be more appropriate for you to focus on extra income ideas that can generate income without high costs. This often includes online business models such as blogs or YouTube channels, or other online services.

    There may be a point where some financial investment will need to be made if you are looking to generate a large amount of extra income each month, but that is a decision you will have to make based on your current situation and financial goals.

    When I first started Filipino Wealth, I only invested 2000 pesos; this included a domain, a monthly web hosting service, and a few little extras. Now I have upgraded my monthly web hosting service because I grew the website and the overall income. As mentioned, this is also a great option if you are looking to save pesos.

    The difficulty is that businesses that can be started for very little often take a large amount of time to scale in some cases. Meaning that it could take several months or years to earn a large amount of money from your extra income idea, so it is something to be aware of when planning your route.

    However, the great thing about earning money in the Philippines is that there is a limitless field of opportunities if you are looking to earn extra income. Extra income ideas Philippines.

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