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The 5 Most in Demand Jobs in the Philippines 2024

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    The Philippines is a country of more than 100 million people. With a population that size, it’s no wonder that there is a large labor force and a big demand for jobs. So, what are the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines? Here’s a list of the five most popular jobs, based on data from the multiple reputable sources.

    Software developers are one of the highest earning and coincidently most in-demand jobs in the Philippines. One of the reasons why the Philippines is such a great place for software development is the availability of talent.

    There are many skilled developers in the Philippines who are able to provide high-quality services at competitive rates.

    As a result, more and more companies are outsourcing their software development to the Philippines. Software engineers can expect to earn between PHP566,000 to PHP1,005,906 per year.

    If you’re looking for an in-demand job, you may want to consider becoming an aeronautical engineer. These professionals are in high demand in the Philippines, thanks to the country’s booming aviation industry.

    Aeronautical engineers are responsible for designing, building, and testing aircraft and spacecraft. They also develop new technologies for use in aviation and aerospace industries. The job requires a high level of technical skills and knowledge, as well as creativity and problem-solving ability.

    Aeronautical engineers can expect to earn between PHP600,000 and PHP1million per year. However, this can vary depending on the level of education and experience of the engineer.

    Virtual assistants in the Philippines are in high demand, and for good reason. Their English-language skills are excellent, and they are very familiar with the American culture. This makes them ideal candidates for businesses that need customer support or administrative help but don’t want to handle the hassle and expense of hiring in-house staff.

    In addition, working as a virtual assistant means that working from home is often the norm. Virtual assistants typically get to pick who they get to work for and for how many hours on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

    The average salary for a virtual assistant in the Philippines is PHP17,000 to PHP900,000 per year. Of course, there are always exceptions, and some businesses are willing to pay much more for top-notch virtual assistants.

    Also, if working as a freelancer on Upwork, virtual assistants can command a higher hourly rate depending on their level of experience as well as skills. But even at the lower end of the pay scale, virtual assistants in the Philippines can earn a very decent wage.

    There’s no doubt that content creators in the Philippines are in demand. They’re the ones responsible for creating online videos, articles, and posts that we all consume on a daily basis. And while there’s no shortage of content creators in the Philippines, there is a shortage of good ones. Content creators in the Philippines can promote their work on Upwork or any other freelance platform which grants access to Western employers.

    The good news is that if you’re a content creator in the Philippines, you can command a pretty decent salary. The average content creator in the Philippines earns around PHP120,000 to PHP600,000 per year – which is a very respectable income.

    Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and some content creators in the Philippines earn much more than that. But even if you only earn the average salary, you can still live quite comfortably in the Philippines.

    Real estate agents in the Philippines are in high demand, due to the country’s booming economy. The income of a real estate agent in the Philippines depends on the number of sales made and the commission percentage earned on each sale.

    Experienced agents usually have a higher sales volume and earn a higher commission percentage than new agents. Real estate agents in the Philippines typically work with buyers and sellers of property. They help their clients find suitable properties, negotiate prices, and coordinate paperwork. In addition to their sales commission, real estate agents in the Philippines also earn income from referral fees.

    When an agent refers a client to another professional, such as a loan officer or home inspector, they receive a referral fee. The amount of the referral fee depends on the type of service provided and the agreement between the agent and the referral source.

    Real estate agents can expect to earn between PHP250,000 and PHP600,000 per year. However, this can increase substantially depending on the value of real estate that the agent is closing. In addition, experience plays a factor as well when it comes to the salary of a real estate agent.

    There you have it, the 5 most in-demand jobs in the Philippines! As you can see, there is a wide range of occupations on this list, from engineers and real estate agents to content creators and virtual assistants. There is something for everyone! So, if you’re looking for a job, hopefully the content provided in this article can assist you in your job search or career development journey!

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