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How Much Can You Make Blogging Philippines

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    Have you ever wondered how do bloggers earn money in the Philippines? A common question when starting a blog is, how do bloggers get paid? The amount a blogger can earn typically depends upon the niche, the audience, and the types of income on the blog. A highly profitable niche with a large and loyal audience will often do much better than other blogs in the simplest terms. However, the writer and so many other factors are at work. Let’s look at some evidence-based estimates.

    How Much Is The Salary Of A Blogger (Employee)

    When looking at how much do bloggers earn in the Philippines, it’s first important to differentiate between a blog that you own or working on someone else’s blog.

    In this section, we are looking at how much the salary of a blogger in the Philippines is (being an employee). Most blogging staff are paid around 270K pesos – 350K pesos per year. This figure depends heavily on the industry and location (metro manila paying the most). If you are working for a company overseas and you are an experienced writer, designer, etc., then the amount you can earn is often much higher.

    Many full-time writers who work for overseas blogs typically are paid around 25K – 50K Pesos or more a month.

    How Much Do Bloggers Earn In The Philippines? (Owner)

    In many cases, when looking at how much do bloggers earn in the Philippines, we are looking at owning a blog that you manage yourself.

    Looking at how bloggers get paid in the Philippines has a contribution to how much bloggers can make. For example, suppose a Filipino blogger is relying on advertisements only (such as Google ads). In that case, the blogger’s salary will likely be much lower than a blog with affiliations and different digital and physical products.

    Below is a breakdown based on a new blog in a low to medium competitive niche.

    Blogging AgeExpected Income Per Month
    1 Month₱ 0
    2 Month₱ 0
    3 Month₱ 0
    4 Month₱ 0
    5 Month₱ 0
    6 Month₱500
    7 Month₱1250
    8 Month₱2500
    9 Month₱2.5K – ₱4K
    10 Month₱4K – ₱6K
    11 Month₱6K – ₱8.5K
    12 Month₱8.5K – ₱10K +
    18 Month₱25K – ₱40K +
    24 Month₱ 50K +

    Note: The estimate above depends heavily on the streams of income, industry, and audience. It’s common to make very little money in the first six months. Many blogs earn a part-time income by 12 months and full-time income during the 24 months.

    How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

    There are many different ways how bloggers get paid in the Philippines. The first method, and most often, the easiest, is advertising, such as Google ads. Once you have a website that is a few months old and has high-quality content, you are typically able to submit your website through Google’s verification.

    However, advertising is only the first stream of income for bloggers. When looking at how do bloggers get paid in the Philippines, it’s always a wise idea to look at the blog in question. Whatever the subject, there is always a product or service offered to the audience.

    Here is a list of ideas on how you can increase your income from your blog.

    As you can see from the infographics above, there are countless examples of how bloggers get paid. A successful blog always matches the right product to the right audience.

    How Much Does Google Adsense Pay In The Philippines?

    Google AdSense is one of the first types of income streams new bloggers add to their website, but how much does Google AdSense pay in the Philippines?

    Some Filipino bloggers report an average of $2-$5 per 1000 visitors. Therefore if your blog reaches 100,000 visitors a month, you can earn between $200-$500 a month. But there are also many other areas to consider.

    How much Google AdSense pays for a blog in the Philippines typically depends on two main things.

    1. The Niche/Industry Of The Blog
    2. Where The Audience Is Located

    Companies are willing to pay more money for tier 1 counties such as the United Kingdom and the United States than tier 3 counties such as India and Uganda. Currently, The Phillippines are in tier 2. In other words, If your audience is Filipino you will likely earn more money than if your audience was from India but earn less than if your audience was from America.

    However, there are other factors to take into account. You can also earn more money If an advertisement is clicked on (CPC).

    I run a financial website in the Philippines, and even though 93% of traffic is from the Philippines, my advisement costs per 1000 are averaging around $8-$12. This is not always consistent, and in some cases, this amount drops; however, this can be as high as $15 per 1000 visitors.

    How Can I Increase My Blogging Income?

    • Audience. When looking at how much bloggers earn in the Philippines, you will most often come across some very famous and enormous blogs. One thing they have done very well is to build an audience. As soon as you build an audience, you can start to increase your income. Many bloggers focus on income first rather than the audience. However, focus on building the audience first is always a wise decision.
    • Network. Do you want to write a post for us here at FilipinoWealth? As crazy as it sounds, networking works, and it works big. Not only is networking a positive influence on search engine optimization, but it also gets your name out there as an expert in your field. Remember, the bigger the audience, the more possibilities you have to earn money.
    • Offer A Service. When we look at how bloggers get paid in the Philippines, we see that many rely on different income streams, but one stream that is almost entirely free to start is a service. Look in your niche right now and start to investigate what services you can offer to your readers that they will find valuable.
    • Publish Your Book. Let’s say, for example, you are talking about animal care. You may have hundreds of posts about animal care, so why not turn these into a book and sell your book on Lazada, The National Bookstore, Amazon Kindle, and your website! You can even team up with affiliate marketers where they can earn a small percentage every time they helped sell your book!

    How Much Do Bloggers Earn Philippine: TAKE AWAY

    • How much do bloggers earn in the Philippines typically depends on the audience, industry, and income streams?
    • There are several ways to increase the blog’s income.
    • It can take over a year for a blog to start earning part-time income and over two years to earn a full-time income as a golden rule, but this is not always the case.
    • In many cases, a blog may not earn any income in the first several months.
    • One of the first types of income a blog generates is advertisement income.

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