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11 Investments That Pay Monthly Philippines

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    Investments That Pay Monthly Philippines: Are you looking for the best investments that pay monthly in the Philippines? If so, Filipino wealth has you covered. Today, we will explore several unique investments that pay monthly and other business opportunities to earn a monthly return in the Philippines.

    Investments That Pay Monthly Philippines

    This section will explore 6 tried and tested investments that pay monthly in the Philippines.

    1. Real Estate Investments

    Real estate investments are a great source of monthly income in the Philippines. However, just like all types of investment, not every type of real estate is a gold mine. The Philippines has developed considerably over the years, and this expansion looks to grow as we look into the future. So what is a good real estate investment?

    A good real estate investment that pays monthly returns in the Philippines will depend on several factors. Two of the biggest considerations are the location and type of property. For example, due to the rising of outsourcing call centers and offices in some big cities such as Cebu, commercial real estate and offices could potentially be a fantastic investment that pays monthly returns.

    But naturally, there are many areas to consider if you are looking to invest in real estate in the Philippines. It’s often said that you make your money when you buy. In other words, the price at the time of purchasing impacts the profit. Earning monthly returns from real estate in the Philippines is a common investment that pays monthly, but what other opportunities are there?

    2. Cryptocurrency Liquidity

    Cryptocurrency liquidity is one of the best ways to earn monthly returns in the Philippines from cryptocurrency. Previously we released a full guide on how you can make a monthly income from cryptocurrency liquidity which I’ve attached above for your reference.

    To summarise, investors have the opportunity to lend crypto as liquidity. As a reward, investors receive a cryptocurrency reward. Investors can then decide to reinvest and take advantage of compound interest or exchange this for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

    The great thing about this investment that pays monthly in the Philippines is that the project’s investment returns can be considerably high due to the highly volatile market. Nevertheless, even though this investment does pay monthly in the Philippines, it is a high-risk investment.

    3. Flipping NFTs

    Nonfungible tokens are investments that investors either love or hate. However, it has been an investment that pays monthly in the Philippines to some investors, therefore it deserves a place on our list.

    Previously we have explored beginner’s guide on nonfungible tokens and how you can earn income from nonfungible tokens in the Philippines. I’ve added both of these beginners’ guides above for your reference.

    But what is flipping nonfungible tokens, and how does this pay monthly in the Philippines? Flipping is the term of buying something at a low price to sell later at a higher price. There is no specific time limit. Some investors buy and hold while others flip almost instantly.

    Nonfungible tokens are becoming extremely popular in the Philippines and globally. This is not only with the gaming community but also with investors. Additionally, other industries and businesses have taken note of this rising popularity. Because of the demand for certain nonfungible tokens, there is a value associated with NFTs.

    Similar to all types of investments that pay monthly in the Philippines, several risks are involved. First, some investors have invested their time and money into nonfungible tokens and have been unable to sell these. Some experts suggest that this is because the market is still new. In other words, they see nonfungible tokens similar to Bitcoin in the early days.

    Whether you are for or against nonfungible tokens, if you can unlock them in popular games or purchase them on the marketplace, they may be a great source of monthly income in the Philippines. But naturally, doing your own research (DYOR) is always recommended.

    4. Peer To Peer Lending

    One option for investments in the Philippines that pay monthly is the option of peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending is simply the process of lending your money to a business or individual. Investors will then receive a return on their investment. Of course, this will differ depending on the website and platform.

    Below is a list of peer-to-peer lending companies in the Philippines. Each of these P2P companies offers different investment terms and returns. Investors looking for investments that pay monthly in the Philippines may decide to invest in several P2P networks to minimize their risk.

    The above is a list of peer-to-peer lending companies in the Philippines. Still, if you are an overseas Filipino worker looking for investments or overseas investments that pay monthly in the Philippines, you’re in luck. This is because there are several peer-to-peer lending networks globally. Many of these offer several options for investors.

    Risk management is always important with this type of investment as monthly returns are often higher if the customer’s risk profile is higher.

    5. Angel Investment

    Angel investing is a fantastic investment option for those looking to diversify their portfolio and invest in a small and growing business in the Philippines. Today we are looking at investments that pay monthly in the Philippines, so we only focus on local Filipino companies; however, you can invest in companies worldwide using Angel investment networks.

    Most professionals often consider Angel investments a high-risk investment in the Philippines. This is because this investment invests in companies at the beginning stages or during their growing stages. In addition, these are often small to medium-size private companies; therefore, several risks are associated with Angel investing.

    Nevertheless, thanks to Angel investors, businesses can grow and become a household name. But how can you earn monthly income from this investment in the Philippines?

    There are no set rules for investment returns with Angel investing. This is because this will depend on the business. Therefore if you are looking for monthly income from an investment in the Philippines, you will need to negotiate this with the business you are investing in. however, in most cases, businesses will need to be profitable before doing so.

    6. Investing In Stocks

    Investing in stocks in the Philippines is one of the most common investments that pay monthly in the Philippines. To receive monthly income from stocks, investors will need to frequently invest in several companies that have a history of paying dividends (bonus payment to stockholders).

    Of course, history does not indicate future predictions, so there is no guarantee that a company will pay dividends in the future. However, if you decide to invest in blue-chip stocks, statistically, you stand a much better chance of receiving regular dividends than if you invest in non-blue-chip stock. Therefore, I’ve added the guide to investing in blue-chip stocks in the Philippines above for your reference.

    From these dividend payments, investors can withdraw their funds and receive a monthly income from their investment in the Philippines. Alternatively, they can reinvest the profits and take advantage of the law of compound interest.

    The Philippines stock market offers some unique opportunities for investors looking for investments that pay monthly; however, there are also several foreign markets for investors.

    Other Businesses & Investments That Pay Monthly Philippines

    This section will explore 5 investments and businesses that pay monthly in the Philippines.

    7. Vending Machine Investment

    Is a vending machine a business or investment in the Philippines? The answer is both. Vending machines require maintenance and work, and therefore, this is not a completely passive investment in the Philippines. Nonetheless, it is a great source of monthly income for Filipino entrepreneurs if several conditions are met.

    Previously we have spoken about how to start a vending machine business in the Philippines and covered everything you need to know, which I’ve added above. But how much can you expect from this investment?

    The success of a vending machine investment / vending machine business in the Philippines depends on several factors, including the product, price, and location. For example, placing a high-quality coffee vending machine in the business park of Makita will often be more profitable than a banana machine in Iloilo province.

    Although if the conditions are met, this investment is a great option if you are looking for monthly income in the Philippines. With all investments and businesses, fully researching the market demand and business is essential.

    8. Lead Generation Systems

    Lead generation is more of a business that pays monthly in the Philippines rather than a monthly investment. But some assets can be purchased and turned into a lead generation system that requires little maintenance.

    For example, a website is currently being sold on The website in question is an insurance comparison site. The system is automatic, and the entrepreneur who created the website designed it, so minimum input is needed. Due to this system, the website has created monthly returns for the last two years with minimal effort.

    A lead generation system can produce monthly returns in the Philippines; however, several other types of lead generation systems can be designed depending on the market.

    Another consideration is how hands-on you wish to be as a business owner. For example, if you have coding experience or are willing to learn the process of systems…. can you design a system that can be automatic and produce monthly income?

    9. Blogging & YouTubing

    Running a blog or YouTube channel is a great source of income monthly. However, you don’t necessarily need to start your own blog; many entrepreneurs purchase small blogs, add content, and then watch them grow. This is because it can take several years to rank well on Google. Therefore to save time, many invest in a blog and then create sources of income on that blog.

    Alternatively, you can create your own blog. Previously we spoke about how to start a blog in the Philippines for beginners and also explored how to start a blog if you are a student in the Philippines. These guides go through how to make money and start earning a monthly return from a blogging site.

    YouTube is slightly different as in most cases; YouTube will be started from scratch by the creator. However, it is possible to buy and sell channels. This is very similar to flipping Instagram pages which is a very common practice. However, terms and conditions are slightly sketchy. Selling social media pages is often against the terms and conditions of the social media platform.

    If you are looking for businesses that pay monthly in the Philippines, we recommend starting your channel or website. You will learn a great deal in the process, which can be applied to future projects. Additionally, as the business is under your leadership, you often have more control.

    10. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for monthly passive income in the Philippines. In the initial stages, there will be work that needs to be completed. This is the same for many types of passive income. But once the seeds have been sown, you can start to see a return.

    Similar to blogging and YouTubing, affiliate marketing can take time. But if your plans are correct, you can start to see a monthly passive income in the Philippines from your affiliate marketing business. Previously we looked at how affiliate marketing works in the Philippines. So if you are looking to earn money online, it’s highly recommended to take a look at our full guide on this process.

    Affiliate marketing also works very well on YouTube or a website. This is why it’s often recommended to team affiliate marketing up with your content. Of course, you can recommend products on TikTok, Facebook, and others, but if you can build a following on YouTube or grow organic traffic to your website, affiliate marketing can take off.

    11. Royalty Systems

    The last option for those looking for monthly passive income in the Philippines is a royalty payment. Royalties are one of the main streams of income for the ultra-rich. A company that often sells a product you have made (Music, Book, Etc). After each sale, you will be paid a royalty payment.

    Royalty payments vary depending on the industry and the business you are working with. Some royalty payments can be as low as 5%, while others can be high as 95%. Even though this is a great source of monthly passive income in the Philippines, it can take time to produce your product, and therefore, some effort is needed in the very early stages.

    You can also outsource the work if you have the capital but not the time. For example, Donald Trump was criticized when claims emerged that his book titled the art of the deal was ghostwritten. Pushing the claims to the side for a moment…. if this was true, he might have received a great deal of income from a book he outsourced.

    In other words, if you do not have the time but you are looking for a monthly income source in the Philippines, one option is to outsource this. A Youtuber I followed decided to create a website where he outsourced all the work to the Philippines. He was a wealthy individual and could easily afford a small team of 10+ writers. the results? ….

    … after a year, the website started to receive a great deal of traffic. Unfortunately, he never did a follow-up video. But based on the traffic, I calculated that it would only have taken3-6 months before the website became profitable. This is an example only but shows there are options for monthly incomes in the Philippines for those who have limited time.

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